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Ducati Sport Touring - 2005 Range

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2004 was a year of major change for the ST family, and riders have certainly not failed to appreciate the many major stylistic and functional improvements, including the ST3's exclusive new three valve head engine. Now, with the arrival of the 2005 models, the ST family has gotten better still. Various innovations have been introduced, all aimed at perfecting Ducati's offer in this important market segment. Maintenance is now even simpler and a new oil-bath clutch makes gear changing smoother, more efficient and easier on the hand. Clutch life is also extended, making Ducati's Sport Touring machines more enjoyable and more functional than ever on long journeys.

Renewal of the ST family began twelve months ago. Major development work was needed to meet the needs of an attentive and demanding public if success was to be ensured in this crowded market segment. That was why the new ST range was introduced, characterised by eye-catching looks and enhanced rider protection to guarantee comfort on long journeys, even at the sort of speeds these powerful Ducati twins are capable of. New styling and improved ergonomics for the whole family were further backed up by the introduction of a completely new motorcycle, built around a brand new engine. With the three valve, twin spark 992, the new ST3 was bound to please for its ability to deliver competitive performance combined with magre fuel consumption. This revolution in the world of Ducati sport tourers met with the unanimous approval of riders who know how to appreciate touring motorcycles with great sports performance, in line with Ducati tradition.

Development did not stop there. Many other details have since been perfected on the basis of suggestions by riders who had clocked up high mileage on STs. This is why the fairing fasteners have been improved on 2005 model for example.

Though the change may go unnoticed, it sensibly reduces the time needed for scheduled maintenance like checking and topping up oil and battery service. This is a blessing not only for Ducati mechanics but also for the large number of riders who service their own machines before setting off on a journey.

Another modification that has made a major contribution to reliability and comfort is the new oil bath clutch introduced on all models of the ST family. The new clutch has reduced clutch noise, made clutch lever action easier and smoother, and made shifting gears more precise than ever. The new clutch incorporates new dampers to extend transmission life and demonstrates exceptional wear resistance. Under normal conditions, clutch life could easily last for hundreds of thousands of kilometres, far longer than the average life of most bikes.

These improvements, introduced with the first 2005 models, successfully complete a renewal process that has already led to the adoption of a new complex double beam headlight, with lighting power at the top of its class. The new headlight cluster features electric beam height adjustment from an easy to operate control on the instrument panel, permitting ideal beam angle to be achieved under all load conditions. Remote headlight adjustment is just one of the many functions provided by the modern electronic instrument panel on which just two buttons give access to a whole range of information.

Merit goes to the ST3 and ST4S' sophisticated electronics based on CAN technology, with a wiring loom consisting of just two wires. Ducati Sport Touring motorcycles also lead the field in ergonomics, thanks to front brake and clutch levers that can be adjusted to four positions and half-bars that provide 20 mm of height adjustment to adapt to riders of all statures. To prove how Ducati ST motorcycles really have combined the previously incompatible vocations of tourer and sports bike, ST exhausts are variable in height. A simple operation lets you change the angle of the exhaust terminals.

In raised position, they let you achieve angles of lean worthy of any racing circuit. Lowered, they facilitate installation of Ducati's dedicated touring panniers.