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Derbi GPR - 2005

Derbi GPR

Passion for motorcycles begins in the young, when a bike is the first sign of individuality, which grows with the desire for a more sporty, innovative, racy look. Derbi can make dreams come true for the over 16s, without having to wait for larger capacity machines.

With the GPR50, Derbi has answered the prayers of 16 year olds by giving them the opportunity to enter the world of motorcycling, without envying their older friends.

The passion of the Derbi engineers is matched by their experience of four decades at the pinnacle of motorcycle racing, where development is rigorous, refined, highly technical and innovation is the order of the day. All these qualities along with the attention to every detail have been invested in the development of the GPR 125.

The result is a compact, light, innovative bike with technical innovation comparable to its 600cc rivals.

Development of the prototype GPR was carried out with a larger engine in mind and the result was the appearance of the most competitive moped in history last season; the GPR 80 Cup and now the GPR 125, a winning formula with which to enter the world of motorcycles.

The technical excellence of the new GPR 125 is evident from the aluminium beam chassis and swinging arm to the 40 mm upside down forks which are all derived directly from the Grand Prix bike, in addition this new machine features the latest radial calipers which is a first on this category of bike. As far as rider aids and information, Derbi has left nothing to the imagination with this race bike made for the roads, including a digital rev counter and LCD screen detailing speed, total and partial distance counter, clock and full review / warning information.

However, the new GPR 125 really comes into its own with a two-stroke engine which, thanks to an escape valve, offers true sports performance. Although very similar to its 50cc brother at first glance, closer inspection reveals a longer frame, reinforced chassis for improved rigidity, weight distribution according to the new dimensions, a new exhaust to improve the power of the engine and wider tyres and wheels.

The GPR 125 is destined to become the new reference point for young riders, with its racing spirit taken straight from a Grand Prix machine. Of course, the riding of Jorge Lorenzo, winner of two Grand Prix and five podiums in the 125cc class so far this season, is the source of its inspiration.