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2004 Norton Motorcycle Range

Norton 952 Commando
Norton 952 Commando

It began in 19th century England, thrived in the golden era of international racing, and enjoys icon status among riding enthusiasts. All the while, the Norton motorcycle has represented a unique combination of beauty, power and speed. With the birth of Norton Motorsports, a new era begins, with all-new models true to the Norton name, while adding to its legacy. Welcome to Norton Motorsports, where past glory and present-day performance meet the road.

Offering a unique combination of modern performance and heritage style, the Norton 952 Commando promises to drive the name Norton back to prominence by giving motorcycle enthusiasts a riding experience they've been missing.

Reminiscent of the visually stunning Commandos of the 1970s, the 952 draws from the best of Norton. But make no mistake; modern engineering and dedicated craftsmanship make this a bike for today and beyond.


New 952 Cylinder Head. Billet Aluminum Roller Rockers & Towers

Designer Kenny Dreer's initial sport bike under the new Norton Motorsports label boasts an all-new, 952cc parallel twin motor, the largest ever for a Norton Commando. The motor is air-oil cooled and utilizes a number of innovative race-inspired components. The complete package is very durable with awesome punch and high revs. With more than 85hp off the rear tire, speed and power will once again appeal to riders who like to push their limits.

Riders will appreciate the high-speed handling performance from the new a proprietary Norton frame design and an adjustable high-performance suspension system. The 952's Brembo performance braking system and aggressive sport tires will inspire confidence in every rider.

"We've learned so much about Nortons and performance sport bikes over the years, that it's been incredibly rewarding to put all the knowledge together in creating the 952," said Dreer, who gained prominence with the development of the handcrafted Norton Commando VR 880 in the late 1990s. "We've improved on the design, components and performance of the 880, so it's going to be fun to watch the reaction among knowledgeable riders."

With a style and performance all its own and a limited production run in the first year, the Norton 952 Commando promises to be an exciting motorcycle. For more information on the 952 and Norton Motorsports, contact Norton.

Through new design and engineering, the Norton 952 Commando will exceed the performance of any previous Nortons including the Dreer-designed Commando VR 880. Though it's too early for a product review of the 952, here's what Cycle World Road Test Editor Don Canet wrote about the VR880:

"This baby purrs like a kitten when cruising, yet roars like a lion when fed raw meet. Fresh and vibrant describes the nimble-handling Sprint Special quite well."