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2004 Ducati Performance

Ducati Performance renews its commitment to offer a range of accessories that increasingly meet the technical and aesthetic demands of Ducati customers.

Magnesium technology has long been associated with the racing field. Thanks to its technical features it has made possible the development of a range of accessories for DUCATI engines that allows a reduction in the weight of the motorcycle, serving to improve both handling and performance. This material's adaptability signifies various possibilities for application: Ducati Performance offers a range of magnesium and forged magnesium rims, whose lightness compared to traditional rims results in greater dynamism and handling.

The quest for high performance can start with a simple pair of mufflers. Working with major companies in the field, Ducati Performance has come up with a specific range of carbon and titanium mufflers for each family of Ducati motorcycles. Buyers will thus find the product best suited to meet their particular aesthetic or technical demands, and have the added benefit of the collaboration with Ducati Corse for the development of the electronic power units.

Carbon offers extreme lightness combined with high strength, and therefore allows sophisticated finishing. These features are what most characterize Ducati Performance carbon accessories, essential for those who believe in performance and are looking for an optimum reduction of weight, or aficionados of customization and detail seeking design treasures.

For racing enthusiasts, Ducati Performance has created a set of accessories in special plastic for bikers who either want to race or make their Ducati a bona fide replica of a racing bike. Ducati Performance's AVIOFIBER fairings are for those who don't want to use the original fairings and components on the circuits; their neutral coloring allows maximum freedom in customizing the body.

Titanium, a material used in the aerospace industry, holds the appeal of the extreme: it stands out for its combined features of being extraordinarily lightweight while offering high mechanical strength. As it is difficult to handle, this material is generally used to make parts requiring the greatest possible resistance to mechanical stress along with the lightest possible weight. Ducati Performance has developed a range of accessories in titanium, for both the engine and frame, that make ample use of the technological aspects and general appeal of this material.

Different riding styles require different solutions. Well aware of this fact, Ducati Performance has taken advantage of the experience and know-how of Ducati Corse, in addition to the ongoing collaboration of leading manufacturers, to offer a range of chassis accessories to satisfy various needs: radial brake systems and racing forks for racing enthusiasts; fully adjustable magnesium bottom yokes and steering heads for those who love to take long-distance rides, and who therefore need shock absorbers that can maintain Ducati features while offering a different kind of comfort. Racing brake calipers, radial brake master cylinders derived from the racing world, floating brake discs and other components are available to satisfy the needs of those who demand different performance from the brake system.

To enhance the touring aspects of ones bike, Ducati Performance has come up with a line of panniers and cases that integrate superbly with the forms of the vehicle, serving to increase load capacity without compromising the balance of the motorcycle. Practical, dynamic, ideal in any circumstance are the series of Ducati Performance soft bags, which solve the problem of transport on short or long trips. A new range of more comfortable seats have been developed using the best technologies and materials currently available to meet the needs of those craving a more touring setup for their bike. Working alongside one of the world leaders in portable GPS systems, Ducati Performance also offers a satellite navigation system specifically designed for the Monster, Sport Touring and Multistrada models. It includes the most complete cartography available and accessories for installation.

The 2004 Ducati Performance apparel collection arises from the continuing desire to meet the needs and style demands of Ducatisti. The new Ducati Performance collection identifies the garment lines more clearly, in addition to having undergone a severe overhaul in terms of design and technology. The new 2004 line of apparel is the result of designer Aldo Drudi's experience in the motorcycle industry, as well as close collaboration with Ducati Corse. This collection is designed to meet Ducatisti needs in terms of style, comfort and safety.

The biggest news in this collection is represented by the Ducati Corse brand technical gear. The SBK and World Motorcycle Championship have inspired the graphics for the leathers: the top-of-the-line SBK leathers are thus available in red, white and blue, while the new "Desmosedici" leathers echo the colors and passion of the World Motorcycle Championship. The other garments, also inspired by the racing world, are offered this year in white-red-black, and black-anthracite-red variations. All garments ranging from full leathers to two-piece suits and leather jackets have been designed down to the smallest detail, with attention to high technological quality and innovation. These include: the cowhide, composite protections, elastic inserts, aerodynamic hump, wind strip.

Thanks to the success of the "Historic" jacket, Ducati Performance has created a complete "historic" line of the brands that have made Ducati history, recalling legends and successes of the past. The historic line of men's and women's leather jackets, fabric jackets, and sportswear, is great for riding, thanks to technical detailing (including cowhide, CE-certified protections, and outside pockets). Boasting strong appeal and a high emotional content, this line is also perfect for fashion conscious bikers or those who want to wear the Ducati style in their leisure time, too.

Ducati Urban Line

The clean, essential cut of the Urban line is the result of the need to create a complete collection ideal for wearing around town and when touring. The trendy design makes these garments perfect both on and off the motorcycle seat. The most sophisticated technical detailing makes these garments perfectly suitable to be worn astride the motorcycle.

To experience the excitement of competitions in perfect Ducati style, one of the great new additions to the sportswear range is the Desmosedici line. The Desmosedici logo, created specially For the World Motorcycle Championship adventure, embellishes shirts, t-shirts, caps and miscellaneous gadgets.

The catalogues of Ducati Performance accessories and clothing will be available at all Ducati Stores and Ducati official dealerships. What's more, they'll also accompany the documentation that accompanies each new DUCATI motorcycle, making it easy to consult and select the accessories to customize the bikes and apparel and outfit buyers with the Ducati legend.