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Derbi Derbi Dirt Kid 100 - 2005

Derbi Dirt Kid 100


Derbi produced a surprise last year by presenting their line of minimotos comprising the Dirt Kid, Dirt Boy and Mini Black, all of which being technological 'bastions' by representing the first junior bikes to use four-stroke engines.

This year Derbi progress a little further in this field, offering a model with a 100cc engine that supplies more power (8 CV) and, although is still very simple to use, is directed at children who have already taken their first steps in the two wheeled 'arena'. Ease of use is without a doubt the main priority and is augmented in this model by an electric start, light and strong aluminium wheels of 12 and 10 inches, and a tele-hydraulic fork to improve braking.

Cooling is supplied by the oil radiator, boosting engine performance, and the new graphics define perfectly the values and world of minimoto, for youngsters and the 'little people' in your life.