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2006 KTM 65 SX


This real motocross 65 SX bike for riders aged 6 and over has a 65 cc engine, a six-gear transmission and is intended for riders with considerable skill. The 2006 model features graphics similar to full size bikes and generally has a much younger appearance. The wa-ter pump wheel is now made of stronger material, which improves its heat resistance. A new CDI with optimized timing improves the bike's performance, while a reinforced gear lever is an additional safety feature. The plug-in side stand is now located on the left hand side of the bike, thus standardizing the position.

Technical Cahnges;


Similar graphics to full size bike; much younger appearance.

Water Pump Wheel;

Stronger material for better heat resistance.

New CDI;

Optimized timing.

Gear Lever;

Reinforced for additional safety.

Plug In Side Stand;

Standardised on left hand of bike.