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Kawasaki Z750 - 2005

Kawasaki Z750 S


Same responsive Z1000-based liquid-cooled engine as the Z750 with revised ECU settings to compensate for the different airflow characteristics caused by the half cowling. Efficient 4-valve, DOHC cylinder head displaces 748 cm3 from a bore and stroke of 68.4 x 50.9 mm. Z1000-based cylinder head features re-shaped intake and exhaust ports, a modified combustion chamber and adjusted valve pitch to suit the reduced bore size.

Electronic fuel injection system delivers brilliant throttle response across a wide, smooth powerband. 34 mm throttle bodies with dual throttle valves and automotive-style fine-atomising injectors deliver instant cold starting, excellent power characteristics and good fuel consumption. 4-into-1 stainless-steel exhaust system mates to a stylish oval-section muffler. Exhaust pipes #1 and #4, and #2 and #3 are joined to give smooth throttle response at all rpm.

Large, Z1000 radiator eliminates the need for an oil cooler, resulting in a more compact, cleaner engine package. Quiet-running ZX-12R-type ring fan helps reduce noise. Smooth-shifting 6-speed transmission has a gear for every situation, from low-speed city traffic to high-speed highway use.


The Z750S inherits the handling qualities of the Z1000 and Z750. Revised posture, tyres and suspension settings suit a wide range of riding applications from highway cruising and two-up riding to sport riding. Compared to the Z750, handling is more stable. Stiff, box-section swingarm helps to reduce chassis flex and contributes to the bike's excellent road-holding qualities.


Sturdy 41 mm fork delivers a supple ride and gives excellent steering feedback across the speed range.

Linkage-equipped rear gas shock features 4-way rebound damping and 7-way preload adjustability for a smooth ride and excellent road holding qualities. Lightweight aluminium suspension linkage reduces chassis weight and contributes to the responsive rear suspension action.


Dual 300 mm front discs operated by twin-pot calipers deliver confidence-inspiring stopping performance in town and on the highway. (Photo 4) The lightweight 220 mm rear disc is operated by a lightweight single-pot caliper.



New half cowling and windscreen offer effective wind protection when riding in a slightly crouched position.

Duct in the centre of the cowling creates an "air curtain" which reduces wind buffeting at higher speeds and improves rider comfort. This patented feature is available only from Kawasaki.


Natural riding position makes it easier for riders to reach the ground with their feet. This confidence-inspiring quality will prove especially popular with intermediate riders and ladies. An ideal relationship between pegs, seat and handlebars gives a spacious and relaxed riding position that helps reduce fatigue, even on long highway rides. Elegantly waisted rear tank section makes it easy for riders to grip the bike with their knees.



One-piece seat with plush padding gives added comfort to both rider and pillion. One-piece construction offers passenger more freedom of movement than a separate pillion pad would. Stylish grab bars provide additional passenger stability/security. Position and shape of the grab bars were designed to ensure they would be easy to use while not interfering with the styling.


Centrepiece of the Z750S's dynamic new styling is the 3-piece half cowling. Its two-tone design, gives the bike a compact, focused look. (Photo 9) Headlamp based on that of the Z1000 features a uniquely sculpted screen that shows the Z750S's lineage, yet gives it a look all of its own. Attractive new turn signals complement the overall design of the bike. Stylish Ninja ZX-10R mirrors are mounted to the half cowling.

The Z750S's lines flow from the muscular tank, through the one-piece seat, out to the attractively sculpted seat cowl. Seat shape balances the design of the new half cowling.

Flush-surface LED tail light from the Ninja ZX-10R curves up slightly over the top of the seat cowl, making the Z750S very visible to the drivers of high vehicles. The Z750S features an attractive oval-section muffler. The appearance of the brushed-finish centre section is complemented by the highly polished end caps.

Independent passenger footpeg brackets give the bike a lighter look and make it easy to fit after-market parts.

The surface treatments combine glossy and matt finishes that further enhance the Z750S's sporty image. Gold-coloured engine bolts will also be used for added contrast and to enhance the machine's high-quality appearance.


Like the Z750, the front and rear wheels feature a six-spoke design with "H" cross-section spokes. This lightweight and stylish design is also used on the Ninja ZX-10R wheels.


Compact step-motor speedometer features an LCD display with digital readouts for odometer, twin tripmeter and clock as well an LED water temperature warning lamp. Tachometer houses both a fuel gauge and an LED fuel-injection warning lamp (which doubles as an immobiliser lamp on non-North American models). Other instrumentation includes turn signal, high beam, neutral, and oil warning lamps. Instrumentation is mounted in an attractive inner cowl for a high-quality finish.


  • Engine Type - Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke In-Line Four
  • Displacement - 748 cm3
  • Bore and Stroke - 68.4 x 50.9 mm
  • Compression ratio - 11.3:1
  • Valve system - DOHC, 16 valves
  • Fuel system - Fuel injection: 34 mm x 4 (Keihin)
  • Ignition - Digital
  • Starting - Electric
  • Lubrication - Forced lubrication, wet sump
  • Transmission - 6-speed, return
  • Final drive - Sealed chain
  • Primary reduction ratio - 1.714 (84/49)
  • Gear ratios: 1st, 2.571 (36/14), 2nd, 1.941 (33/17), 3rd, 1.555 (28/18), 4th, 1.333 (28/21), 5th, 1.200 (24/20), 6th, 1.095 (23/21)
  • Final reduction ratio - 2.867 (43/15)
  • Clutch - Wet multi-disc, manual
  • Frame Type - Diamond, high-tensile steel with detachable right front-top engine mount
  • Wheel travel: front, 120 mm
  • Tyre: front, 120/70ZR17M/C (58W), rear, 180/55ZR17M/C (73W)
  • Steering angle (left/right) - 33/33
  • Suspension - Front: 41 mm telescopic fork, Rear: Bottom-Link Uni-Trak
  • Rebound damping 4-way Spring preload 7-way
  • Brakes - Front: Type Dual semi-floating 300 mm discs Caliper Dual twin-piston
  • Rear: Single 220 mm disc Caliper Single-piston
  • Fuel capacity - 18 litres
  • Maximum power;

  • 81 kW {110 PS}/11,000 rpm
  • 80 kW {109 PS}/11,000 rpm (AUS)
  • 79 kW {107 PS}/10,500 rpm (USA/CAN)
  • 78.2 kW {106 PS}/11,000 rpm (FRA)
  • 72 kW {98 PS}/11,000 rpm (EUR-72kW)
  • 25 kW {34 PS}/7,000 rpm (EUR-25kW)
  • Maximum torque;

  • 75 Nm {7.6 kgfm} / 8,200 rpm
  • 73 Nm {7.4 kgfm} / 8,200 rpm (FRA)
  • 72 Nm {7.3 kgfm} / 8,000 rpm (EUR-72kW)
  • 49 Nm {5.0 kgfm} / 3,500 rpm (EUR-25kW)