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2006 KTM 525 SX

KTM 525 SX

If it is power you want, this is the bike that will leave the competi-tion eating your dust. Its outstanding performance makes the 525 SX stand out in the crowd. It is the perfect bike for the big and the brave and for those who love the feel of power.

Technical Changes;


Hydraulic Magura clutch; thicker clutch plates.


Single header-pipe.


Latest evolution of the 41 mm KEIHIN FCR-MX flat-slide carburet-tor; adjustable accelerator pump, hot start button and new intake.

Valve-Stem Guides;

New sintered steel valve stem combined with titanium valve.


All KTMīs feature frames made of high quality chrome-moly steel. Oval lateral frame ties, forged connecting brackets for the frame tubes and a forged upper shock tower make the KTM frame one of the most rigid and lightest constructions on the market. Oval shaped frame tubes create more space for the exhaust system. Compared with the aluminium frames (used by many of our competitors) the chromoly frame used by KTM is stiffer, lighter and sturdier.

Swing Arm;

All SX models feature light, cast aluminum swing arms, which because if its design and refined configuration equates to improve-ments with the main stress point. This offers greater torsion rigidity and thereby better tracking at an even lower weight.


The 48 WP Upside Down forks guarantee maximum stability under the greatest strains. In 2006, the front fork has a more progressive setting, a new friction optimized coating in black and new bushes for reduced friction. The special design of the inner and outer fork tubes guarantees a homogenous flex and therefore minimal friction. Double-lipped seals and dust caps combined with Motorex fork oil, mean an optimal seal and therefore minimal maintenance.

Shock Absorber;

The new PDS shock, now with black reservoir and orange spring, features a totally new oil flow and a newly designed bump rubber, all designed to increase bottoming resistance. Improved setting with a progressive damping curve means less bottoming-out plus more comfort in the middle and better traction. Adjustability of the high and low-speed compression damping, as well as the rebound damp-ing, offers a wide range of set-ups. The WP PDS shock absorber can also be replaced within seconds.


KTM uses high-quality Renthal handlebars of tapered aluminum now in attractive anthracite, which guarantee optimal rigidity com-bined with minimal weight. The Renthal Dual Compound grips, considered the best on the market, guarantee maximum damping characteristics.

Triple Clamps;

The CNC machined triple clamps of solid aluminium guarantee ex-tremely precise fork clamping and the greatest rigidity. The adjust-able fork off-set is a special highlight. The choice between 18 or 20 mm makes the adjustment of the geometry (trail) for every course and every rider possible (adjustable for increased tracking stability or greater agility).


Brembo double piston floating calliper and a 260 mm Wave disc in the front, single piston floating calliper and a 220 mm Wave rotor in the rear guarantee optimal performance and perfect controllability. The compact Brembo foot brake-cylinder has improved seal for better reliability.


EXCEL rims are known to be the best on the market and are built es-pecially for Motocross requirements. At KTM, Excel rims are standard series equipment.


Effortless, tool-free accessibility to the airbox is a KTM standard feature.

Rear Fender;

The one-piece, plastic rear fender can be effortlessly removed.

Competition Kit;

An additional kit with plastics, stickers, air filter, chain guide, handlebar protector, grips means added value for the buyer.


Fresh new graphics for a much younger appearance similar to factory bikes. The new black frame and black fork and orange rear spring in the suspensions enhance the bike's dynamic appearance along with new anthracite handlebars.

You want the toughest challenge. You want the best technology and you don't care if people wonder at the logic. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as tackling an Enduro World Championship circuit. What an Enduro rider is prepared to take on often does not make sense to the armchair sportsman, and that doesn't matter, because it's the insiders that understand what it's all about. You have the courage and the determination, KTM provides you with the machine and the technology to match yourself against the great Enduro champions in the toughest racing conditions or away from competition.