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2004 MV Agusta Brutale

MV Agusta Brutale
MV Agusta 750S
MV Brutale
MV Agusta Brutale


The name "BRUTALE" summarizes the spirit that animated the MV AGUSTA designers pushed to imprint to this new model an instinctively aggressive character dominated by an overwhelming mechanical department.

A provocative intent for arousing the interest of a passionate public that wishes to distinguish itself from the mass by performance and character at maximum levels. Destined to a public of collectionists, many of which are already owners of the F4 Serie Oro, it boasts technical solutions and an exclusive finish that distinguish MV AGUSTA's prime works.

The precious magnesium returns to being the material used for producing the single-sided swingarm with integrated reinforcement brace and passing chain, the swingarm support plates, the splendid wheels, and the steering head plates.

Large is also the use of light and brilliant carbon fibre that composes the close-fitting superstructure of the Brutale Serie Oro and that, along with the magnesium components, permits a weight reduction of over 6 kg.

Fruit of a meticulous development, the exhaust system has been designed to best join characteristics of efficiency and aesthetics creating, by means of the evocative silencer's double sliced pipes, a new stylistical concept that identifies the personality of this model. Another element destined to give example is the front headlamp. Born from the inspiration of an automobile unit, it unites exclusive characteristics of design and efficiency with an aerodynamic function giving downforce to the frontend.

The Brutale Serie Oro, obviously available only in MV AGUSTA Red, will be produced in only threehundred units marked by the now famous gold plate placed onto the steering head.


Serie Oro identifies the prime operas of MV AGUSTA and thus is equipped by the highest level of accessories;

  • Magnesium single-sided swingarm.
  • Swingarm support plates in magnesium.
  • Lower steering base in magnesium.
  • Marzocchi 50mm forks with legs treated in titanium nitride.
  • Front disc brakes (310mm) with aluminium flange.


    The Evolution engine adopted by the Brutale range boasts some technical differences with respect to the F4 engine range. These modifications have been introduced in order to obtain a more torquey engine whilst maintaining benchmark levels of maximum power (127hp).

    In detail, the variations are:

  • Distribution with different timing.
  • Final drive ratio 14x41.
  • Oil radiator instead of exchanger as with the F4.
  • Cooling system with a single radiator.
  • Manifold fixing system with X type flange fixed by two stud bolts instead of four.
  • Exhaust system with double sliced silencers.

    Furthermore, the engine is completely protected by an MV AGUSTA grey coloured paint. Distinguishing features;

  • Gold plate on the steering head indicating the serial number and owner's name.
  • Instrumentation with white background rev counter.
  • Tabacco coloured leather seat.

    KIT carbon fibre comprising:

  • Front mudguard
  • Dash board protection
  • Left and right inlet ducts
  • Ignition switch cover
  • Left and right side panels
  • Rear chainguard protection
  • Lower chainguard protection
  • Tailend

    Noble descendant of the Serie Oro, the Brutale S is destined to become the most popular MV AGUSTA. Available in the classical MV AGUSTA Red or alternatively in the aggressive opaque black colouring, the Brutale S concentrates all the technical features of the Serie Oro, offered in a more affordable manner thanks to the use of less esoteric material and to mass production. Equipped with the new Evolution engine, the Brutale S receives like the model F4S EVO3, aluminium silver coloured wheels.


    The chassis department of the Brutale S differentiates itself from the Serie Oro by the following:

  • Aluminium single-sided swingarm.
  • Aluminium swingarm support plates.
  • Aluminium lower steering base.

    Distinguishing features;

  • Aluminium silver coloured wheels.
  • Brutale logo placed on the steering head.
  • Seat in black fake leather.