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2006 Harley Davidson FXDI35 Anniversary Super Glide

Harley Davidson FXDI35 Anniversary Super Glide

Birth Of The Factory Custom - The Story of the 1971 Harley-Davidson FX Super Glide;

Thirty-five years after its introduction, the 1971 Harley- Davidson FX Super Glide remains one of the seminal motorcycles in Motor Company history. Distinctive especially for its long "boat tail" fibreglass rear fender section, the FX Super Glide created an entirely new category of motorcycles: the factory custom.

The 1971 FX Super Glide was one of the first complete motorcycles styled by Harley- Davidson Senior Vice President and Chief Styling Officer Willie G. Davidson, who joined the Company as a designer in 1963 and was inspired in part by home-built custom bikes he had seen prowling the streets of Los Angeles.

"We had the dressed-out baggers, which had their own beauty," Davidson recalls "And there was the Sportster. Though these were significant models, there was a missing piece. I realised riders of the day had a growing desire for a factory custom."

"The goal was to achieve a dragster look: big rear tyre and big engine with a lighter, smaller-looking fork and front wheel assembly," said Davidson. "It was extreme, and it was meant to be."

Assembled mostly from existing components, the Super Glide combined the Big Twin FL chassis and its 74-cubic inch displacement Shovelhead engine with a narrow XL Sportster fork, a taller 19-inch front wheel, and a small headlight. This creation was capped with a long fibreglass rear fender holding a recessed Chevrolet tail light. The tank sides featured a new, extended version of the Bar and Shield graphic. On the top of the tank was applied the red, white and blue "Number One" logo that would come to symbolise Harley-Davidson during the era. Davidson had earlier designed the Number One logo for a poster celebrating a racing championship.

According to Harley-Davidson Archives Collections Manager Tom Bolfert, the FX name was derived by using the first letter of FL and the first letter of XL, to symbolize the merging of components from the Big Twin and the Sportster. The name FX Super Glide also stood for "factory experimental," though the model was intended to stay in the product line for some time. Davidson notes there was hesitation among some riders to accept the radical styling of the Super Glide in the early 1970s, but adds that the model was important in establishing Harley-Davidson as a custom manufacturer. "It was the seed that eventually blossomed into an entire line of FX motorcycles," he said. "Today, the word custom is essential to our overall model lineup."

The stylistic influence of the FX Super Glide was confirmed by its inclusion in 1998 in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum exhibit "The Art of the Motorcycle." It is commemorated in 2006 by the Harley-Davidson FXDI 35th Anniversary Super Glide.

FXDI 35th Anniversary Super Glide;

Celebrating the introduction of an icon of American motorcycle design, the FXDI 35th Anniversary Super Glide pays homage to the original red, white and blue 1971 FX Super Glide designed by Willie G. Davidson. Its special Glacier White Pearl paint and graphics are similar to the those on the original model, including a metal emblem depicting the famous Number One logo on the fuel tank. Special emblems and a special ribbed twoup seat complete the package. Production will be limited to 3,500 serialised examples.

FXDI 35th Anniversary Super Glide features;

  • Vibration-isolated Twin Cam 88 engine with ESPFI
  • Silver powder-coated engine with chrome covers
  • Chrome staggered shorty dual exhaust
  • New 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission
  • New 49mm forks
  • New 29 degree fork angle/29 degree steering head angle
  • Mini pull back handlebars
  • Fat Bob fuel tank
  • Leather console with single speedometer
  • Mid-mount foot controls
  • Ribbed two-up seat
  • Chrome battery side cover
  • Chrome Aluminium Profile Laced wheels
  • New wrap-around rear fender
  • New 160mm rear tyre
  • Chrome belt guard, sprocket cover, electrical panel cover and coil cover
  • Anniversary fuel tank medallions and decals
  • Anniversary Number One logo on fuel tank
  • Anniversary label on air cleaner and battery box
  • Red-white-blue paint scheme with front and rear fender stripes
  • Serialised production limited to 3,500 units
  • Dimensions;

  • Length - 2355 mm
  • Seat Height - 681 mm
  • Ground Clearance - 153 mm
  • Rake Steering Head/Trail - 29.0º/119 mm
  • Wheelbase - 1630 mm
  • Fuel Capacity - 19.3 L
  • Oil Capacity - 2.8 L
  • Weight - 295 kg
  • Powertrain;

  • Engine - Twin Cam 88
  • Displacement - 1449 cm³
  • Bore x Stroke - 95.3 mm x 101.6 mm
  • Torque - 106 nm @ 4000 rpm
  • Fuel System - Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
  • Compression Ratio - 8.9:1
  • Gear Ratios (overall);

  • 1st - 9.594
  • 2nd - 6.615
  • 3rd - 4.919
  • 4th - 4.045
  • 5th - 3.378
  • 6th - 2.875
  • Wheels;

  • Front - 19" profile chrome laced
  • Rear - 17" profile chrome laced
  • Tyre Size;

  • Front - 100/90-19 57H
  • Rear - 160/70B17 73V
  • Electrical;

  • Electronics - Security system, electrical power outlet
  • Instruments - Electronic speedometer; odometer; resettable tripmeter; diagnostic readout
  • Indicator lamps - Oil pressure; engine diagnostics
  • Brakes;

  • Front - 300 mm
  • Rear - 292 mm
  • Lean Angle (per SAEJ1168) - 34º/32º
  • Exhaust System - Staggered shorty duals
  • Colour Options;

  • Glacier white pearl
  • Unique Features;

    Silver powder-coated engine with chrome treatment; reduced noise front and rear brake pads; colour matched tank console; chrome speedometer mounting bracket; custom profile seat; chrome headlight housing; longer passenger pillion; chrome fuel filler ring; polished fuel gauge; serialised identification; 49 mm forks; 6 speed transmission


  • Color - £10,745
  • Standard and optional wheels may vary by country and region. There are currently no wheel options available for this bike as standard.

    Availability of colours may vary from dealer to dealer, and is subject to change without notice.

    Prices listed are the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) in the UK. Options such as colour, laced wheel and fuel systems are available at additional cost. Prices exclude dealer setup, taxes, title and licensing and are subject to change. Dealer prices may vary. The MSRP includes the following customer benefits provided by Harley-Davidson UK: 2-year unlimited-mileage warranty; 1-year membership to the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.). The on the road features include 12 months road tax; PDI and setup; complimentary first service; full tank of petrol.