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Yamaha Cygnus X - 2005

Yamaha Cygnus X

Cygnus X has built a reputation for being solid and dependable with low running costs and an affordable price, and after being completely renewed last year, those values have become stronger than ever. Its 125cc four-stroke engine is reliable and responsive, and at the same time its economy is exceptional and emissions extremely clean, thanks to the investment of both a catalytic converter and an exhaust air induction system. Noise levels too are very low, and not just due to the sophisticated exhaust system, even the crankcase cover is a floating type to reduce the transmission of mechanical sounds. Ease of riding was another priority with Cygnus X, which is why the fuel tank is mounted beneath the footboard to lower the centre of gravity, and the frame is stiff to ensure agile yet stable handling.

Safety and practicality of course are vitally important, which is why Cygnus X features a powerful 60/55W multi-reflector headlight, improving visibility for the rider as well as ensuring Cygnus X is more easily seen by others on the roads. The capacious 27 litres underseat storage is the largest in the class, big enough for a full face helmet and other personal items together.


  • Citrine
  • Graphic Blue
  • Gun Metallic (NEW)
  • Key Features

  • Low noise, low emission four-valve engine
  • Catalytic converter
  • SOHC four-valve layout
  • Large 120/70 x 12 rear tyre
  • 220mm front disc brake
  • 150mm rear drum
  • Fuel tank sited beneath footboard
  • 60/55W multi-reflector headlight
  • Dual tail lights
  • Car-style instrument cluster
  • 27 litres under-seat storage compartment for full face helmet