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2004 Cagiva Raptor/V-Raptor

Cagiva X-Raptor 1000

Raptor & V-Raptor 2004 immediately look more seducing and more aggressive thanks to:

  • New front fender
  • Mat black frame
  • Mat black wheels
  • Black instrumentation cover
  • Side panels coloured as per bodywork characterized by smooth finishing

On the 2004 frame we modified and strengthened the area of the rear frame, so to be ready to assemble the passenger handle.

The new Raptor & V-Raptor 2004 trellis will be painted mat black to give value to the winding lines.The frame has a diamond structure and it is the main reason for the great street qualities of the Raptor & V-Raptor, a very agile bike and ready to find the ideal direction.The swingarm is painted mat black too. It is characterised by the splendid and personal elliptical section and enriched with a chrome plate having the required distribution chain tensioning system.

Riding a Raptor or a V-Raptor is a pleasure not only for the rider.The new seat for MY 2004 has been modified in the rear part for the passenger who will have a bigger comfort thanks to a wider seat.To this important modification there is to add the passenger handle. It is made of a particular material soft to the touch and suits well the rear line of the bike.

Owners of Raptors often replace their driving mirrors in order to personalise their bikes. On 2004 models we decided to replace them, following today's trend regarding style and quality.The new driving mirrors give a better view and can be easily adjusted, in addition to being more stable at high speed.

Due to the comfort offered by the new seat and to the well known distribution features of the twin cylinder engine Raptor & V-Raptor are enjoyable to ride both in long distance journey as well as in the city's streets. Cagiva has highlighted this attitude by creating a full range of accessories designed for tourism.

The comfortable driving position and the smoothness of the propulsion unit make Raptor and V-Raptor a touring motorbike, now improved with the addition of new accessories designed to this purpose.Tank bags, saddlebags and the possibility of fitting a plexiglass protection windscreen (available in two versions) have increased the occasions in which you can enjoy driving a Raptor and V-Raptor.

The Cagiva accessory range includes the essential remote controlled theft alarm with a variable code. The gearcase especially made for this model can be easily installed thanks to a presetting device inserted in the harness of the electric system of the "naked" motorbikes from Varese.

Initially it was created to provide fun on winding roads and hairpin bends and to make an authoritative appearance on the stage of city centres and fashionable places. But soon this image appeared too banal for a motorcycle, which has soon captured the interest of mechanics and drivers, due to its technical potential and its performance.

Therefore, extreme trims, professional suspensions and GP tyres have soon changed its quiet existence into a fast life dictated by the chronometer. It raced in main Italian, English, Dutch and Austrian tracks, has become a strong opponent to more specialised and more sporting motorcycles and it is record holder among the motorcycles in its category.Although it has never stopped performing stunts, thanks to the wide and low handlebar its vocation is certainly to try to set a record.

For this reason, we have transferred to the 2004 model range some of the experience built up during competitions and subsequently we have created a more specialised model capable of high performance. We have raised the rear by 30mm in order to increase the clearance and subsequently the rake in a bend.This alteration, obtained through a different ratio of the suspension leverages, has also modified the weight distribution in order to obtain a perfect 50% - 50% balance between the two axles with the driver on the saddle.

The new and professional Sachs shock absorber is provided with a 5mm longer stem and it allows the setting to be personalised through adjustment of the pre-loading and of the hydraulic brake in extension (available with 50 clicks) and in compression (available with 40 clicks).

This excellent unit can be easily distinguished from the one used on the Raptor 1000 because of the box (containing the adjustments of the hydraulic brake in compression) placed on the right side of the frame. Equally remarkable for its technical value is the Marzocchi fork (with 43mm stems) favoured by professionals, which allows the adjustment of the pre-loading and the hydraulic brake in extension and in compression. Regular track goers and all those who like extreme riding will appreciate the presence of a steering damper, placed in parallel with the lower steering plate.

This unit has a stabilising function as well as an aesthetic one: it also makes the V-Raptor front more stylish thanks to the refined design of the clamps supporting the fork stems.The V-Raptor 2004 is the most powerful twin cylinder motorbike in its category, it is as stable as a sports motorcycle and its brakes boast an exceptional triad of Brembo Gold Series callipers. It has become a true war machine, capable of laying down the law both on the road and on the track. Strength is power.

If you calculate the ratio between the weight and the power of the Raptor 1000 you will obtain a value of 1.8 kg./hp.A value that speaks for itself, a value that was a peculiarity in extremely specialised and sports motorcycles of a few years ago; but those bikes were not very versatile and riding them was demanding and tiring.

Raptor 1000 is an easy, versatile motorbike, suitable for all types of drive, a good example of useful technology capable of simplifying the relationship between motorbike and driver. Unlike its competitors, Raptor 1000 is not the result of a sport motorbike deprived of its superstructures, but was created by Cagiva intuition, style and technology.The result is a comfortable motorcycle, with a low saddle, which makes it exceptionally manoeuvrable, light and extraordinarily powerful; all this is enhanced by a minimalist design which emphasises the beauty of the mechanical components.Very refined in its technical solutions, this propulsion unit responds to the rider management and command of gas: it is docile and amenable in the more gradual opening and it becomes really aggressive if the 9.22 Kgm. push is required.

Dedicated to the connoisseurs of beautiful engineering and to all those who love strong sensations, the 90 V twin cylinder represents a manifesto of motor technology.With a total displacement of 999cc obtained with a 98mm bore and a 66mm stroke it is characterised by a timing system made up of a double overhead camshaft (DOHC) with 4 valves per cylinder; the exhaust valves have a 33mm diameter and the induction valves have a 40mm diameter. In order to obtain a more compact longitudinal development, a mixed timing system (gears and silent chain) has been adopted, a technical solution that makes it completely different from its competitors. Another special feature of this motorcycle is an automatic decompressor placed on the exhaust camshafts which eases the starter.

Very impressive for their sizing, the two bodies provided with Mikuni throttle valve (52 mm diameter) use a single injector and are controlled by a gear case that also runs the ignition. Particular care was taken in the making of the air box, provided with an electronically controlled blade valve which reduces the air flow when running at a slow rate. In order to solve the problem of the rear wheel bouncing, caused by the excessive exhaust brake, this propulsion unit is provided with an ingenious anti-skipping device which makes the clutch slip 30% in cases when the clutch is disengaged abruptly.

Raptor and V-Raptor 1000 are different from the 650cc version in some refined details.An example is provided by the Nippon Seiki instrumentation, which boasts among its functions displayed on the LCD display unit, the water temperature gauge as well as an advanced self-diagnosis system, which in a series of symbols communicates likely problems of malfunction.

The brackets which support the engine to the frame, unlike on the 650cc version, are finely forged in aluminium alloy and are characterised by a glaze finish which add a special touch. The saddle covering is made of two different materials: hammered effect imitation leather for the passenger side and non-slip material for the passenger.The 1000cc model is immediately recognisable also from the back: bigger silencers (the V-Raptor 1000 silencers have a carbon fibre finish) and a 5.5 inches rear rim are the details that make it different from versions with a smaller displacement.


  • Raptor - mm/in - 1432 / 56.37
  • V-Raptor - mm/in - 1432 / 56.37

    Overall length

  • Raptor - mm/in - 2104 / 82.82
  • V-Raptor - mm/in - 2104 / 82.82

    Overall width

  • Raptor - mm/in - 800 / 31.5
  • V - Raptor - mm/in - 820 / 32.28

    Overall height

  • Raptor - mm/in - 1090 / 42.91
  • V - Raptor - mm/in - 1070 / 42.12

    Seat height

  • Raptor - mm/in - 805 / 31.7
  • V-Raptor - mm/in - 805 / 31.7

    Min. ground clearance

  • Raptor - mm/in - 175 / 6.89
  • V-Raptor - mm/in - 175 / 6.89


  • Raptor - mm/in - 102 / 4.01
  • (V-raptor) - mm/in - 102 / 4.01

    Dry weight

  • Raptor - Kg/lb - 192 / 423.3
  • V-Raptor - Kg/lb - 197 / 434.3
  • Fuel tank capacity - l - 15.2, U.S. Gallons - 4.01 - Imp. Gallons - 3.34
  • Transmission oil - l - 3,30, U.S. Quarts - 3.49, Imp. Quarts - 2.90


  • Max. horse power - r.p.m. (at rear wheel) - kw - 77,5 - 8500, cv - 105,5 - 8500
  • Max. torque - r.p.m. (at rear wheel) - Nm - 90.3 - 7000, Kgm - 9,22 / 7000, ft/lb - 66,7 / 7000


  • Type - Four stroke, 90 V twin layout
  • Bore - mm/in - 98 / 3.85
  • Stroke - mm/in - 66 / 2.59
  • Total displacement - cm3/ - 996 / 60.7
  • Compression ratio - 11,3:1
  • Starting - Electric
  • Cooling - Liquid cooled
  • Oil cooling - Oil cooler


  • Type - Electronic type, transistoryzed
  • Generator - 380 W a 5000 rpm /Three phase A.C. generator - 380 W a 5000 rpm

    Fuel system

  • Type - Electronic fuel injection, emission control, secondary air system

    Timing system

  • Type - DOHC, valve timing
  • Intake - 27 B.T.D.C.
  • Closes - 63 A.B.D.C


  • Open - 63 B.B.D.C.
  • Closes - 27 A.T.D.C
  • Lubrication - Wet sump with paper cartridge filter
  • Primary drive Gear - Z/Teeth - 31
  • Primary driven gear - Z/Teeth - 57
  • Transmission ratio - 1.838
  • Clutch Type - Wet, multiplate type; mechanic release system
  • Transmission Type - Constant mesh gear type
  • Internal ratios - 1st - 2,666 (32/12), 2nd - 1,933 (29/15), 3rd - 1,500 (27/18), 4th - 1,227 (27/22), 5th - 1,086 (25/23), 6th - 1,000 (24/24)