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2004 Cagiva Raptor 125

Cagiva Raptor 125

New for 2004 - "Baby Raptor": the new Raptor 125. "Compulsory training school for riders" : a new system to fit the fairing to the Mito. "Environmentally friendly": 125 are EURO1 approved. "More comfortable and more sporty": more comfortable suspension setting for Raptor and Mito 2004

An evolution from the stylistical and technical base of the planet, the new 125 Raptor owes its name to the introduction of design concepts derived from its bigger sisters, like the front headlamp, the new redesigned passenger seat, and the V-Raptor's handlebars. New is also the front fender characterized by a smoother profile and the license plate holder derived from the X-Raptor.

Technically, the 125 Raptor receives a new exhaust system having an extractable silencer and a new linkage for the rear suspension that gives a weight distribution more concentrated to the front end.Aesthetically, the 125 Raptor differentiates itself from the previous Planet by the following improvements:

  • New front fender
  • New seat
  • New handlebar
  • New handle grips
  • New instrumentation support
  • New license plate holder
  • Frame coloured black
  • Wheels coloured black
  • Fuel tank protection coloured black
  • Raptor and Celtic logos
  • MITO : four letters which identify the most timeless Italian sport motorbike on the market. Twelve successful, passionate years for riders who have become champions or dedicated fans.This motorbike evokes nostalgia for the past but is at the same time extraordinarily up to date: season after season it confirms its commercial success.Therefore even in 2004 Mito will continue to thrive among those young people who are keen to experience the basic elements of sport riding. It will successfully accomplish this task due to the strength of its features: its shape holds a remarkable degree of continuity however a finer focus on detail has been introduced.

    CO 8g/km, HC 4g/km, NOX: 0.1

    These values make it difficult for a two-stroke engine to be environmentally friendly. Cagiva has found a solution and has obtained an EURO1 approval, thanks to research and development aiming at reducing polluting agents. Provided with a catalyst placed inside the exhaust pipe, the new engine retains its power and high performance.

    Liquid cooling system, laminar induction and an exhaust regulation valve are the main technical characteristics of this two-stroke engine.The exhaust regulation valve, through an actuator, shuts down the exhaust at medium and low speeds making it more effective without altering the performance at higher speeds.The two models differ for the technical configuration of the radiator and the exhaust system.

    The Planet radiator is in a convex position in relation to the direction of travel whereas on the Mito this position is concave in order to improve the thermal exchange, a solution adopted by competitors. This is the result of a choice made to set a style. The same criteria was adopted for the exhaust system: the Mito is provided with an extractable silencer and a conic exhaust inside the fairing, whereas the Raptor is provided with a chrome silencer like the one fitted on big 4-stroke engines. Capacitive ignition, electric starting and separate lubrication are also special features of this extraordinary two-stroke engine capable of environmentally friendly 11KW.

    The two adjusted shock absorbers cope better with rough surfaces thanks to a closer control of the brake on the rebound and the use of less preloaded springs.The well known precision of this frame remains unaltered also thanks to the sizing of the rear fork in the distinctive shape of a boomerang . All the technical equipment provided with these two models remains unaltered for 2004: the Brembo Gold Series two piston caliper, the 320mm semi-floating front disc brake, the 230mm forato rear disc brake with its Brembo Gold Series two pistons caliper.

    Mito is still the only motorbike in its category which can boast a professional steering damper, placed in parallel with the upper plate of the fork. Raptor and Mito are fitted with two tanks which are a work of art: the first one is made of plastic polymers, the second one is made of sheet metal but both can be lifted to make maintenance easier.The Raptor's is very practical since it is equipped with an internal volume capable of storing a helmet.

  • Wheelbase (mm/in) - 1375 / 54.1
  • Overall lenght (mm/in) - 1980 / 77.9
  • Overall width (mm/in) - 750 / 29.5
  • Overall height (mm/in) - 1040 / 40.9
  • Seat height (mm/in) - 800 / 31.5
  • Min. ground clearance (mm/in) - 175 / 6.89
  • Trail (mm/in) - 96 / 3.8
  • Dry weight (Kg/lb) - 125 / 275.6
  • Fuel tank capacity (l/US Gallons/Imp Gallons) - 12,5, 3.3, 2.7
  • Transmission oil (l/US Quarts/Imp Quarts) - 0,8, 0,84, 0,7
  • Coolant amount (l/US Quarts/Imp Quarts) - 1,3, 1,37, 1,14
  • Engine Type - Single cylinder, two stroke
  • Bore (mm/in) - 56 / 2.2
  • Stroke (mm/in) - 50,6 / 1.99
  • Total displacement (cm3/ - 124,63 / 7.6
  • Compression ratio (at closed ports) - 7,4:1
  • Starting - Electric
  • Cooling - Liquid cooled
  • Timing system Type - Intake reed valve and "C.T.S." valve with electronic control on the exhaust port
  • Valve timing
  • Exhaust Intake - 188
  • Intake - Reed valve
  • Transfer - 124
  • Engine - By an automatic mixer
  • Transmission - primary drive - By the oil contained in the crankcase
  • Oil tank (l/US Quarts/Imp Quarts) - 0,8, 0,85, 0,7
  • Ignition Type - C.D.I. with variable spark advance
  • Spark advance - Piston stroke - 1,6 P.P.M.S./0,063 B.T.D.C.
  • Spark plug type - CHAMPION" QN84/"NGK" BR 9EG"
  • Spark plug gap (mm/in) - 0,6 / 0.0236
  • Fuel system - "DELL'ORTO" PHBH 28 BD - (mm/in) - 28 / 1.10
  • Emission control - Catalyzed exhaust system
  • Clutch Type - Wet, multiplate type; mechanic control
  • Driving disc no - 7
  • Driven disc no - 6
  • Primary drive - Primary drive sprocket Z/Teeth - 22, Primary drive sprocket Z/Teeth - 72
  • Transmission ratio - 3,273
  • Transmission Type - 6 gears - constant mesh gear type
  • Internal ratios - 1st - 2,727 (30/11), 2nd - 1,857 (26/14), 3rd - 1,353 (23/17), 4th - 1,095 (23/21), 5th - 0,956 (22/23), 6th - 0,864 (19/22)