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2004 Cagiva Navigator 1000

Cagiva Navigator 1000

New for 2004 "New look": new graphics for a more aggressive Navigator "The Sport Tourer": Cagiva red and alloy wheel rim for the most sporty off road enduro. "Refined mechanics": a detailed description of the frame and the suspension characteristics. "A generous heart": detailed notes on the best twin cylinder performer in its category. "Travel equipment" : equipment and accessories. "More comfort for the passenger": a new anti-heat safety feature.

As per the Raptor & V-Raptor family also the Navigator changes dress in order to wear something more appropriate that reflects its performance potential.The new colours are highlighted by the presence of the following aesthetic improvements:

  • Opaque black frame
  • Opaque black wheels
  • Front fairing support in opaque black with the CAGIVA brand
  • Luggage rack coloured opaque black
  • Crankcase covers coloured opaque black
  • New Navigator logo
  • New rear vision mirrors

Navigator never fails to amaze in any area of performance. Magnificent and easy to handle, this touring motorbike can comfortably carry the passenger as well as bags and a small trunk. Ideal for those who like travelling, and reliable thanks to low maintenance (valve adjustment every 24,000 km) and precision building. These characteristics, to a certain extent present in some of the motorbikes made by the competition, are only part of its many assets.

When the gas is turned on you discover that this touring motorbike despite being quiet delivers almost a hundred horse power which is easily tameable and capable of giving a pleasure, unexpected on bikes of the same category. Its exciting performance is bridled in the sound and intuitive mechanics, which give confidence even in the most challenging situations.

The Navigator is fast when taking bends, thanks to the eighteen inch rear wheel.The outstanding drive is further complemented by the powerful braking of the Nissin callipers and the suspension work that backs up the steady directional control even at a high speed. This versatility makes the Navigator a different motorbike from its rivals on the market so much so that it can be considered the only Touring Sport motorbike available on the market.

The complexity of the Cagiva Navigator frame is justified by the necessity of meeting many requirements such as sturdiness when fully loaded, steady directional control and a comfortable handling.As a result we have built a trestle structure with square and rectangular tubes which links to a steel rear swing arm support plates.The engine mounting is particularly attractive and finely forged in aluminium alloy, the material also used for the rear swing arm.The quality of the suspension is exceptional for this category of vehicle.

At the front there is telehydraulic fork with 45mm diameter stems whereas at the rear there is a single shock absorber which can be adjusted in the pre loading and in the hydraulic brake which is connected using finely crafted alloy aluminium leverages.

Unfaltering, environmentally friendly, capable of steady as well as high speed, the 90 V twin cylinder adapt itself excellently to any situation. Downrated of about 8 horse power in sixth gear compared to the standard units of the Raptor ( and with a limiting device set to 9000rpm in sixth), this propulsion unit is appreciated also for its low running costs thanks to the low fuel and maintenance demand.An accurate rimapping of the integrated ignition and injection gearcase has also made this engine more docile, therefore more suitable to the versatile touring features of the Navigator.Among the technical specifications that it shares with the Raptor range there is a system of "secondary air" which has the advantage of limiting the harmful emissions.

It boasts several distinctive elements such as the double elliptic front lamp, a sized engine-guard or the integration of the tank and the front fairing: strong signs of design and personality. The Navigator is extremely streamlined and provides excellent comfort both to the rider and to the passenger, thanks to the right balance between saddle and footboard and to the aerodynamic protection provided by the compact and attractive front fairing.The digital analogue instrument system has been expanded: as well as the usual information it provides a self diagnosis system which allows the display of possible failures through symbols. It is equipped with a parcel rack and there is an optional set of specially designed suitcases which are available in colours matching the chassis; they do not spoil the Navigator's streamlining and guarantee more than 140 litres of locked storage space.

The main priority when designing the Navigator was to ensure the improvement of the passenger's comfort; on this type of motorbike he/she is not an occasional guest but a travel companion who shares emotions and pleasures.

For these reasons the Navigator, is equipped with a comfortable saddle and an ergonomic handle as well as antiheat kit. This feature includes specially provided guards placed over the outer parts of the exhaust manifolds and of the balancer in order to decrease the heat especially in a low gear or in city traffic.Thanks to their shiny stainless steel surface these guards also improve the elegance of the exhaust manifolds and the appearance of the raised silencers which are a strong technical and aesthetic characteristic of this motorbike.

  • Wheelbase (mm/in) - 1530 / 60.24
  • Overall lenght (mm/in) - 2168 / 85.35
  • Overall width (mm/in) - 825 / 32.47
  • Seat height (mm/in) - 850 / 33.46
  • Min. ground clearance (mm/in) - 180 / 7.09
  • Trail (mm/in) - 80 / 3,15
  • Dry weight (Kg/lb) - 210 / 463
  • Fuel tank capacity (l/US Gallons/Imp Gallons) - 20/5.3/4.4
  • Transmission oil (l/US Quarts/Imp Quarts) - 3,30/3.49/2.90


  • Max. horse power - r.p.m. (at rear wheel) - kw - 71 - 8400, cv - 96,7 - 8400
  • Max. torque - r.p.m. (at rear wheel) - Nm - 88,3 - 7000, Kgm - 9 / 7000, ft/lb - 65,1 / 7000


  • Type - Four stroke, 90 "V" twin layout
  • Bore (mm/in) - 98/3.85
  • Stroke (mm/in) - 66/2.59
  • Total displacement (cm3/ - 996/60.7
  • Compression ratio - 11,3:1
  • Starting - Electric
  • Cooling - Liquid cooled
  • Oil cooling - Oil cooler
  • Ignition Type - Electronic fuel injection
  • Generator - 380 W a 5000 rpm, three phase A.C. generator - 380 W a 5000 rpm
  • Fuel system Type - Electronic fuel injection
  • Emission control - Secondary air system
  • Timing system Type - DOHC

Valve timing

Intake Open
  • Open - 27 B.T.D.C.
  • Closes - 63 A.B.D.C


  • Open - 63 B.B.D.C.
  • Closes - 27 A.T.D.C
  • Lubrication - Wet sump with paper cartridge filter
  • Clutch Type - Wet, multiplate type; mechanical release system
  • Primary drive - Primary drive sprocket Z/Teeth - 31, Primary driven sprocket Z/Teeth - 57
  • Transmission ratio - 1.839
  • Transmission Type - Constant mesh gear type
  • Internal ratios - 1st - 2,666 (32/12), 2nd - 1,933 (29/15), 3rd - 1500 (27/18), 4th - 1,227 (27/22), 5th - 1,086 (25/23), 6th - 1,000 (24/24)
  • Secondary drive - Secondary drive sprocket Z/Teeth - 16, Rear wheel sprocket Z/Teeth - 41
  • Transmission ratio - 2,562
  • Chain Type Manufacturer - 5/8"x 5/16"
  • Number of links - 108