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Derbi Atlantis Electric - 2005

Derbi Atlantis Electric


The Atlantis Electric prototype is the fruit of desire that Derbi have been searching between mobility and ecology. The use of alternative energy such as electricity is a clear demonstration of the technical development of the brand, looking to find forward thinking ideas that take care of the environment. It is almost the duty of any company to work to find other solutions for vehicles propelled by alternative 'fuel'.

The electric power unit has been realised by Lafert Servo Motors and offers a maximum power of 2,4 kw. The engine is programmed to reach a maximum speed 45 km/h in a rate of acceleration of just six seconds between 0 and 50 metres. Despite various needs of an electric engine, the total weight of the Atlantis is not more than 133 kilos, easily providing firm mobility and manoeuvrability.

The Atlantis Electric runs a distance of 60 kilometres, thanks in part to the battery still charging even when the gas is shut off. To help with riding, the Electric uses two speeds (long and short) and to charge the battery requires connection to a normal plug socket.

Total charging time with empty batteries takes no more than four hours maximum, even though hooking up for two hours will recharge by 70% and, as a consequence, enough to finish a journey and prepare the bike for the next. For example, a pleasing result of this creation is the fact that a 170 km trip can be achieved for just a Euro, depending on electricity tariffs! Overall, the Atlantis Electric is the alternative for young public that want to move about the city in a more ecological and economical way.