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2006 KTM 950 Adventure

KTM 950 Adventure KTM 950 Adventure KTM 950 Adventure

950 Adventure S;

"S" is for sporty. The longer suspension travel and the 35-mm higher seat make the 950 Adventure S a sportier version of the companion model, the 950 Adventure. Born directly out of rally sport machines and made with the best high quality components, the 950 Adventure S has already proved its worth in any number of rallies.

950 Adventure;

High power output and ample torque, paired with an unbeatable weight in its class, means guaranteed super-agile handling and incomparable riding fun. The chassis (lowered by about 20 mm) and the new, more comfortable seat (now at a reduced height of 860 mm) make the 950 Adventure the universally popular machine for the lovers of the great outdoors.

Technical Features;

LC8 Engine;

The LC8 twin-cylinder unfolds masses of power all the way from the bottom up. As the lightest and smallest engine in its class, it forms the basis for super agile handling and incomparable riding fun.

DOHC Cylinder Head;

With a camshaft drive operating via sprockets, the cylinder head is some 25% smaller than with a direct-drive gear chain. This allows the frame dimensions to be more compact, leaving more room for the airbox, while delivering the best possible ergonomics and per-formance. Two overhead camshafts operate (via bucket tappets) two 38mm intake and two 33mm outlet valves per cylinder.

Multifunctional Shaft;

The multifunction shaft is located between the cylinders. Serving as a counterbalance and a centrifuge for the housing ventilation; it drives the water pump and timing chains and carries the electric starter's intermediate gear. A new, splayed drive sprocket reduces noise.


The self-adjusting, maintenance-free Magura hydraulic clutch mech-anism guarantees a precise pressure point. The pre-tensioning of the clutch springs varies depending on the adjoining torque, thereby en-suring that the manual strength needed for the clutch lever remains constant and negligible.


The compact design of the short-stroke crank shaft means the great-est possible reduction of oscillating masses, good responsiveness and optimal torque progression. A forged one-piece crankshaft holds a forged, 125mm long connecting rod. The pistons weigh only 368g each (without the bolt).


More ground clearance with dry sump lubrication. Technology en-sures constant, all-over lubrication, regardless of the position of the engine. The 3-litre oil receptacle beneath the water cooler functions simultaneously as an oil cooler.


The integrated secondary air system (SLS) induces a post-oxidation of emissions within the exhaust system. Together with two catalytic converters this fulfils the strict "EURO II" emissions standard.


The 950 Adventure's close kinship with motorcycle racing makes it a light, dependable and performance-oriented motorcycle with agile, controllable handling and high safety reserves. Every component is fully developed and extremely robust.


The compact tubular space frame of robust, rigid chromium mo-lybdenum steel weighs only 11 kg and guarantees optimal stability even under the toughest conditions. The sub frame is made from lightweight aluminium, with mounting points for the KTM luggage rack system; stable luggage rack for attaching a top case or knap-sack.

WP USD-Forks;

New setup for the front fork with a tube diameter of 48 mm and open cartridge. More responsive, more stable, best possible suspen-sion characteristics on any surface. Variable spring preload, adjusta-ble compression damping and rebound damping. Suspension travel: 245 mm (950 Adventure S) and 210 mm (950 Adventure).

WP PDS Shock Absorber;

The WP shock features adjustable rebound and compression damp-ing settings. For use with a pillion or heavy additional load, the spring preload of the WP PDS shock absorber can be set hydrauli-cally using a flip-out adjustment knob. An external compensa-tion tank and linear spring (400 grams lighter) guarantee very good offroad and onroad attributes. A reduced suspension travel - 245 mm (950 Adventure S) or 210 mm (950 Adventure) - offers a lower seat height and therefore better foot-to-ground contact.


300mm double disc with two floating, two-piston callipers in the front, a 240mm single disc with a floating two-piston calliper in the rear. New rear brake pistons with heat shields and a compact foot brake cylinder with integrated compensation tank.


Tackle any terrain with the 21" wheels in the front for maximum ground clearance. Broader rear wheel rim (4.25") and Pirelli all-terrain tyres (suitable for high speeds). A large selection of offroad tyres are available for these wheel dimensions.

Exhaust System;

Two, top quality, brushed stainless steel silencers are easy on the eyes and the ears. Two catalytic converters, in connection with a secondary air system, permit low emissions. New heat shield for the manifold offers efficient heat protection.

Fuel Tanks;

The vertically partitioned, 22 litre fuel tank of unbreakable nylon ex-tends far down the sides; sturdy crash pad at the base of each half-tank.


A new ventilator hood better draws heat away from the coolers for more riding comfort.

Splash Protector;

A new splash protector in the frame triangle keeps water and dirt away from the airbox and electrical equipment.


Both Adventure models are equipped with Renthal, tapered alu-minium handlebars.


New contoured seat for improved riding- and passenger comfort; new seat heights: 860 mm (950 Adventure) and 895 mm (950 Adventure S).


Analogue tachometer; multifunctional instrumentation displaying speed, total and trip mileage (Trip 1, Trip 2), cool water tempera-ture, distance-to-refuelling display and clock. An optional Tripmas-ter switch can be mounted at the end of the handlebar for more rally functions.