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Piaggio Fly - 2005

Piaggio Fly

Modern, functional and elegantly designed, the Fly is Piaggio's latest offer for simple, easy urban mobility.

The Fly has pared-down lines, 12" wheels and a wide range of environmentally friendly engines, from two and four stroke 50ccs to classic four stroke 125cc and 150cc displacements that offer high comfort levels to make the Fly the perfect scooter for use in town.


The Piaggio Fly has a spare, elegant design that adds a classic touch to a contemporary product. This practical, easy to use, cost-effective vehicle offers absolute comfort, excellent performance and discreet styling, and is accessible to a wide range of users that Piaggio has addressed ever since the launch of its first plastic scooter. In 1992 the Sfera marked the first step in the development of a new generation of scooters. For market leader Piaggio, creating a vehicle for everyday use with an eye-catching design that inspires strong emotions on the part of the user is an exciting challenge. With the Fly, Piaggio's stylists have opted for strong design that recalls other Piaggio vehicles. The result is a reliable vehicle for everyday use in town that stands out in traffic for its style and Italian elegance, a design that inspires confidence and encourages the user to discover how easy the Fly is to use.

The new Piaggio Fly inherits the Piaggio tradition of success, using the latest technology and design trends. The large front shield is very protective, with a stylish headlamp and large direction indicators in transparent plastic mounted on the sides. The front shield links to the flat, large footrest panel that ensures stable, comfortable riding for riders of all sizes, and includes passenger foot rests at the rear.

The bodywork tapers gradually from the under seat space to the rear wheel, creating an effect of lightness without hindering the overall design balance. The slim rear handle, an additional safety element for the passenger, rounds off the design of this new everyday scooter, making it suitable for use either alone or with a passenger.

The front lamp recalls the styling on other vehicles in the Piaggio range, with a large reflector that offers wide-angle lighting to ensure safe riding in any light or weather conditions. The instrument panel has clear, easy-to-read indications including an analogue odometer, total mileage and fuel level indicator. The lighted indicators show fuel reserve, direction indicators, high beam and oil level in the four stroke engines or automatic fuel-oil mix in the 50cc two stroke. The instrument panel includes a clock and calendar.


The seat is wide and comfortable and holds both rider and passenger with space to spare. The seat height has been limited to 785 mm from the ground to suit riders of all sizes, including women and young riders. The Fly's under seat space holds a full-face helmet, a jet helmet and other small objects.

The inside front shield has a practical bag hook and a compartment for documents, gloves and other small items, with an anti-spill mechanism to stop them falling out.

The Leader engines on the Fly 125 and Fly 150 are equipped with an electronic Immobilizer system that stops the engine starting if it does not recognise the ignition key.

Cycle parts

The Piaggio Fly has a rigid steel tube frame that handles flexion and torsion impeccably to ensure safe, precise riding. The brakes are a Piaggio Fly's strong point, offering powerful, modulated braking that contributes significantly to rider safety. A large diameter (200mm) front disk brake with a calliper and opposed pistons is backed up by a 140 mm drum brake at the rear.

The other cycle parts are also extremely reliable. The Piaggio Fly has a telescopic hydraulic fork with large 32 mm shafts for easy handling and safety even on rough roads and absolutely stable, safe braking. The rear uses a single shock absorber and, in classic scooter style, the engine serves as a swinging arm. The single hydraulic shock absorber on the Fly 125 and 150 has adjustable spring pre-load to let riders find their preferred height.

12" wheels and large tubeless tyres (120/70 front and rear on all the versions) complete an excellent set of cycle parts, ensuring optimal overall balance and agility in traffic.


Sparkling performance, environment friendliness and reduced consumption - the air-cooled Piaggio Hi-PER2 engine with a two-way catalytic converter and secondary air system is now a benchmark in the 50cc category. With a large fuel tank capacity of over 7 litres, the Fly offers a range that is at the top of its category. The Fly's lightweight build also guarantees an excellent weight-power ratio. As a result, the Fly offers performance at the top of the 50cc scooter segment.

Piaggio Hi-Per 4, the four stroke 50cc version, is a tested, reliable engine that has established a record for cost-effective running. The 125 and 150cc versions of the Fly have modern four stroke Piaggio Leader engines with two valve distribution and forced air cooling, offering excellent performance and low consumption even when riding with a passenger.

Agile and quick, all four versions of the Piaggio Fly are environmentally friendly, a factor that is particularly important for a vehicle that is mainly used in town. The Piaggio Fly meets Euro2 limits on noise and gas emissions. Electric start is standard on the Piaggio Fly, while the 50ccs also have an emergency kick start.

Colours and accessories

The Piaggio Fly comes in a range of colours to suit all tastes. There are three pastel shades - marine blue, dragon red and shiny black, and a metallic shade, Excalibur grey, at no added cost.

Built for town use and everyday comfort, the Piaggio Fly offers a range of accessories to make it even more useful. These include a windscreen with hand covers and a dedicated 32 litre top case with a handle and quick removal mechanism as well as a 28 litre top case.

Technical specifications

PIAGGIO FLY 50 2 stroke - 4 stroke

  • ENGINE - Single cylinder Piaggio Hi-PER2 2 stroke 49.4 cc/Single cylinder Piaggio Hi-PER4, 4 stroke 49.9 cc
  • BORE/STROKE - 40/39.3 mm - 39/41.8 mm
  • INDUCTION/DISTRIBUTION - Lamellar SOHC, 2 valves
  • COOLING - Forced air
  • START - Electric and kick starter
  • GEARS - CVT and torque server
  • FRONT SUSPENSION - Telescopic fork, 32 mm
  • REAR SUSPENSION - Hydraulic single shock absorber
  • FRONT BRAKE - disk 200 mm, floating calliper with two pistons
  • REAR BRAKE - Drum 140 mm
  • FRONT TYRE - Tubeless 120/70x12"
  • REAR TYRE - Tubeless 120/70x12"
  • LENGTH/WIDTH - 1,880/735 mm
  • WHEELBASE - 1,340 mm/1,330 mm
  • SEAT HEIGHT - 785 mm
  • DRY WEIGHT - 97 kg/100 kg
  • FUEL TANK - 7.2 litres
  • TOP SPEED - Legal limit
  • PIAGGIO FLY 125 - 150

  • ENGINE - Single cylinder Piaggio LEADER 4 stroke 124 cc/Single cylinder Piaggio LEADER 4 stroke 150.46 cc
  • BORE/STROKE - 57/48.6 mm - 62.6/48.6 mm
  • MAX. POWER - 7.8 Kw (10.5 hp)/8,000 rpm/8.5 Kw (11.6 hp)/7,750 rpm
  • MAX. TORQUE - 10 Nm/7,000 rpm/11.6 Nm/6,000 rpm
  • DISTRIBUTION - SOHC, 2 valves
  • COOLING - Forced air
  • START - Electric
  • GEARS - CVT and torque server
  • FRONT SUSPENSION - Telehydraulic fork, 32 mm
  • REAR SUSPENSION - Hydraulic single shock absorber, spring pre-load adjustable to 4 positions
  • FRONT BRAKE - Disk 200 mm, floating calliper with two pistons
  • REAR BRAKE - Drum 140 mm
  • FRONT TYRE - Tubeless 120/70x12"
  • REAR TYRE - Tubeless 120/70x12"
  • LENGTH/WIDTH/WHEELBASE - 1,870/735/1,330 mm
  • SEAT HEIGHT - 785 mm
  • DRY WEIGHT - 112 kg
  • FUEL TANK - 7.2 litres
  • TOP SPEED - 94 km/h - 98 km/h