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2004 Benelli Tornado RS

Benelli Tornado RS

The Tornado RS has restyled graphics compared with the Tornado Novecento Tre. It is available in an attractive red/black combination, giving it a more aggressive look. The bike's exclusiveness is also emphasised by the new colour of the frame, swingarm and steering plate, which are black on this model. All of the changes have helped to make the Tornado RS more original, streamline and compact, but haven't distorted the character of this bike, which a rider can relate to and trust right away.

The Tornado Novecento Tre RS has the well-known 900 cc three-cylinder in-line engine, even more powerful and high performance in this version. The delivery system and runners have changed, to allow improved power and torque. All of this gives excellent performance and more regular, gradual power output. The profile of the cams and the intake runners has changed too, making engine operation smoother and more powerful.

Another important change has been made to the injection control unit. The software has been optimised for an improved ride on the track. Constant performance is guaranteed by the addition of the oil cooling system which uses a radiator.

The slipper clutch remains, but the Tornado RS allows adjustment of the slipper starting point according to each rider's driving style. Obviously, the exclusive flexible coupling system is still present, not only guaranteeing regular operation, but also making the handlebar control more comfortable.

There is a fully removable six-speed gearbox which, like on all competition bikes, allows rapid gear substitution without taking the engine to bits. The clutch is improved with clutch plates of different composition, providing more constant performance, particularly on the track.

The Tornado Novecento Tre RS frame is also made by joining the front part, including the steering pivot and the side trellis frame structure made of molybdenum chrome steel to the rear part, made of cast aluminium alloy. The two parts are made integral by strong screws securing the four trellises, which allow an extremely solid join, reinforced by structural gluing, as in the aeronautical industry, to completely exclude micro-movements and vibrations.

The front fork is made by Marzocchi to a Benelli design and has a 50 mm diameter, with a pressed end and Ergal 55 tubes. It lends the front end greater stability and improves the way the bike goes into a bend. It also guarantees that the bike will hold the trajectory at the centre of a bend and stable braking.

The Tornado RS fork is more sporty in its set up and allows even more extreme use on the track, thanks to the possibility of external adjustments. It has adjustable rebound, compression and spring pre-loading, so that the bike can be rapidly adapted to the rider's preferences.

The steering pin and base deserve a mention, altered compared with the Tornado Novecento Tre to reduce the weight of the front end and improve the strength of the vehicle's front section. The handlebars are set 15 mm further back, so that the rider can enjoy an even more tucked up driving position.

The Tornado RS rear shock is made by Extreme Technology, with an Ergal 55 central body. As well as being stronger and lighter than the conventional models, its temperatures remain lower, providing constant performance. However, this version also allows for separate compression adjustment for high and low speeds. This makes road riding more comfortable, as well as offering the possibility of adjustments for the track.

Like the Tornado Novecento Tre, the RS has top quality components on which great care has been lavished.

This version has the exclusive wheels which Benelli designed and developed with OZ. They are forged wheels, giving a 1.750 kg weight reduction between the front and the back and making the bike even more manageable. They also allow faster direction changes, improvements going into a bend and make the bike more stable during braking. The wheels are anodised, ruling out the need for any maintenance.

Another new feature of the Tornado RS is the Brembo "Serie Oro" (Gold Series) front brake system with a radial calliper. This is the most high-tech system, able to improve system braking power and the capacity to modulate it. The fork/calliper assembly was designed to make the system strong enough to prevent the calliper from bending during braking and changes in behaviour. Compared with the conventional system, it is even more suited to sports use on the track since, as well as reducing wear on the brake pads, it provides constant braking performance even in "extreme" situations.

Other exceptional components worth mentioning:

  • adjustable steering damper, which meets rider requirements in particular on the track
  • Serie Oro Regina chain much stronger than conventional models
  • mudguards made completely of carbon fibre to reduce the weight of the vehicle
  • Engine - 4-stroke, 3 cylinders in line, inclined forward 15°, equipped with anti-vibration counterbalance shaft
  • Bore x Stroke - 88 x 49.2 mm
  • Displacement - 898 cc
  • Compression ratio - 11:1
  • Water Cooling - water cooling with rear mounted radiator, assisted by two electric cooling fans Oil Cooling frontally mounted radiator
  • Distribution - double overhead cam shaft, chain-driven, with 4 valves per cylinder
  • Lubrication - wet sump
  • Max output/rpm - 105 kW at 11.500 rpm
  • Max torque/rpm - 100 Nm at 8.500 rpm
  • Ignition - electronic ignition
  • Clutch - oil bath
  • Gearbox - six gears, fully removable
  • Transmission - primary gears, final chain
  • Frame - Front trusses in ASD tubular steel securely fitted with traction screws with aluminium alloy casting rear section. Steering head angle fixed 23,5°
  • Suspension - front: Marzocchi "upside down" stanchion fork diameter 50 mm, adjustable in compression and extension with spring pre-load; rear: asymmetric swingarm, composed of cast aluminium and pressed in aluminium alloy, with "Extreme Technology" single shock absorber adjustable in compression, duel regulation for low and high speed damping and extension and spring pre-load
  • Wheels - OZ in forged aluminium - Machined by Computer Numerical Control to Benelli's specification. Front 3,5", Rear 6.00"
  • Tyres - tubeless, radial, front 120/70 x 17", rear 190/50 x 17" Brakes: Brembo; front: double floating disk, diameter 320 mm, with twin radial 4-piston caliper, rear: with single disk, diameter 240, with twin piston caliper
  • Dimensions: wheelbase 1419 mm, seat height 810 mm
  • Dry weight: 195 kg
  • Price - £13,500.00