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2006 KTM 950 Supermoto

KTM 950 Supermoto KTM 950 Supermoto

The new 950 Supermoto is the machine to conquer all sports-ori-ented street segments. This high performance street motorcycle de-livers highest performance with minimum weight. Playfully agile, it has unmatched precision in the corners while maintaining absolute track stability. The unmistakeably sharp KTM appearance is guaran-teed to stop traffic and attract attention.

With the recently released 950 Supermoto, KTM illustrates its commit-ment to conquer all sports-oriented street segments with brand-specific motorcycles. The 950 is a definite winner with its exceptionally good han-dling and an excellent performance / weight ratio. Its sharp appearance signals that at KTM, excellence does not stop with the technology, but also has the state-of-the art design savvy to match. The 950 Supermoto is the latest jewel in the KTM crown.


The 950 Supermoto features the well known V-twin LC8 engine with 950 cc, the basis for all KTM onroad twin cylinder models. It's char-acterized by a powerful and sportily tuned engine characteristic with an extremely broad and dynamic rev range.

Innovative Engine Concept;

Multi-functional shaft for the camshaft drive chain, E-starter, water pump, housing ventilation and counter balance makes an extremely compact construction possible. Unrivaled weight at just 58 kilos and minimum dimensions for super-agile handling.

Dry Sump Lubrication;

The dry sump lubrication (without oil pan) supports a very compact engine construction. Low engine position for low centre of gravity.

Broad Rev Range;

The DOHC design and favourable stroke/bore ratio mean an easy to control power output from lower revs, a great willingness to rev and top performance.

Power Output;

72 KW (98 HP) @ 8000/min and 94 Nm @ 6500/min. Very good power-to-weight ratio.


Self-supporting, chrome moly tubular space frame weighing only 11 kg. The bike's geometry is designed for handling, thanks to a short swing arm of 575 mm, a wheelbase of only 1510 mm, as well as a short trail (110 mm).


Super-light aluminium profile tubes with forged connecting ele-ments guarantee great strength at the lowest possible weight.


WP 48-mm up-side-down forks feature a special Supermoto setting and guarantee highest rigidity and track stability. New fork boots with centrally mounted axle (no offset) hold the radial brakes as well as the new splash sand fork protectors. 200 mm suspension travel, with individually adjustable rebound and compression damping as well as a variable spring preload allow a broad range of adjustment.

Shock Absorber;

The WP monoshock, directly joined to the swing arm, was especially set up for Supermoto. 210 mm suspension travel. Along with the spring preload and rebound damping, the adjustment of the high and low speed compression damping is possible.

Brake System;

Two 305-mm floating brake discs, radially bolted, Brembo four-pis-ton calipers, each with four individual brake pads. Radial front mas-ter cylinder with a new, short brake lever (adjustable). At the rear, a floating two-piston caliper brake with a 240-mm disc. Result:

  • Extremely high-powered braking system, very precise modu-lation, high performance reserves and a high level of safety.
  • Wheels;

    Weight-optimized, super-light, cast aluminium Brembo wheels re-duce the unsprung masses to a minimum. The light Pirelli Scorpion Syncs were especially optimized for Supermoto riding. The low weight benefits the super-agile handling and the Pirellis are the best choice when it comes to traction.


    A one-piece, 17.5 litre tank of light-weight polyamide is the perfect compromise between sufficient capacity and good ergonomics.

    Exhaust System;

    Engine torque increased by four newton meters, due to the improved positioning of the header pipes beneath the engine and optimally adjusted silencers (each with its own catalytic converter). Better pull-through and lower temperature for the rider, thanks to the im-proved header pipe positioning. Sporty sound.

    Oil Tank;

    A new aluminium oil tank optimally integrated into the bike and which benefits the cooling of the oil.


    The custom-made, heavy-duty, tapered aluminium handlebars guar-antee highest quality at the lowest weight.


    The new face, with a new cockpit, an aerodynamic mask and head-light, is designed as a single unit with a new front mudguard.


    Sporty contours and the best foam padding; the seat lock is under-neath the rear light. Easy access to the storage compartment be-neath the seat.

    Rear Fender;

    The rear fender is designed as a single component, combining the rear side panels just like the KTM racing bikes. A new luggage rack serves as a handhold for the passenger while also serving as protec-tion from the heat of the silencers.


    Ready to ride at 191 kg, the bike's weight is at a minimal level. This is ultimately the basis of its superagile handling.