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2006 KTM 250 SX

KTM 250 SX

This is a machine for the hobby rider who wants to give his best in competition, riding a bike that equals the power of all 4-strokes in its class. With more individual settings than any other similar bike, plus a new frame with a steeper steering head angle for even better corner-ing, you can just climb onboard and power your way around the track.

Technical Cahnges;


New with optimized power flap and power valve timing and new main spring.


Newly designed lighter piston.


New designed Brembo hydraulic clutch. TVC exhaust control.


New CDI box with a 16 bit processor and an optimized ignition curve.


Size reduced from 38 to 36 mm. High calibre components and coatings in the 250's engine make a 1:60 mixture possible.


High quality corrosion-proof nickel.


Longer second gear, gear box ratio improves gear box spacing.