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Moto Guzzi is growing . and it shows.

There are sophisticated market analysis techniques, refined tools to distil figures from an enormous and amorphous mass of data, sometimes demonstrating infinitesimal growth. But other methods also exist, more empirical but no less valid for that. One of these is quite simply the way people look at you. People who ever more frequently note the unmistakable shape of a 90 V-Twin amidst the traffic, on a mountain hairpin, along the motorway or on a holiday road. The Moto Guzzi logo, the strong and clear signal of an ever more evident and tangible presence. A presence also confirmed by the statistics which attribute more than 20% growth to the Mandello del Lario company (sell-out datas), with a special reference to some of the most important markets as Italy (+29%), United States (+50%), United Kingdom (+32%) and Germany (+17%), as part of a far from thrilling trend in the two wheeled vehicle market as a whole.

The growing interest in Moto Guzzi among both the general public and motorcycling enthusiasts is further confirmed by the packed rallies, attention aroused by the presentation of new models and incredible welcome given to the MGS-01, one of the centres of attraction at Intermot 2002, so attractive it received extraordinarily high marks in a survey on the aesthetic characteristics of bikes. But above all, the renewed passion for the "eagle on the tank" is demonstrated by the sales success of the bike which symbolises the new direction - the Breva V 750 I.E. - with sales forecasts of a full 4.000 units for the period March-December 2003. A figure which speaks for itself.

A year on, the outline strategy illustrated at Munich last September has been confirmed in the field. Intuitions have been transformed into precise production specifications, the dream models on display then are about to take concrete form in real life. The Griso and MGS-01, presented as provocations, as a challenge thrown down to the world of design, expressing the full potential of not just a name, but also a motorcycling philosophy, will soon go into production. The "Corsa" version of the MGS-01 has already been test ridden on the tracks by the press, immediately winning the front pages of numerous specialist publications throughout the world.

The project born in the "style" and "technology" laboratories has already produced its first fruit and this is just the beginning. The public, the press and motorcycling enthusiasts have understood that the commitment in technological and human resources, passion for a historic name and desire to win back former prestige are more than just idle words. The programme is clear and well-defined, promises are going to be kepted and the results are there for all to see. The time has come to thrown down new challenges, such as that of the Breva V 1100.

The wind of the Lake of Como blows ever more impetuously with the Breva V 1100. A completely new motorcycle, sharing with the Breva V 750 I.E. a name, the legendary blueprint of the 90 V-Twin motorbike and, of course, a 100% Moto Guzzi soul. The decision to use the same name is on one hand superstition and on the other prophecy. If the wind which brings good weather to the Lake of Como has already brought good luck to the motorcycle bearing its name, why not insist?

On the other hand, the identical name is also an indication for the future and the two Breva bikes are the first models in a family destined to expand, in which the bikes will be united not so much by their technical characteristics as by their temperament. Both attach equal importance to versatility and ridability. They are suitable for everyday use, even about town, while not compromising on their vocation as tourers: medium range for the 750 cc and long range for the 1100 cc. Easy and fun to ride, they are aimed at a different public - the smaller capacity is suitable even for beginners, while the higher capacity is aimed at more expert riders.

The idea behind this new models is the desire to win background which once represented the company's vocation - touring, without exaggerated speeds. From the legendary V7, sector benchmark in the past, the Breva V 1100 inherits nothing but the spirit of the tireless eater-up of kilometres, reliable and simple to ride. For the rest, it represents a distillation of the state-of-the-art in motorcycle technology, while also allowing itself the luxury of an exclusive innovation "cardano reattivo" (compact reactive shaft drive), a Moto Guzzi patent.

When it appeared in 1965, the Moto Guzzi V7 attracted attention for the modernity of its concept and use of a large capacity twin engine, a solution identified as early as the late 1950s, but never implemented for fear of the public's reactions. Uncertainties which rapidly disappeared before the favourable welcome and interest aroused, even on foreign markets. Available in Italy from 1967, the V7 in its various successive incarnations became the touring bike par excellence, with famous versions for the American market known as the Ambassador, Eldorado and, of course, California.

In the configuration designed for the California Police, the V7 soon became part of the collective imagination and Moto Guzzi achieved the almost impossible goal of selling motorbikes in the homeland of "customs" and "cruisers". It represented the consecration of the style, creativity and technology of the Italian company, an achievement which the Breva V 1100 sets out to repeat.

A motorcycle with great personality, unique in its kind and atypical, it has the task of winning back all the enthusiasts who, during the period when the company lost "visibility", headed for other shores. In fact, the desire to get on a prestigious Moto Guzzi, a high capacity tourer with the power output typical of the Mandello del Lario company, has never waned.

Evidence of this comes from the numerous requests received by old and new customers who have never stopped hoping for a triumphal return of the motorcycle of their dreams. And everything is set. A high capacity air-cooled twin, the Breva V 1100 is docile and easy to ride, power output is controllable and progressive, it has a touring soul, but can be used every day with no problem, even for commuting between home and office. In short, it is a true Moto Guzzi, traditional in spirit and ultra-modern in technology.

The racing soul of "Sport Tourings", the vocation for travelling of "Tourings", the free and individualist temperament of "Customs", the aggressive and metropolitan personality of "Nakeds". The Moto Guzzi collection includes all the faces of a name which has written and intends to go on writing important chapters in motorcycling history, constantly striving for balance between innovation and tradition, true to the spirit of its origins, but enriching it with new technological and aesthetic value. The very latest versions and most recent configurations of the legendary V11 and California are present, together with the Breva 750 I.E., already a small classic. The common denominator of the collection as a whole is the precise and personal response it provides to the tastes and trends of motorcyclists of the 21st century, with particular attention to the female market and everyday use of the motorcycle.

Unmistakeable personality in every detail. The Moto Guzzi range is ever richer and more complete, with traditional touches and technological innovations for a dynamic balance which always transmits strong emotions. The models are immediately recognisable, each with a strong and precise identity, designed to correspond exactly to the tastes and needs of individual motorcyclists. The beauty of the design, the strength and solidity of the 90 V-Twin and the pleasure of an easy satisfying ride all translate into an unmistakable and coherent style.

This is why Moto Guzzi has created an original line of accessories, specifically designed to bring out the uniqueness of the make to the full. Details which increase comfort or improve function, components which intensify the sporting or touring soul of the bike and its rider, because your personal passion is never quite the same as another's.