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2005 Moto Guzzi Motorcycle Range

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Moto Guzzi is here

Two years may not sound a long time. After all, Moto Guzzi has been around for the best part of a century. But these last two years have seen the realisation of design objectives that were only dreams at the last Intermot in 2002. These last twenty four months will be remembered as one of the key periods in Moto Guzzi’s glorious history.

Style Lab has played an inspirational role. Two brand new concept bikes, both dream machines, emerged from this hive of creative activity two years ago. The MGS-01 and the Griso posed major challenges to the genius and good taste of the Moto Guzzi design teams who were given the task of developing revolutionary new machines around Guzzi’s legendary 90° V-Twin. The two machines that emerged at the end of the design phase were so breathtaking that they simply had to be put into production. The extraordinary enthusiasm expressed by the motorcycling public and by the specialist press demanded it.

Today, the sportster with a V-Twin heart and the mean, aggressive naked are both nearly ready for sale, demonstrating the high level of professionalism and the sheer determination that Moto Guzzi has shown in both projects. Visitors to this year’s Intermot will be able to see the latest version of the MGS-01 Corsa and the final, definitive Griso alongside the Breva V 1100.

These last two bikes illustrate the level of innovation achieved with a practically brand new engine and a totally revolutionary drive system, both fully tested on and off the production lines to guarantee satisfaction and total freedom from teething troubles in keeping with Moto Guzzi practice.

The unseen but essential work of development and fine tuning has occupied Moto Guzzi’s engineering team for the last two years, but at last everything is ready, well within the twenty four to thirty months usually taken to turn a concept on paper into a motorcycle on the road.

The Moto Guzzi range for 2005 is completed by models like the Nevada Classic 750 i.e., the best loved custom on the road. Now in a brilliant new shape with electronic fuel injection, the Nevada Classic 750 i.e. is ready to consolidate and improve on its tremendous success. The V11 Le Mans sport tourers are there too, alongside the California tourers, and the naked V11 and Breva V 750 i.e.

Moto Guzzi is here with a vengeance, eager to show how much has been done and determined to retain the position of leadership that it deserves for many years to come.

Many bikes. One soul.

Moto Guzzi’s quest for courageous and innovative design solutions led to the introduction of the Griso. Guzzi’s determination to regain the leadership of the prestigious touring motorcycle market was the force behind the Breva V 1100. In the same way, Guzzi’s policy of continuous improvement of every model in its range has breathed new youth into the Nevada, now with electronic fuel injection. Moto Guzzi has spared no effort in keeping its entire range in line with the changing needs of today’s ever more sophisticated and diversified motorcycling public. Moto Guzzi’s immense experience, technical know-how and cultural patrimony has been put into combining a strong, instantly recognisable identity with ever more advanced technology. Because Guzzi’s glorious history is more than just heritage. It is a driving force; a force that has taken form in the new MGS-01 Corsa, a bike destined for great things in amateur motorcycle racing. The true spirit of Moto Guzzi lives in machines that are aggressively competitive on the track but reliable and docile in everyday life. That spirit is found in every model in the 2005 Moto Guzzi range.