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Kawasaki KX250 - 2005

Kawasaki KX250


New KIPS: Previously, the main and sub valves operated simultaneously, causing power to come on rather suddenly after a slight gap in the 6,000 to 7,000 rpm range. By having the valves operate independently, the sub valves begin to open only after the main valve is fully open. Power comes on more smoothly, resulting in a more linear powerband, improved traction and overall more tractable power characteristics.

The coolant passageways within the cylinder have been rerouted for improved cooling, particularly around the exhaust port. This prevents heat-induced power fade during long motos. The cylinder's forward mounting angle has been reduced from 10 to 5. This allows use of a longer exhaust port, for improved power across the rev range.


Frame & Swingarm

The most significant modification to the lightweight steel perimeter frame is a decrease in steering rake from 27 to 26, which sharpens up the steering for quicker cornering performance. The frame's stiffness balance has also been improved and a slimmer lower frame improves ground clearance. While the design of the aluminium swingarm remains unchanged, main spars with thicker walls are more rigid for enhanced stability and handling.The revised frame is narrower at the footpegs, giving the bike a slimmer feel.

Higher footpegs complement the new riding position while increasing ground clearance. The rear brake pedal is now mounted 15 mm higher for increased ground clearance, and to suit the new riding position.

Front Suspension

New Kayaba fork keeps oil and air in separate chambers for stable damping performance during long motos. Low-friction fork seals contribute to smooth action.

Rear Suspension

The new Uni-Trak rear suspension system features newly designed linkage ratios to suit the new frame and swingarm.


Revised handlebar bend contributes to improved rider mobility. New seat design is flatter for improved rider mobility. Seat height is increased by 10 mm.New seat cover uses a high-grip top and smooth sides for good grip when sitting and high mobility when riding on the pegs. More durable urethane foam improves comfort and wear. Revised seat-to-peg distance gives riders greater freedom of movement when standing on the pegs.


  • Engine Type - Liquid-cooled, 2-stroke Single with KIPS
  • Displacement - 249 cm3
  • Bore and Stroke - 66.4 x 72.0 mm
  • Compression ratio - 10.2:1 (low speed); 8.9:1 (high speed) for EUR, 10.5:1 (low speed); 9.1:1 (high speed) for USA/CAN/AUS
  • Induction - 4-petal carbon-fibre piston reed valve
  • Carburettor - Keihin PWK 38S
  • Ignition - Digital CDI
  • Starting - Primary kick
  • Lubrication - Pre-mix (32:1)
  • Transmission - 5-speed, return
  • Final drive - Chain
  • Primary reduction ratio - 3.000 (63/21)
  • Gear ratios: 1st - 1.800 (27/15), 2nd - 1.437 (23/16), 3rd - 1.176 (20/17), 4th - 1.000 (21/21), 5th - 0.869 (20/23)
  • Final reduction ratio - 3.923 (51/13)
  • Clutch - Wet multi-disc, manual
  • Frame Type - Perimeter, high-tensile steel
  • Wheel travel - front, 300 mm, rear, 310 mm
  • Tyre: front - 80/100-21M/C (51M), rear, 110/90-19M/C (62M)
  • Caster (rake) - 26
  • Trail - 105 mm
  • Steering angle (left / right) - 42/42
  • Suspension - Front: Type, 48 mm upside-down cartridge-type telescopic fork,
  • Compression damping 16-way Rebound damping 16-way, Rear: Type, New Uni-Trak Compression damping 16-way Rebound damping 16-way Spring preload Fully adjustable
  • Brakes - Front: Type Single semi-floating 250 mm disc Caliper Dual-piston
  • Rear: Type Single 240 mm disc Caliper Single-piston
  • Overall length - 2,185 mm
  • Overall width - 840 mm
  • Overall height - 1,265 mm
  • Wheelbase - 1,480 mm
  • Ground clearance - 340 mm
  • Seat height - 965 mm
  • Dry weight - 97 kg
  • Fuel capacity - 8.2 litres
  • Maximum power - 42.8 kW {58.2 PS}/ 9,000 rpm
  • Maximum torque - 50.5 Nm {5.15 kgfm}/ 8,000 rpm