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2004 Peugeot Motorcycle Range

Peugeot Elystar Peugeot Jetforce
Peugeot Satelis 125 Peugeot Satelis 600
Peugeot Speedfight Peugeot TKR
Peugeot Vivacity2 Peugeot XPS Enduro
Peugeot XPS ST Peugeot XPS Super motard

  • Design, Objectives, and Achievements
  • InnovationsS
  • Unique features
  • User-friendly, Aesthetically-pleasing, responsive
  • A modular, customizable vehicle
  • Thereturn of the 2-stroke 125cc
  • LUDIX is a fun, smart, economical vehicle with a wide range of models to suit the specific needs of each customer. The aim is to offer a vehicle that provides the basic functions expected of a light powered 50cc-125cc two-wheeler at the lowest possible price.
  • Objective: go back to the category basics: straightforward user-friendly great price.
  • A new hybrid vehicle design that is compact, lightweight, and innovative
  • A modern, user-friendly, attractive design with a strong personality, very different from the competition
  • Excellent value
  • Innovative modular construction offering an extensive range of options
  • Very distinct model options to satisfy a broad range of customers
  • A progressively styled vehicle (shape, colour schemes, equipment)
  • A vehicle without direct competition on the market
  • The reassurance of a recognized brand name

It might look basic, but its chassis is very cleverly engineered, with its visibility being a feature of the vehicle's overall look.

The chassis has been optimized in terms of weight, design, welding, and size. Functions have been systematically grouped together as much as possible to minimize the number of brackets and plates. This means maximum simplicity and lower production costs, which ultimately benefit the consumer.

In addition, the LUDIX chassis has the potential to accommodate different wheel sizes (10 and 14) and engine capacities of 50cc to 125cc.

The characteristics of the chassis have been refined through numerous tests in order to produce a fun and user-friendly vehicle.

The new 50cc engine is fitted with an exhaust air-injection system that already complies with Euro 2 standards (in force from mid-2004) yet retains Euro 1 performance levels. This 50cc two-stroke horizontal engine is lighter thanks to new mountings and casings, all reworked with thinner ribbing.

The sport model will be given a liquid-cooled 50/2T.

Ludix will also have 50/4T and fuel injected 125/2T engine capacities.

The durable bodywork comprises a few small interchangeable parts in simple shapes.

The bodywork is single-skin, and mass tinted. The lightly-grained finish is very sturdy and resists ultraviolet rays well thanks to its metal-flake finish. Some decorative parts on certain models are painted.

The front mudguard is of a single piece, avoiding the need for a series of brackets, plates, and screws.

The body parts are offered in kit form and can be easily switched over; their simple but secure mountings allow for easy changes (with or without dealer help).

  • Disposable air box: you no longer need to open up a large, complicated, heavy box to clean or change the filter; you just change the whole assembly every 10,000 km or so. And the unit's recyclable, too a revolution in itself! The sealed box design has resulted in simplified manufacturing processes using less material, which means lower weight, lower cost, and easier changing, all of which adds up to real consumer benefits.
  • Saddle and fuel & oil tank sub-assembly: the fuel and oil tanks are boxed together between the frame tubes to support the saddle. This module is integrated into LUDIX's aesthetics and structure. The assembly is held at two fixing points, meaning five or six times fewer brackets and bolts than in classic designs which means easier maintenance, and simple manufacturing.
  • Fewer parts… lower weight… lower price!
  • Simple, and secure body fixings for fast, easy replacement.
  • Electrical hub: all the electrics have been grouped around the battery, meaning fewer wires, fixing points, and intermediate connections, all of which makes it easier to work on the machine, resulting in time and money saved.
  • Ludix has all the features of a classic scooter but sells for 30-40% less. Prices start at £XXX, which is amazing for a vehicle built to such high standards.
  • Peugeot has invested upstream to achieve this result and has spared no expense on quality or equipment.
  • Ludix already complies with Euro 2 emission standards but still delivers Euro 1 performance levels through an exhaust air-injection system that favours catalysis. PEUGEOT Motocycles felt such an investment was necessary in order to leave nothing fundamental to chance engine performance is vital for small two-wheelers, ensuring a rewarding and safe ride.
  • LUDIX has an electric starter (except for the base model), but it still has a kick-start, which is becoming rare, even on more expensive vehicles!
  • LUDIX has a wide range of, specialized accessories available right from the product's launch – that have been designed to cater for very different user requirements.

Slim, slender, and light.

Keeping height and width of seat at a level where the bike is comfortable and manoeuvrable for all lengths of leg meant that a helmet compartment underneath the saddle was out of the question. The ever increasing size of under-seat helmet compartments has produced body shells and seats that are too wide and hamper the user when stopped or manoeuvering the scooter onto its stand. This can make scooters feel unwieldy particularly to smaller riders and beginners in general. LUDIX provides other solutions for storing and securing your helmet (anti-theft wires or a top box, for example): like a lot of popular two wheelers, LUDIX easily does without.

In its desire to reintroduce a real scooter, comprising basic primary functions, PEUGEOT has moved away from the trend towards broad, tall, and bulbous shapes. It was felt that over time, the light powered two-wheeler category had drifted away from its original characteristics and advantages light weight, user-friendliness and low cost.

LUDIX is light and slim. LUDIX is ludicrously easy to handle. Manoeuvering a scooter by hand whilst stationary presents the biggest challenge for many potential scooter riders. The Ludix has been designed with this in mind, and the result is a vehicle that is easy for anyone to live with.

The light powered two-wheeler has in many cases stopped being straightforward, user-friendly, and low-cost its primary, basic function. Size, weight and shape have expanded, and gadgets of questionable usefulness have driven up cost. With LUDIX, Peugeot is offering a back-to-basics machine that is all it needs to be at the right price.

The overall design has been well received in consumer trials, being regarded as modern, innovative, and original compared to the competition.

These various models can also be personalised, thanks to a design that allows the easy swapping of parts.

  • Coloured inserts for the rims
  • Milometer trim
  • Shock absorber balls
  • Coloured trim for floor and handles

Accessories are also specifically designed to adapt the LUDIX to each individual's requirements:

  • Glove compartments, side bags
  • Racks, top boxes, baskets
  • Anti-theft wires for helmets, anti-theft U-locks and brackets
  • Electronic anti-theft devices
  • Windscreens, side deflectors
  • Aprons, bar muffs

Compared with a four-stroke engine of the same capacity, a two-stroke engine is:

  • 30% lighter
  • 30% cheaper
  • 30 - 40% smaller
  • Up to 50% higher-performance

The future of the two-stroke engine is based on direct electronic fuel injection; once the engine is fitted with, for example, the Synerject/Orbital system used on Peugeot's 50cc TSDI, it negates the majority of traditional two-stroke disadvantages:

  • It complies with Euro 2 anti-pollution regulations, as it will the Euro 3 regulations.
  • It is better able to meet more stringent pollution management than a four-stroke engine (hampered by CO and Nox emissions).
  • Its fuel consumption is 10-20% lower than for a four-stroke with a carburettor of the same engine capacity.

In addition, it's reduced size and weight means it can be fitted to compact vehicles, making them far more dynamic.

  • LUDIX ONE: 50cc air-cooled engine, 10 wheels - No frills functionality, modern styling, top quality, easy maintenance and low price.
  • LUDIX SNAKE: Robust off-road styling, with two seats and large tyres The perfect thing to tackle the modern urban jungle with a fun go anywhere image.
  • LUDIX BULLET: a liquid-cooled 50cc engine with sport tires and performance focus. The new benchmark for compact sport scooters boasts less weight for better performance and handling, together with razor sharp styling.
  • LUDIX TREND: the latest in 10-inch wheels. With an eye-catching super-contemporary look, LUDIX Trend has all the advantages of the Ludix One, but with a higher level of specification.
  • LUDIX ELEGANCE: the trendsetter in 14-inch wheels. Youthful and contemporary styling combined with the practical advantages of big wheels.
  • LUDIX AMBITION: 125cc engine, 14-inch wheels. A 125cc direct injected engine and high levels of specification as standard. Its large wheels make all the difference, offering maximum comfort and superb handling in a high tech package.

The definitive version of this long-awaited machine has arrived!

Jetforce Compressor: Possibly the most aggressively styled performance scooter to date. There's a 15 HP, restricted version for learners, and a 19 HP full-powered model with the torque of a much larger machine.

The Compressor is due to arrive in Spring 2004, with two colour schemes available. Bullfighter Red with Technium enamel and Storm Grey with Technium enamel.

PEUGEOT's iconic Speedfight remains as stunning as ever, seven years after it was first launched thanks to new colours and graphics.

  • SPEEDFIGHT 2 50cc: Its 8th season sees the appearance of a new Speedfight 2 logo, and revised colour schemes. The former colour scheme, Formula Yellow with Technium enamel, is applied to a new base of Pearl Black. The new colours Pulsar Blue, Bullfighter Red, and Oxygen Green are matched to a base of Technium enamel (grey metal).
  • SPEEDFIGHT 2 in 100cc: This retains its Shark Grey and Pulsar Blue colours, but it is set apart from the 50 range by an entirely monochrome body, with rims, housing, and single-arm fork in aluminium grey (black on the 50).
  • SPEEDFIGHT 2 SILVER SPORT 50cc and 100cc: Elegant and sporty, the Silver Sport is replacing both the Speedfight 2 XRace (launched in May 2002) and the Speedfight 2 206 WRC first generation in its Technium enamel (grey metal) version.
  • SPEEDFIGHT 2 206 WRC 50cc and 100cc: Following the tremendous success of the first version, this second generation has all the familiar features plus new details to mirror this year's car. Michelin tires, white rims marked 206 WRC, sports exhaust, driver autographs, new graphics on the clocks, and rear gas shock absorber.

Looxor: environmentally friendly technology. The Looxor 50cc and 100cc range, now cleaner thanks to Euro-2-compliant engines giving more reliability and economy.

The major features for 2004 for the Looxor 50, 50TSDI, and 100cc are:

  • Improved functionality, thanks to a new, staggered two-seater touring saddle retractable footrests and permanent lighting.
  • Optimized aesthetics: the Looxor's elegance is reaffirmed this year with saddle, and interior panels in ever fashionable - black. Confidence inspiring, safe, and elegant. An unruffled way of getting about in urban areas.

The Looxor 100 SBC, 125, and 151cc are being withdrawn from the range.

Jet Force 50: a fourth colour Formula Yellow is being added to the existing Jet Force schemes from 2004. Technium enamel and Pulsar Blue are paired with Graphite for a understated look, while Bullfighter Red and Formula Yellow are paired with a pearl black front end and black lower panels for a more aggressive look.

Jet Force 50 RC: an optimised engine will power this special series, offered in Pulsar Blue and Bullfighter Red, to be introduced in the second half of 2004. The Jet Force RC is distinguished from the base model by its sports screen, aluminium footrests, white rims, RC embroidered saddle, and raised logos.

Jet Force 125/151: five colours are available in the 2004 range.

  • The Classic: Technium enamel and Pulsar Blue, with a fully painted body that brings out the streamlined design of the machine.
  • The Technic: Pulsar Blue, Bullfighter Red, or Formula Yellow paired with a metallic graphite colour for a more sporty look.

The simplified Advantage models complete the Elyseo and Elystar ranges, and provide great value, entry level prices for the Peugeot's top-of-the-line scooters. Both these models are fitted with engines that already comply with Euro 2 standards.

This is the most robust scooter in the Peugeot Motocycles range, fun, compact, light, and easy to handle.

The TKR S and Street Zone are being withdrawn from the 2004 range.