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2004 Ducati Sport Touring

Ducati STDucati Sport TouringDucati Sport Touring

ST3 | ST4

For 2004 the ST range has been completely updated both in style and technically, and includes an all-new model. Three models are featured with distinct technical specifications and performance, aimed at satisfying the diverse demands of the sport touring rider.

The 2004 ST family has been revised and advanced with not only the revised styling, but also features that further improve their comfort and performance. A new front fairing increases rider protection at speed, without adding weight to the bike or detracting from its sport performance. Complimenting the improved ergonomics are powerful engines including a 996cc Desmoquattro power plant for both the ST4s and ST4s ABS, plus and all new 992cc Desmotre (three valve) Dual Spark motor in the new ST3.

The new front fairings of the 2004 ST models quickly distinguish them from their predecessors. The new design features a taller front fairing than before and a new complex surface double curved headlight. This solution puts the Ducati Sports Touring bikes at the top of their class for their light intensity and pattern. An electrically controlled remote height adjustment of the light beam, actuated by a simple control on the instrument panel, allows easy height adjustment for varying loads. In addition, all new this year is a fully electronic instrument panel with modern graphics, providing plenty of information about the state of the engine and the journey that is underway.

Rider and passenger ergonomics have also been significantly improved. Height adjustable handlebars, which have a range of 20 millimetres, allow the ST to adapt the rider's preferred position, as well as front brake and clutch levers that can be adjusted to four different positions. Seat comfort has been improved on the ST family with a new seat shape, advanced new padding and cover material, creating a more comfortable position for long journeys, as well as eliminating the passenger's tendency to slide forwards during braking.

The innovative height-adjustable exhaust system has been retained on the entire ST line. With the saddlebags attached, the silencers are in their lower "tour" position, but when out for a spirited sport ride the silencers can be raised to the "sport" position allowing maximum ground clearance and extreme lean angles.

Both the ST3 and ST4s come with anti-theft immobiliser system as standard equipment and utilize advanced CAN line electronics. The CAN line solution, derived and first introduced on the Ducati 999 series, greatly simplifies and lightens the electrical system and wire harness.

An all-new engine has been created for the ST3, engineered for flexible and smooth delivery of power, low vibration and to maximise fuel mileage. The ST3 focuses on the touring side of sports touring, delivering a high comfort on long journeys while at maximum carrying capacity. Although designed to satisfy those who appreciate the ST3's touring capabilities, flexible power and comfort, it utilizes a frame and chassis that will satisfy the most demanding sports riders.

The ST3 has been carefully designed to provide improved protection from the elements for both rider and passenger. This newest member of the Ducati Sport Touring family is a perfect balance of agility and comfort for a superior experience during long journeys at a spirited pace. The available colours include Ducati red, Ducati Yellow and Ducati metallic grey.

The ST3 utilizes the signature tubular steel trellis frame; renowned for its confident handling characteristics, its lightweight, rigidity and engineering beauty add a sporting feel to the touring experience. Suspension is handled by premium 43mm Showa pre-load adjustable upside down forks and an advanced Sachs rear shock absorber that is adjustable for compression and rebound damping, plus spring preload. The adjustments are simple to use and allow a range of adjustment to satisfy the touring rider without too high a level of complexity.

The ST3 introduces the latest engine design from Ducati - the Desmotre engine (Three valve Desmodromic). The Desmotre delivers increased performance over its Desmodue predecessor making 102 Hp at 8,750 revs and 9.5 kgm of torque at 7,250, very close to those of the Desmoquattro Superbike engines. Looking to the future, the advanced Desmotre design will easily allow compliance with the even more stringent anti-pollution limits that will be introduced by the Euro 3 regulations. The new engine has a capacity of 992cc (identical to the 1000 DS) and of course retains the Ducati 90 L-Twin configuration. The liquid-cooled engine uses two intake valves and one exhaust; a practical compromise solution between two already well-tested Ducati valve arrangements. For performance closer to that of the advanced Desmoquattro engine, the two intake valves with large straight intake passages help develop high power and the efficient single exhaust configuration of the 1000 DS engine makes for a powerful yet simple engine. The engine cases are derived from the 1000 DS Desmodue, with the water pump being integrated into the alternator cover. The Desmotre engine takes advantage of the Dual Spark design as used on the 1000 DS engine introduced last year. The Dual Spark solution helps the ST3 to be environmentally responsible and improves fuel mileage.

The Dual Spark system forms a double flame front in the combustion chamber, lowering emissions and contributing to the smooth torquey power, especially at low rpm.

Like the ST3, the ST4s models have been updated and improved both in styling and technically, with new fairing and ergonomic solutions, like handlebar and control adjustability, improved comfort, advanced instruments and performance lighting.

The ST4s chassis, suspension and brakes are designed to emphasise the sporting nature of the ST4s. Front suspension is handled by fully adjustable Showa upside-down forks with low friction TiN coating that eliminates surface irregularities and improves ride comfort and suspension reaction. The premium Ohlins rear shock absorber also is fully adjustable, plus offers a convenient remote pre-load adjustment, for easy pre-load adjustments without the need for tools. Complimenting the sporting nature of the ST4s is a lightweight aluminium swinging arm, lowering unsprung weight, and therefore more consistent control on less than perfect road conditions. Stopping duties at the front are handled by a pair of 320mm semi-floating discs mounted to aluminium alloy disc flanges for reduced unsprung weight and a reduction in the revolving mass, and a single 245mm disc at the rear. The ST4s discs are gripped by premium Brembo Serie Oro callipers.

The system developed by Ducati manages the front and rear systems independently (non-linked). The discs are fitted with phonic wheels and the fork and swingarm are fitted with sensors that record the speed of the wheels in motion and transfer the data to a system control unit. Here, special software compares the average speed of the bike with the actual speed of each wheel. If the ratio between the two speeds varies beyond a set limit during the application of the brakes, the control unit automatically reduces the hydraulic pressure to the calliper, and consequently reduces the braking force. As soon as the wheel speeds return to normal, the system returns to normal braking function conditions. What makes the Ducati anti-locking system unique is the sensation and feedback felt by the rider during braking - much like that of a conventional system. With the road performance capabilities of the ST4s ABS, sports riders will not accept the sponginess and sometimes vague feeling typical of many motorcycle ABS devices. For safety purposes the system will shut down the ABS in case of malfunction and return to conventional brake operation, offering stopping distances in line with those of the standard ST4s.

The ST4s and the ST4s ABS are the flagship models of the Sport Touring family, and as such, they are fitted with the high performance Desmoquattro 996 Superbike engine. The ST4s 996 has been tuned for smooth and linear power delivery in keeping with its touring capabilities. The liquid cooled, twin cylinder engine with four valves per cylinder makes 117 Hp at 8,750 RPM, with a substantial torque rating of 10 kgm at 7,000 RPM. Electronic fuel injection, computer engine management and advanced CAN line electronics ensure dependability, power and smooth performance for the ultimate sport touring experience.