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2004 BMW R1150 RS

BMW R1150 RS BMW R1150 RS1

There is little doubt that the £7,995 R1150 RS fills its intended role as a sports tourer. The riding position has been carefully configured. It has adjustable handlebars, a steeply humped tank and stepped, ergonomic dual seat give the rider an impression of sitting in the machine and despite a comfort level enabling almost unlimited touring mileage, the seating position makes it possible to change to sports riding with little, or no, rider adjustment. The 23 litre fuel tank provides a range in excess of 200 miles comparable to many touring machines.

Like the R1150 GS, R1150 R and R1150 RT, the R1150 RS also comes with an engine features a catalytic converter and six-speed transmission. The brakes have also been upgraded to match the increase in power and performance. The R1150 RS is equipped with BMW's EVO brake on the front wheel (offering up to 20 per cent more braking power) while Integral ABS can be included as an option in this case, the partly integrated version to reflect the sporting character of the machine. Other features also include new wheels and a larger screen.

Transmission with sixth gear overdrive

The R1150 RS features a hydraulically operated clutch to transmit the power of the engine. It is controlled by a hand lever, adjustable to three different positions. As with the R1150 RT, the new six-speed unit is geared for more comfortable touring. The practical benefits include a reduction in engine speed and noise, less vibrations and improved fuel consumption.

Better handling, greater safety

Superior ride quality and excellent comfort are maintained by use of BMW's Telelever front-wheel system and the BMW Paralever, which acts as a double-joint swinging arm on the rear wheel. The telescopic tubes on the Telelever are the same as on the R1150 RT.

Installation of the six-speed gearbox, and the modified bearing of the Paralever in a larger gearbox housing, have reduced the length of the swinging arm from 520 to 506 mm (20.47´´ to 19.92´´). The rider's footrests are identical to the R1150 R. As before, pre-tension of the spring strut may be adjusted manually.

Light wheels for better handling

Like the three other R models, the R1150 RS employs light, but very strong cast aluminium wheels with five double spokes. The reduction of unsprung masses in this way serves to enhance both handling and riding comfort.

EVO brake and Integral ABS as an option

The R1150 RS comes with BMW's EVO brake on the front wheel, enhancing braking power by 20 per cent, with up to 50 per cent less effort required. The rear-wheel brake is from the R1150 RT. As an option, the R1150 RS is also available with BMW's Integral ABS anti-lock brake system - in this case the partly integrated version. This means that the hand brake lever acts on both wheels while the foot brake lever only applies the rear brake.

Weather protection

A full fairing is standard on the R1150 RS. Other standard features include new controls and switches on the handlebar as well as clear direction indicator lenses at the front. There is a choice of phoenix grey metallic/ivory, dark blue metallic/frost blue metallic, titanium silver metallic or pacific blue metallic colour schemes, in each case with a black seat.

Special Edition R1150 RS

A special edition R1150 RS is available for £9,095 on the road, which includes partly integrated ABS (sports), heated grips, pannier fixings and a luggage rack as standard equipment. Additional equipment can be specified, such as panniers, topcase, tank bag, cylinder protection hoops, chrome-plated cylinder protection covers and an anti-theft warning system.

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Specifications for BMW R1150 RS

  • Engine Type - Air/oil-cooled 2-cylinder 4-stroke boxer engine, one camshaft and four valves per cylinder
  • Bore x stroke - 101 mm x 70.5 mm
  • Capacity - 1130 cc
  • Rated output - 70 kW (95 bhp) at 7250 rpm
  • Max. torque - 100 Nm at 5500 rpm
  • Compression ratio - 11.3 : 1
  • Carburetion/engine management - Electronic intake pipe injection/digital engine management: Bosch Motronic MA 2.4 with overrun fuel cut-off, dual ignition
  • Emission control - Closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter
  • Maximum speed - More than 200 km/h
  • Fuel consumption - over 100 km at steady 90 km/h: 4.0 l, Fuel consumption over 100 km at steady 120 km/h: 5.0 l
  • Fuel type - Unleaded premium, minimum octane rating 95 (RON)
  • Generator - 700 W three-phase generator
  • Battery - 12 V/19 Ah (low maintenance)
  • Clutch - Single-disc dry clutch, hydraulically operated
  • Gearbox - Constant mesh 6-speed transmission (Overdrive)
  • Drive - Shaft drive
  • Frame - Triple-section frame consisting of front and rear frame sections and load-bearing engine
  • BMW Motorrad Telelever; stanchion diameter - 35 mm, central strut, adjustable rebound damping
  • Suspension - Die-cast aluminium single-sided swing arm with BMW Motorrad Paralever; central strut, spring preload adjustable by means of hand wheel to continuously variable levels, rebound damping adjustable
  • Travel front/rear - 120 mm/135 mm
  • Wheelbase (in normal position) - 1469 mm
  • Caster (in normal position) - 111 mm
  • Steering head angle (in normal position) - 64.5 °
  • Wheels - Die-cast aluminium wheels
  • Rim, front - 3.50 x 17
  • Rim, rear - 5.00 x 17
  • Tyres, front - 120/70 ZR 17
  • Tyres, rear - 170/60 ZR 17
  • Brake, front - EVO brake system with dual disc, floating brake discs, 320 mm diameter, 4-piston fixed caliper
  • Brake, rear - Single disc, 276 mm diameter, 2-piston floating caliper
  • ABS: Special equipment - BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (part integral)
  • Seat height, unladen - 790 mm/810 mm/830 mm
  • Unladen, road ready, fully fuelled 1) - 246.0 kg
  • Dry weight 2) - 224.0 kg
  • Permitted total weight - 450.0 kg
  • Payload (with standard equipment) - 199.0 kg
  • Usable tank volume - 22.0 l
  • Incl. reserve - Approx. 4.0 l
  • Length - 2170 mm7
  • Height (not incl. mirrors) - 1286 mm
  • Width (incl. mirrors) - 920 mm