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Kawasaki UK Motocross - 2005

Team Green is the UK's most respected off-road initiative that has been in existence for over two decades under the stewardship of Kawasaki Motors UK.

Providing a unique ownership package for Kawasaki off-road enthusiasts - as well as supporting riders in all relevant classes - it has been the breeding ground of countless Champions.

2004 saw KMUK supported teams and riders enjoy yet more success which bodes well for their future and for the Team Green concept.

Kawasaki's smallest capacity off road machine is the stunningly successful and ruggedly reliable KX65. Thus mounted, Max Ainstie, son of respected former rider, Mervyn, rode hard and well to win the UK Supercross Championship in his class - some feat for a bike and rider competing on tracks made for much larger machines.

Scott James, the 11 year old Welsh Team Green rider, won the BSMA Championship in his class using a small wheel KX85, while long time Team Green rider, Lee Dunham, enjoyed Championship success winning the KWS International AMCA series on his four stroke KX250F.

Ray Rowson achieved the remarkable feat of winning every round of the British Championship in his class in the BYMX, BSMA, KWS and YSMA series on his two stroke KX125.

Ashley Greedy dominated his class using a KX85 in Supercross, while Cradley Kawasaki supported, Team Green stalwart, Gary Davies, won the AMCA 125cc Championship on a KX125 against a whole raft of larger four stroke machines.

Last, and by no means least, we have the Molson Kawasaki Racing Team and the Dutch based factory Kawasaki Racing Team, both focussed on World Championship racing and nurturing Team Green talent.

With Maxxis UK Champion Stephen Sword riding for the factory team, and Tom Church acquitting himself ably on the world stage via the Molson Kawasaki team, the future once more looks bright for Team Green in 2005 with a recognised "ladder of opportunity" for all Kawasaki riders.