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2004 Yamaha DT125

Yamaha DT125

Yamaha's DT is one of the most successful lightweight 2-strokes, and for 2004 the DT125RE has undergone a range of important detail changes to its chassis and engine that are designed to ensure its continuing success. The latest model features all-new bodywork that has been influenced by Yamaha's World Championship winning WR enduro models, and includes a new fuel tank and radiator air scoops, as well as a compact new headlight, lightweight sidepanels and new front fender. The DT's lively electric start 2-stroke engine is equipped with a new exhaust system fitted with a catalyser and air induction system to ensure compliance with EU2 emissions regulations. Other detail changes include a new main switch situated in front of the fuel tank and compact new instrumentation. This enormously popular 125 offers the attractive combination of lively 2-stroke engine performance together with an easy-handling chassis and upright riding position, making it an ideal lightweight urban all-rounder that's also equipped to handle off road exploration at the weekend.

Technical changes overview


  • 125cc 2-stroke electric start
  • Complies with EU2 emissions regulations
  • New catalytic converter
  • New muffler


  • All-new bodywork
  • WR enduro influenced styling
  • New fuel tank and radiator air scoops
  • WR style front fender, headlight and cowl
  • Compact instrumentation
  • Main switch located in front of fuel tank
  • DT125RE Engine and chassis changes, Yamaha Black, Racing Blue