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Gilera RCR and Gilera SMT - 2005

Gilera SMT 50 Gilera RCR 50

These two real 50cc motorcycles are intended for discerning young people who expect true biking sensations from a small displacement. The size, design and components of the new Gilera 50 RCR and SMT are worthy of higher displacements, offering all the riding pleasure of a real offroad and supermotard.


A 50cc offroad concentrate, the Gilera RCR is the two-ring brand's all-terrain bike for daring youngsters who can't wait to start an offroad motorcycling career. The Gilera RCR is fun in sport use, where it encourages the rider's spirit of adventure, but is also safe and easy in everyday riding.

The sparkling 2-stroke 50cc engine, liquid cooled with lamellar induction, gives the Gilera RCR top pick-up and acceleration. The six-speed gearbox is perfect to get the rider out of tricky offroad situations as well as for extra performance in daily use. Equipped with a catalytic converter, the Gilera RCR meets Euro2 emissions norms.

The cycle parts of the Gilera RCR are infallible. A striking, exceptionally strong perimetral frame, hydraulic 36-mm diameter fork with wide, 190-mm travel and ridged offroad tyres, 80/90x21" in front and 110/80x18" at the rear, all mark a no-compromise product that handles perfectly in any riding scenario. At the rear, a large RACE (Rear Arm Concept Evolution) tapered steel fork and single shock absorber with 182-mm travel enrich the Gilera RCR. The powerful, extra-safe braking system has two disk brakes, 240 mm in front and 180 mm at the rear.

An offroad bike as outstanding as this one needed design that would underline its adventurous spirit. The partially visible perimetral frame, large fork, handlebar, steering plates and engine cover are all painted a gritty Black Metal that adds appeal to this astonishing little motorcycle.

The plastics are decidedly original, with sharp edges and graphics that set the Gilera RCR apart from the traditional offroad. The high-tech look of the front fairing, headlamp and instrument panel also mark an evolution in the stylistic concept of offroad bikes.

The three colours on offer are a silver/yellow combination alongside a classic Gilera red/black and a striking black/orange.


Created for fun and surprises, the supermotard bike mingles agility and an enduro layout on a real road bike base. The result is unadulterated riding pleasure on one of the newest but fastest-growing types of two-wheeler.

The Gilera SMT is an innovative 50cc supermotard.

Its size and technical set up make the Gilera SMT the ideal bike for the very young who have already decided their future lies in motorcycling. Changing terrain and the urban environment are the Gilera SMT's preferred hunting grounds because of its powerful liquid cooled engine with lamellar induction, catalysed to meet Euro2 norms. This 50cc engine manages steady power output as a result of its six-speed gearbox.

The Gilera SMT's cycle parts feature a perimetral frame with a double descending beam -- built of steel and painted Black Metal -- that ensures maximal torsional rigidity. The RACE (Rear Arm Concept Evolution) tapered steel fork is backed up by a single shock absorber with 182-mm travel.

The suspension has a traditional Paioli 36-mm hydraulic fork with 175-mm travel in front, perfect for the kind of usage the Gilera SMT is designed for. The tyres, designed for road use, reveal the SMT's predilection for asphalt: they measure 100/80x17" in front and an imposing 130/70x17" on the rear hub. Two disk brakes - a good 260 mm in front and 180 mm at the rear - complete the picture. Exacting design and high quality components make the Gilera SMT fun, powerful and safe to use in any conditions.

The light but striking design of the plastics and the choice of "race" graphics that also feature on the seat add character to a bike made to grip the road, while colours and shapes that emphasise the bike's originality and modernity contribute to giving it visual dynamicity.

A sporty but elegant silver-and-yellow colour combination is offered alongside a Gilera-style red-and-black and an orange/black mix.


  • Engine - Single cylinder two stroke
  • Displacement - 49.9 cc
  • Bore/Stroke - 39.86 / 40 mm
  • Distribution/Induction - Lamellar
  • Cooling - Liquid
  • Start - Kick starter
  • Gearbox - 6 speed
  • Clutch - Multi-disc in wet sump
  • Frame - Perimetral, double descending beam
  • Front suspension - Hydraulic telescopic fork
  • Rear suspension - Hydraulic single shock absorber
  • Front brake - 260 mm disk (? 240 mm disk)
  • Rear brake - 180 mm disk
  • Front tyre - Tubeless, 100/80-17" (80/90-21")
  • Rear tyre - Tubeless, 130/70-17" (110/80-18")
  • Dry weight - 90 kg
  • Fuel tank - (of which reserve) 7 litres (of which 1.3 litres reserve)
  • Length-Width-Wheelbase - 1,980 mm (2,030 mm) / 840 mm / 1,355 mm
  • Seat height - 910 mm