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2006 KTM 300 EXC


We call it the offroad workaholic of the KTM family. Awesome torque right from the bottom means you just keep passing other machines that have already boiled over. The 300 EXC delivers more power than the average Enduro rider will ever need. It has plenty of reserves and lots of "punch" in any situation, but it demands advanced riding skills. The 2006 model frame has a steeper steering angle for more stable cornering.

Technical Changes;


New crank shaft with more inertia and optimized balance results in better traction in the toughest Enduro sections and less vibrations.


The new Brembo hydraulic clutch reduces the risk of fading and guaran-tees optimal controllability, shifts smoothly and is also maintenance-free.

TVC Eshaust Control;

KTM sets the standard with individual adaptability of engine char-acteristics. The two springs supplied for the TVC exhaust control enables adjustments to be made to suit every course and every rider. The performance can be adjusted to be more aggressive or gentler. Essentially, this is three bikes in one.


The nickel-plated expansion chamber with corresponding aluminium silencer is light, corrosion-proof and enhances performance.