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2006 KTM 85 SX


The "grown-up" SX Motocrosser for kids and young teenagers that bridges the gap between the Sport Minicycles and the SX models is a full-on motocross bike for 11-15 year-old racers.

Called the ultimate rocket and demanding considerable riding abil-ity, this KTM factory bike look-alike can be ridden competitively on adult motocross tracks. The 2006 model is more stable, has more riding comfort and a range of new safety features.

Tecjnicale Changes;


New graphics and colour (black frame and fork, orange rear spring and fork protectors), looks like KTM factory bike. New spoiler design for better ergonomics and modern appearance.


Frame with oval lateral tubes for more stability.

Front Fork;

New setting for riding comfort. PDS shock with optimized setting.


Upgraded rear brake disc from 3 mm to 4 mm.

Crank Shaft;

New balancing and new bottom end bearings.


Reinforced 3rd to 4th idler gear.


Improved clutch gear bushing.

Water Pump Wheel;

Stronger material for better heat resistance.