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2004 Moto Guzzi Griso

Moto Guzzi Griso

It isn't easy to define a motorcycle which refuses all classification by using normal parameters. Impressive as a muscle-bike, personal as a custom, essential and pure as a naked, the Griso is the expression of the freest, most innovative and unconventional soul of Moto Guzzi, just as the Breva represents the touring soul and the MGS-01 Corsa the sporting soul. A motorcycle as unique as its rider, to step decisively out of the chorus line and express yourself without limits. Wicked and unmistakable, it takes its name from a famous character in "Promessi Sposi", the Italian novel par excellence written by Alessandro Manzoni and set near Mandello del Lario.

All the temperament of Griso, a "body guard" of the old school, emerges from the unusual design features, with the top beams of the frame enveloping the original tank, the play of the cross-over exhausts and, inevitably, a reference to tradition entrusted to the cylinder heads of the legendary 90 V-Twin visible at the sides. A bike which expresses personality in every detail, even when stationary - but neither is it a laughing matter when you get into the saddle. The engine is the latest incarnation of a legend. Impressive torque right from low revs to get about without problem even in the city, unmistakable sound and bags of character in an engine which has not yet finished evolving.

As well as the unusual and attractive frame, another impressive mechanical component is the completely adjustable upside-down fork with massive 43 mm diameter inners and built-in tank for precise and sensitive steering. Comfort is guaranteed by the aluminium single arm swinging fork swingarm which acts on a single shock absorber adjustable in preload, compression and rebound. A glance at the massive 320 mm double front disc brake with differentiated pistons is all it takes to understand that the Moto Guzzi naked is also gritty when stopping. The Griso has a unique style and guarantees strong emotions for essential and innovative motorcycling with new forms and an ancient flavour.