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2004 MV Agusta F4SPR

MV Agusta F4 SPR MV Agusta F4SPR


The SPR is, like the AGO, the fastest and most powerful F4 750 cc of the MV AGUSTA 2004 range. Created for the clientele that uses the motorcycle mainly on tracks, the SPR is a synthesis of a long tuning process to the Evolution engine.

The technical staff at MV AGUSTA designed a new cylinder head, new inlet ducts, and redesigned the combustion chamber. Also thanks to the new "MAHLE" pistons, forged and with cooling oil jets, the SPR engine reaches a stratospheric threshold of the rev limiter at 13,900rpm.

A further and significant development involved the primary transmission, now with shorter ratios, equipped with a reinforced clutch. As a demonstration of its racing spirit, the SPR comes with a close ratio gearbox whilst having a long first gear with respect to the EV03 model; this solution in conjunction with the possibility to choose three different final transmission ratios, allows one to match the motorcycle's performance to any type of track.

Those of whom will use the SPR on track may further increase performance by adopting the RG3 open exhaust, available as an optional.

On a vehicle conceived for such an extreme use, much attention has been directed towards weight reduction, working not only on the engine but also on many components concerning the bodywork. In fact, numerous parts in carbon fibre are evident: the front mudguard, the ignition system cover, the upper and lower chainguard protections, the carbon cover for inlet ducts and side panel for air box Apart from their inherent properties of light weight and mechanical resistance, these give greater product value to the aesthetics.

Even the graphical choices underline the "racing" philosophy of this model. The SPR is available only in opaque black enriched by unique graphical details aimed at underlining the more impressive performance and sports characteristics.

The chassis

The F4 SPR represents the maximum expression in performance terms of the 750 cc MV AGUSTA. For this reason, the motorcycle has been enriched in the chassis department by top quality accessories:

  • Marzocchi forks with 50mm legs embellished by a titanium nitride treatment.
  • Sachs Racing shock absorber with double adjustment for compression.

    The Engine

    The F4 SPR is equipped with the most powerful engine of the F4 range. Derived from the EV engine, it differs by the following:

  • New inlet and exhaust ducts (geometry and flux).
  • New inlet and exhaust profiles (greater lift and duration).
  • New inlet ducts hand polished
  • New timing buckets with new surface treatment.
  • New springs for inlet valves.
  • New Mahle Racing pistons.
  • Increased compression ratio (13:1).
  • Reinforced clutch (discs with different trim and material).
  • Close ratio gearbox with new longer first gear.
  • Three different final ratios homologated (14/37, 38, 39).
  • Rev limiter at 13,900rpm.

    The engine of the SPR, like the AGO and the S EVO3, gets the external painting of the following components:

  • Clutch cover painted in MV AGUSTA grey.
  • Sprocket cover painted in MV AGUSTA grey.
  • Phonic wheel cover painted in MV AGUSTA grey.

    Design and equipment

    The distinguishing features of the F4 SPR are:

  • Racing graphics.
  • Grey leather seat with the F4 brand embroided on the upper cushion.
  • New design adjustable footrests.
  • Wheels coloured aluminium silver.
  • SPR plate placed on the steering head.
  • Instrumentation with stopwatch function inserted in the display, and rev counter with white background and SPR logo.

    KIT carbon fibre comprising:

  • Front mudguard
  • Lower chainguard protection
  • Ignition switch cover
  • Rear chainguard protection
  • Right side panel for air box
  • Left side panel for air box
  • Left carbon cover for inlet ducts
  • Right carbon cover for inlet ducts

    The kit of SPR include the following equipment :

  • Rear workstands
  • Grip cover set
  • Rear sprocket z37 e z39