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The 2006 Moto Morini 9 1/2

Moto Morini 9.5 Moto Morini 9.5

The second product of the new generation of Moto Morini motorcycles is called the 9 1/2, a name that by itself speaks a thousand words -- because it so clearly conveys how inspired Moto Morini was by the extraordinary and unforgettable 3 1/2 in creating the 9 1/2. The easiness of the ride, the rational approach to the technical solutions and their efficiency as a result are features that both motorcycles have in common and that are undeniably a part of the Moto Morini DNA.


What kind of bike is the 9 1/2? A touring bike? Certainly not in the most traditional sense of the term. Rather, it is the most touring bike that Moto Morini could ever produce, with that powerful, high performing engine and that trestle frame, a strict descendent of the sporty Corsaro, together which guarantee a dynamism and lightness unknown to the competition. Another factor is that the comfort for the rider and passenger is at maximum levels, thanks to a nearly perfect riding position, a low seat ensuring excellent comfort for both, the shape of the tank - comfortable and protective -- the attachment for the side bags and tank bag. Simply put, everything has been designed to provide the fullest enjoyment of road travel, whether riding at a slow or fast pace or whether alone or in company. The point is to have the most fun possible while doing without the chronometer. The Moto Morini style also has this significance.

Design and Functionality;

The bike's aesthetics, the work of Marabese Design, exudes a purity that is enormously appealing. A naked bike is naked, so any hint of trimming has been foregone. The main element of the motorcycle is the high-capacity tank (19 litres) which stands out for its volume and aesthetic impact. The recesses for the legs are roomy and the concave form in the lower part makes for a lighter look, giving it a distinct personality when viewing it from the front. Its upper part features a clean surface that has been inserted with strips called "braces" that draw an arch. The wide seat practically fuses into the lightweight tail, making it seem one piece, and the colour choices only add to the sensation. Its shape and covering guarantee total comfort and prevent the passenger from slipping forward when the bike brakes. The projecting rim over the round chrome-plated headlight guarantees good protection and improved visibility of the sophisticated digital instrument panel. The technical base is totally exposed and is exclusive for the 9 1/2: the trestle frame in steel tubing with varying thickness has an innovative rear section with a single, strongly tilted side shock absorber combined with a strong swing arm with oval-sectioned tubes. The rear of the bike unites visual lightness with utter rigidity both in terms of stability and load capacity. On the right side, the single silencer, in a style typical of Moto Morini, offers excellent thermal insulation. Equally robust is the front, with a powerful 50 mm fork with increased travel. The handlebar is high to allow for a comfortable riding position. The 9 1/2 also creates an impact due to its spectacular spoked rims with a high-quality aluminium channel that mount Pirellipress office: META - Bologna (Italy) tel. +39 0516569092 fax +39 0516569028 Phantom Sportscomp tyres, the new radial combining the allure of the Phantom tread with the technology and performance of the Sportscomp tyre.

The Bialbero Corsacorta Twin Cylinder Engine;

The 9 1/2 is a large-displacement road bike mounted with the 1187 cc Bialbero CorsaCorta twin-cylinder engine that develops 105 HP at 8000 rpm. The engine's layout is compact, strongly characterised by the 87 V layout of the cylinders and by the innovative solution of the integral casing. Compared to traditional solutions, it offers diverse advantages:

  • The stiffness of the whole makes the engine a supporting element, serving to simplify the layout of the frame;
  • Ease in assembling and disassembling means that work can be done on the engine both during production and during servicing: for example, the lower part of the engine can be opened to give access to the gearbox and driving shaft without the need to disassemble heads from the casing; the pistons and cylinders can be disassembled without opening the casing by using the lateral doors;
  • The need has been eliminated to join the two semi-casings, typical of motorbike engines, translating in great benefits for production, service and the cost of spare parts.
  • The engine designed by Franco Lambertini has been specially conceived for this bike and vaunts thermodynamic features different from those of the twin-cylinder engine designed for the Corsaro. Efforts were made to reduce the air lines and the diameter of the valves, while the compression ratio was increased to improve the progression at low rpm and reduce fuel consumption. The result is a powerful engine with a high torque well distributed over the whole rpm range, one that while maintaining a sporty soul, adapts ideally to the characteristics of the vehicle. In this case, enhancing the ride has taken precedent over the pursuit of extreme performance. The exhaust system with a single lateral silencer under the seat meets the Euro 3 pollution standards.

    A distinctive trait of the 9 1/2 is its dualism of performance and accessibility. This motorcycle combines a classic,eassuring style with the performance of a powerful and agile bike. Its setup is comfortable and the componentry adopted is 100% Italian of undisputed quality. It is a motorcycle that will be appreciated for its style and riding comfort even during long journeys, and that packs the emotion of a powerful and reliable twin-cylinder engine. It is a motorcycle with a big personality, not easily classified according to market segment definitions, but that insists on interpreting the road in its own way. It is, in other words, a motorcycle that will be valued for the qualities that reflect the needs of its owner.

    Production is planned for May 2006. The 9 1/2 will come in three colours: metallic black, metallic red and pearly white. Price will be announced in early 2006.

    Data Sheet;


  • Engine - Bialbero CorsaCorta (DOHC- Short Stroke)
  • Cylinders - 2
  • Layout - V 87 longitudinal
  • Strokes - 4
  • Cooling - Liquid
  • Timing system - Gear/chain combination
  • Valves per Cylinder - 4
  • Bore x stroke - 107 x 66 mm / 4.2 x 2.6 in
  • Displacement - 1187 cc
  • Compression rate - 12.5:1
  • Power - 77 Kw - 105 HP @ 8000 rpm
  • Torque - 105 Nm - 10 Kgm @ 5700 rpm
  • Fuel injection - Magneti Marelli indirect electronic injection with 54 mm - 2.1 in throttle body
  • Ignition - I.A.W. electronic
  • Starting - Electric
  • Lubrication - Forced with trochoidal pump
  • Gearbox - With constant mesh spur gears
  • Gear ratio - 6
  • In first - 13/36
  • In second - 17/32
  • In third - 20/30
  • In fourth - 22/28
  • In fifth - 23/26
  • In sixth - 24/25
  • Clutch - Wet, multi-plate, anti-hopping system
  • Primary Drive - Spur gears 55:31
  • Final Drive - Chain 17/38
  • Exhaust Silencer - 3-way catalytic converter and oxygen sensor
  • Polluting emissions - Euro 3
  • Chassis;

  • Frame - ALS450 steel tubular trellis with varying diameters
  • Wheelbase - 1450 mm/57 in
  • Headstock rake - 24.5
  • Rake - 103 mm/4 in
  • Front suspension - Marzocchi - upside down with 50 mm - 1.97 in legs
  • Front wheel travel - 150 mm/5.9 in
  • Swingarm - ALS450 oval steel tubular trellis 150 mm - 5.9 in
  • Rear suspension - Single lateral fork with piggy back tank and adjustable spring preloading
  • Rear wheel travel - 150 mm/5.9 in
  • Front brake - Brembo 320 mm - 12.6 in double disc with 4-pistons callipers
  • Rear brake - Brembo (master cylinder and calippers) 220 mm - 8,7 in single disc with 2-pistons calliper
  • Front tyre - Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp- 120/70 R17 TL 58V
  • Rear tyre - Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp- 180/55 R17 TL 73V
  • Rims - Excel spoke rims with aluminium tyre groove
  • Front rim size - MT 3.50 x 17"
  • Rear rim size - MT 5.50 x 17"
  • Size and weight;

  • Total Length - 2130 mm/83.9 in
  • Max. width - 865 mm/34 in (without mirrors)
  • Seat height - 795 mm/31.3 in
  • Min. height from gorund - 140 mm/5.5 in
  • Steering angle - 30 rh/lh
  • Driving ready weight - (battery, lubricants, coolant included. No fuel) 198 Kg / 440 lbs
  • Capacities;

  • Tank capacity - 19 L/4.18 Uk gal
  • Reserve capacity - 6 L/1.32 Uk gal
  • Instrumentation;

  • Instrument panel - Electronic/analogic rev counter with multifunction LCD display Versions
  • Colours - (three versions) Met. Black - Met. Red - Pearl White
  • Warranty - 2 years
  • Moto Morini reserves the right to make modifications to technical characteristics, equipment and outfits without prior notice.