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Moto Morini Corsaro 1200 - 2005

Moto Morini Corsaro 1200Moto Morini Corsaro 1200

Naked, powerful, stylish, the Corsaro 1200 is the essence of a great road bike and the Bialbero Corsacorta engine is its soul. A 1187cc twin V, 140 Hp with a maximum torque of 123 Nm at 6,500 rpm and a borexstroke ratio of 107 per 66 mm. A real oversquare with 4 valves per cylinder, liquid cooling and electronic injection. The 87 twin V makes the bike compact and easy to handle. The spectacular exhaust system with its two twin cone silencers is Euro3 standard approved. The tubular steel frame, the front cowl with its twin front headlight and the compact tail cowl all contribute to the Corsaro 1200's sports aura, with a touch of style in its twin colouring. Riding the Corsaro 1200 feels like having your right hand wired up to the back wheel, as this bike is much more agile than you'd expect from such a powerhouse. It's the authentic Moto Morini spirit updated.

Exactly one year after announcing the rebirth of the legendary motorcycle marque, Motor Morini will use the platform of the Bologna Motor Show to present the result of these past months of intense activity. The bike making its debut is the CORSARO 1200, a name dear to Morinisti, especially to those who cherished the model during the 1970s. The motorcycle is nude, compact, original yet unmistakably Italian, features that make it an authentic Moto Morini. Marking the revival of the motorcycle manufacturer, it represents the ideal synthesis that has guided the company's strategy over the last months: to conceive, design and construct a motorcycle that offers proof of how power and elegance, solidity and agility, tradition and the future can co-exist in harmony. It's the way we envision the motorcycle.

CorsaroO 1200 mounts a longitudinal 87 V twin-cylinder engine -- the Bialbero CorsaCorta -- designed by Franco Lambertini. It is the maximum cubic volume for this engine, which can handle displacements from 750 cc to 1200 cc. The 87 mono-casing configuration has enabled the design of an engine both self-supporting and compact and a chassis with a short wheelbase of 1440 mm. The result is a powerful yet agile motorcycle, manageable and pleasing to ride, with a torque of 123 Nm at 6500 rpm and a righthand wrist in perfect contact with the driving wheel. For us, it is a pure example of the joy of riding a motorcycle.

Corsaro 1200 is 100% Italian. The trellis frame composed of variable sized tubing has a compactness and conceals nothing of the Bialbero CorsaCorta engine, perfectly epitomising the concept of a nude bike. The chassis is impressive for its technical solutions and the selection of components. Of particular impact is the swing arm cast in aluminium alloy featuring original, enveloping forms, which supports the rear suspension and progressive linkage. The exhaust system is clearly sophisticated and it complies with Euro 3 pollution standards. The original design of exhaust piping has been designed with 70-mm diameter tubes, with the catalyzer intentionally in view and with two spectacular biconical-shaped silencers under the seat. Welding points on the whole exhaust system are clearly visible to accentuate the whole character of an object that wants to stand out.

A creation of Marabese Design, CORSARO 1200 exudes a sporty style. A perfect balance of curves and tensions characterise the superstructures; the headlight fairing, tank, seat and tail display synchronous lines that reveal Italian aesthetics in all their refinement. The original and dynamic headlight fairing leaves the double-lamp headlight in full view. Focus was also placed on tank, whose form recalls the opening of the wings of an eagle. It is contoured to achieve optimum ergonomics and to allow for the two-tone paint finish in the best Morini tradition. The seat and tail echo these lines in the profile of the air scoop.

Corsaro 1200 has all the personality to re-establish the Moto Morini marque on the international motorcycling panorama. The motorcycle, manufactured in the new plant in Casalecchio di Reno, will be on the market starting Spring/Summer 2005 and retailed at a price under 12,000 euros.

Engine Moto Morini - Bialbero CorsaCorta (DOHC - Short Stroke)
  • Cylinders (no.) - 2
  • Layout - 87 V longitudinal
  • Strokes - (no.) 4
  • Cooling - Liquid
  • Timing system - Gear/chain combination
  • Valves per cylinder - 4
  • Bore x stroke in mm. - 107 x 66
  • Displacement (cc) - 1187
  • Compression ratio - 11.8 0.3
  • Power - 103 Kw - 140 HP @ 8500 rpm
  • Torque - 123 Nm - 12.5 Kgm @ 6500 rpm
  • Fuel injection - Magneti Marelli indirect electronic injection with 54 mm throttle body
  • Ignition - I.A.W. electronic
  • Starting - Electric
  • Lubrication - Forced with trochoidal pump
  • Gearbox - With constant mesh spur gears
  • Clutch - Multiplate in oil bath
  • Primary Drive - Spur gears 55:31
  • Final Drive - Chain
  • Exhaust - With double silencer, 3-way catalytic converter and oxygen sensor
  • Polluting emissions - Euro 3