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2005 BMW K1200 R

BMW K1200 R

BMW's new K1200 R high-performance roadster

Immediately after the introduction of its first superbike - the K1200 S - BMW Motorrad announced that it is to launch a new roadster based on this high performance machine. Previewed at the Munich INTERMOT show in September, the K1200 R will be available in mid 2005.

The K1200 R will feature the high performance, transverse four-cylinder in-line engine from the K1200 S, as well as safety and innovation concepts used on the S model. The drive unit and the chassis are the same as the K1200 S, with only minor modifications. At the front, the BMW Duolever suspension rake angle is slightly steeper and the castor is slightly shorter. This gives the K1200 R outstanding handling and road holding characteristics.

For the engine, only the routing of the air intake has been changed. Maximum performance will be slightly lower than that of the K1200 S but still above 118 kW (160 bhp) making the K1200 R the most powerful naked production bike available. The torque curve is almost identical to that of the K1200 S. Gearbox spacing is also the same but the rear axle ratio is a little shorter, which will have a positive effect on acceleration.

New features include 'muscular' styling of the fuel tank and rear end, and distinctive front dual-headlamps with matt chrome colouring. A small screen covers the front section above the headlamp. In spite of its small size, the K1200 R provides the rider with surprisingly good wind and weather protection.

Compared to the K1200 S, the seat is similar in shape but slightly narrower at the front. This encourages an active, forward riding position and improves comfort for shorter riders. The steering bridge is also shaped so that the rider sits in a slightly more upright position. New designs for the speedometer and rev counter feature white dials with black figures.

Special equipment, colour variants and pricing will be announced at a later date.


  • Rated output: over 118 kW (> 160 bhp)
  • Maximum torque: approx. 125 Nm
  • DIN empty weight (road ready): less than 240 kg
  • Dry weight: (without operating materials, without ABS): less than 220 kg
  • Fuel tank: 19 litres
  • Performance: as for K1200 S
  • Top speed: over 125 mph
  • BMW Motorrad Sports Integral ABS special equipment.