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2004 BMW R1200 C Montauk

BMW R1200 Montauk BMW R1200


BMW Motorrad is introducing the R1200 C Montauk as the third model in its cruiser range. It is a motorcycle of unique character modern, evolutionary and emotional. It is also a cruiser of pure, classic style but with a wide range of modern features and innovative technology.

Although the R1200 C Montauk is a traditional cruiser, without a fairing, it features a beautifully designed, transparent windshield. It is a motorcycle that sets new standards and is wonderful to ride thanks to supreme handling, superb balance and excellent stability a motorcycle that offers the highest standards of safety and environmental care. Like all BMW motorcycles, the new R1200 C Montauk is available with ABS as an option and comes with both Digital Motor Electronics and a fully controlled three-way catalytic converter as standard.

Characteristic features of the R1200 C Montauk are as follows:

  • powerful, evolutionary looks but with traditional appeal
  • striking front end design with twin vertical headlights
  • optimised and distinctive exhaust sound
  • superior seating and riding ergonomics
  • specially designed passenger seat and various seat combinations
  • progressive damping spring strut
  • Evo brake and BMW Integral ABS available as an option.

The cruiser history of BMW Motorrad started in 1997 with the R1200 C. By introducing the unique machine with its equally unique flat-twin power unit and unmistakable design, BMW not only enjoyed great success but succeeded in establishing BMW cruisers as a unique and alternative aspect of the cruiser market.

Since then the range has been gradually extended. The basic R1200 C is now called the R1200 C Classic. This machine was joined in 1999 (and, respectively) 2000 by the Avantgarde and Independent. These have virtually the same technical specification but with distinctions in colour range, design elements and equipment.

In 2002, BMW Motorrad presented the R1200 CL at the INTERMOT Motorcycle Show. It was a bold step and the luxury cruiser designed for grand touring in the grand style offered the very best in protection, comfort and equipment.

Now, with the introduction of the R1200 C Montauk, BMW Motorrad is rounding off the range with a purist cruiser offering unmatched innovation.

Design purism and innovation

The Montauk concentrates on the essential elements of classic cruising, yet still exudes sheer presence and a powerful stance. The inherent design of the motor-cycle follows a classic lineage but nevertheless offers a whole range of surpris-ing and innovative features. The front end is particularly striking. Features include vertical twin headlights and a highly effective small windshield attached to the handlebars. The wide, wrap-around front mudguard and extra-large and beefy front wheel also provided perfect elements when creating the striking look of the machine. In fact, the extra-large front wheel and the widely separated Telelever fork tubes are straight from the R1200 CL.

Two of the newest features are the side cover and passenger seat, both of which contribute to the R1200 C Montauk's distinctive side profile. The seat padding for the passenger is a bit more narrow and slender than on the other models but extends higher. Offering a comparable standard of seating comfort, the motorcycle therefore looks even more muscular and purist from the side. As an option, a comfort passenger seat is available either in leather or leatherette.

Also new is the handlebar. Similar to that of the R1200 C Independent, the new unit ensures a relaxed, comfortable riding position. When viewed with the seat and front section of the Montauk, it helps to give the new machine its distinctive look.

The rear wheel mudguard and rear light have both been carried over from the R1200 C.


The R1200 C Montauk will be available in three colours: Black Sapphire metallic (the classic cruiser colour), Arctic Blue metallic (for sporting and technical flair), and the supremely elegant Champagne metallic.

Quieter five-speed gearbox Boxer engine with dual-ignition

Displacing 1,170 cc, the Boxer power unit has now been upgraded to an even higher standard and features dual-ignition (already fitted on other flat-twin models). This system enhances the combustion process, minimises exhaust emissions, reduces fuel consumption and improves engine refinement. At 45 kW (61 bhp) and 98 Nm (72 lb-ft) at 3,000 rpm, power and torque remain unchanged.

The gearbox featured in the R1200 C Montauk is the updated unit introduced on all 2003 Boxer models and offers, among other things, an even smoother and more flexible gearshift. The gearbox has five gears, with so-called upright gear-mesh on the two last gears. This provides even softer interaction and minimises transmission noise in the process. Such upright gear wheels have also been introduced on the other Boxer models.

Naturally, the R 1200 C Montauk, like every BMW motorcycle worldwide introduced since 1997, comes as standard with the most advanced exhaust management technology, featuring a fully controlled three-way catalytic converter.

Optimised silencer technology

The sound of the exhaust is particularly important on a cruiser. Modifying the interior structure of the silencers, BMW's engineers succeeded in giving the R1200 C Montauk a typical cruiser sound while strictly maintaining all sound emission limits and standards.

Exhaust pipe covers are now standard on the R1200 C Montauk, not only to make the machine look more attractive but also offer extra protection.

Extra comfort and superior riding

Another typical cruiser feature is front wheel suspension with its flat angle (versus the road surface) and long castor of no less than 184 mm (or 7.25´´ ) as on the R1200 C Montauk. The Telelever, in conjunction with a front tyre width of 150 mm, provides superior stability and creates a relaxed cruising style.

Rear-wheel suspension comes with a spring strut incorporating travel- related damping. This means that damping increases progressively with increasing inbound and rebound motion. As on basic cruisers, overall spring travel is 100 mm or 3.94´´. The spring base is adjusted hydraulically and to load the machine, a handwheel is within easy reach.

EVO brakes and optional BMW Motorcycle Integral ABS

Safety, by tradition, has always been top priority at BMW. This is why the R1200 C Montauk features BMW's Evo brake on the front wheel and offers truly outstanding braking performance. This particular version incorporates two brake discs measuring 305 mm and features four-piston fixed calipers on the front wheel and one double-piston floating-caliper brake with a disc measuring 285 mm diameter on the rear wheel. New features are steel-clad brake hoses for more stable pressure.

As an option, the R1200 C Montauk is available with BMW's unique Integral ABS in this case the fully integrated version. Regardless of whether the rider operates the brake lever or foot brake, braking forces always act optimally on both wheels.

Advanced electrics, innovative dual headlights, electronic speedometer and battery charge socket

The face of the R1200 C Montauk is characterised by twin vertical headlights. The lower of the two provides the high beam; the upper headlight provides the low beam. Particular advantages of this unusual arrangement are the powerful signalling effect, a unique look and good illumination of the road ahead.

To facilitate the process of charging the battery for example while the motorcycle is parked for winter the R1200 C Montauk features two battery contact points easily accessible from outside. The positive terminal is protected by a rubber cap and housed inside the starter, while the earth terminal is on the back of the cylinder head. An onboard power socket comes as standard.

The instrumentation comprises an electronic speedometer, rev counter and clock. These have been carried over completely from the R1200 CL but with the instrument cluster being encapsulated at the rear.

Special equipment for extra safety, comfort, and customisation. Many other features are also available as optional extras.

BMW Motorcycle Integral ABS is available as an option in its fully integrated form.

  • Heated grips
  • Foglamp (as on the R1200 C Independent).
  • White indicator lenses.
  • Small, folding passenger seat (as on the R1200 C Classic).
  • Comfort seat for the passenger (as on the R1200 C Classic).
  • Leather upholstery (only in combination with comfort seats for the rider and passenger).
  • Chrome package with chrome-plated alternator drive cover, radiator grid, handbrake lever, hydraulic tank cover for the brake and clutch, fork bridge, sliding tube bridge, handlebar clamp stops.

Special equipment wide range of cases and bags, unique design features, and extra comfort. The wide range of special equipment available direct from BMW motorcycle dealerships (and also conveniently retro-fitted by the dealer) ensures additional customisation.

This wide range of special equipment comprises the following items:

  • saddlebag supports
  • saddlebags, small (available in black, Canyon Brown and blue)
  • saddlebags, large (black only)
  • inner bags for saddlebags
  • baggage fastening kit
  • baggage roll
  • chrome package (with the same features as with the optional package)
  • large windshield
  • cylinder protection hoops
  • foglamps
  • anti-theft warning system
  • oil filler flap, lockable
  • comfort seat for passenger
  • railing for passenger comfort seat
  • passenger seat, small, with backrest rider's seat, narrow.

The narrow rider's seat mentioned at the end of the list is an all-new construction tapering to the inside at the front and allowing the rider to keep the legs closer together for extra safety and stability when at a standstill. The rear seat section firmly supports the rider's pelvis and gives a more relaxed seating position.

Customers can call BMW's information line: 0800 777 155

Specifications for BMW R1200 C Montauk

  • Engine Capacity - 1,170 cc
  • Bore/stroke - 101/73 mm
  • Max output - 45/61 kW/bhp at 5,000 rpm
  • Max torque - 98 (72) Nm(lb-ft) at 3,000 rpm
  • Design - Flat-twin (Boxer)
  • No of cylinders - 2
  • Compression ratio/fuel grade - 10.0/premium(RONZ 95
  • Valve/gas control - HC
  • Valves per cylinder - 4
  • Intake/outlet dia - 34/29 mm
  • Fuel supply management - Motronic MA 2.4
  • Alternator - 700 W
  • Battery - 12/19 V/Ah
  • Headlights - 1x H 4 55/60, 1x H1 55
  • Starter - 1.1kW
  • Clutch - Single-plate dry clutch, dia 165 mm (6.50´´)
  • Gearbox - Dog-shift five-speed gearbox
  • Transmission ratios - 1st - 2.05, 2nd - 1.60, 3rd - 1.267, 4th - 1.04, 5th - 0.80
  • Final drive ratio - 2.54
  • Suspension, front - BMW Telelever
  • Suspension, rear - BMW Monolever
  • Frame - Composite frame, cast aluminium front section, load-bearing engine
  • Spring travel, front/rear - 144/100 mm
  • Castor - 184 mm
  • Wheelbase - 1,641 mm
  • Handlebar head angle - 56.5°
  • Brakes, front - Double-disc brake, dia 305 mm (13.00´´), rear - Single-disc brake, dia 285 mm (11.22´´)
  • Wheels - Cast aluminium-wheels
  • front - 3.5 x 16, rear - 4.0 x 15
  • Tyres, front - 150/80 - ZR 16, rear - 170/80 - ZR 15
  • Length, overall - 2,370 mm
  • Width, overall, with mirrors - 1,120 mm
  • Seat height - 790 mm
  • Weight, unladen, with full tank - 265 kg
  • Max permissible - 460 kg
  • Fuel tank - 17.5 ltr
  • Fuel consumption - 90 km/h - ltr/100 km, 120 km/h - ltr/100 km
  • Acceleration - 0-100 km/h - 5.8 sec
  • Top speed - 168 km/h
  • Price OTR - £9,495, ABS - £750 extra
  • Colour options - Champagne metallic, Sapphire black metallic, Arctic blue metallic