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2006 Buell Ulysses XB12X

Buell XB12X Buell Ulysses XB12X

Buell Gets Dirty With The New Ulysses XB12X - Unique Adventure Sportbike built for the road and beyond

For 2006, Buell plays dirty with the Ulysses XB12X, an exciting new Adventure Sportbike that takes its rider to the end of the road and beyond! With special Dunlop tyres optimised for both street and off-road performance and longer-travel suspension, the XB12X is one sport motorcycle that's not afraid of a little dirt. Under this rugged new profile beats the heart of a Buell with the willing torque of the Thunderstorm 1203 cc V-Twin engine and a chassis tuned to tame the tightest turns.

"If you ride the back roads, there always seems to be a different adventure waiting for you beyond the black stuff," said Erik Buell, chairman and chief technical officer at Buell Motorcycle Company. "We've built a bike that's very capable off road, but will also perform well on the city streets and rural twisties.

The Ulysses XB12X is a motorcycle for any road that takes our core design principles of frame rigidity, low unsprung weight and mass centralisation in an entirely new direction."

A dry weight of just 193 kg combined with the 100-hp output of a Thunderstorm V-Twin engine gives the Buell Ulysses an outstanding power-to-weight ratio. The engine's broad power band, with abundant grunt at low rpm, suits the demands of low-speed, off-road travel. A new transmission provides smooth, quick shifting and quiet operation.

To enhance control and comfort in all riding conditions, the Ulysses XB12X has a 1370 mm wheelbase, which is 50 mm longer than other XB models. The longer wheelbase, a high, wide handlebar, and neutral footpeg location combine to provide a comfortable riding position. The wide, textured seat is designed for allday rider and passenger comfort. Handlebar-mounted deflectors and a two-piece windscreen designed to limit buffeting also enhance the ride. The hollow aluminium Ulysses frame doubles as a 16.7 litre fuel tank. Seat height is 841 mm.

The Ulysses is supported by fully adjustable, premium Showa front and rear suspension components with 165 mm of front travel and 162 mm at the rear. Rear spring preload can be adjusted instantly by turning a dial located below the left side of the seat. Ground clearance is 171 mm. A dual front fender system provides good debris protection for the rider and the bike. The 17-inch, six-spoke, cast-aluminium wheels are light weight and designed for durability. Dunlop D616 tyres created specifically for the Ulysses have an aggressive, open tread pattern for excellent performance on and off-road.

The touring versatility of the Ulysses is enhanced by the Triple Tail system. The Triple Tail system folds through three positions to function as a luggage rack over the rear seat position, as an upright backrest/grab rail for a passenger, or as a luggage rack over the full-coverage license plate bracket. The Ulysses has two 10 amp/12-volt accessory power outlets (one on the dash, another under the seat) and a large under-seat storage compartment. Colour-matched side cases and top case will be available for the Ulysses, as will an optional GPS receiver*.

The Buell Trilogy of Technology principles - frame rigidity, mass centralisation and low unsprung weight - are applied to great advantage in the Ulysses XB12X design. The lower centre of gravity achieved by carrying fuel in the frame, oil in the swingarm, and locating the muffler below the engine makes the Ulysses extremely flickable on paved roads and inspires rider confidence when the tarmac ends. The Buell Ulysses XB12X will be offered with Barricade Orange or Midnight Black bodywork with Graphite Grey frame and swingarm and magnesium-tone wheels.

* Contact local dealer for availability

Technology and Features - Neww Model Designed to Excel On Paved and Unpaved Roads

The Buell Ulysses XB12X is an all-new Adventure Sportbike designed to deliver capable performance on unpaved roads while retaining legendary Buell handling and thrust on pavement. Long-travel suspension, specific tyres, an upright seating position and innovative Triple Tail luggage and passenger accommodations make the Buell Ulysses one of the most versatile sport motorcycles available today.


The Ulysses chassis is designed to excel on paved and unpaved roads. Fork rake is 22 degrees, while the wheelbase is 1370 mm, a combination that provides a roomy cockpit for the rider and passenger. As on Buell XB Lightning and Firebolt models, Ulysses carries fuel its rigid aluminium frame, while the lightweight aluminium swingarm doubles as the oil reservoir. Fuel capacity is 16.7 litres. The engine-air intake vent is integrated into the fuel cap cowling, and a vent located below the frame feeds cooling air to the rear cylinder.

Adventure Sport Suspension;

The Buell Ulysses features premium Showa suspension components front and rear. A 43mm Showa inverted fork has adjustable compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload. Front suspension travel is 165 mm. A Showa coil-over mono-shock on the rear has a remote, under-seat reservoir and adjustable compression damping and rebound damping. Rear spring pre-load can be adjusted without tools using a control dial located below the left side of the seat. Rear suspension travel is 163 mm. Ground clearance is 171 mm inches.

Category-Leading Power and Weight;

The Buell Ulysses has a dry weight of just 193 kg. Its design centralises mass and lowers the centre of gravity to ensure the Ulysses feel nimble and responsive on paved and unpaved roads. The air/oil/fan-cooled Buell Thunderstorm 1203 cc V-Twin engine leads this category with 100 peak horsepower and 81 ft. lbs./110 Nm of torque. The engine features Buell DDFI II fuel injection and Buell InterActive Exhaust for instant throttle response and a broad powerband.

Specific Wheels and Tyres;

New Dunlop D616 tyres designed specifically for Ulysses feature an open, aggressive tread pattern that performs superbly on paved and unpaved roads. Front tyre size is 120/70R-17. Rear tyre size is 180/55R-17. Six-spoke, cast-aluminium wheels feature a durable rim design to handle the unique challenges of Adventure Sport riding.

Adventure Sportbike Ergonomics;

The Buell Ulysses offers the rider a spacious seating position and roomy bar/pegs/seat relationship for outstanding control and all-day comfort. The wide, upright handlebars feature a crossbrace. Alloy footpegs are placed in a neutral position and are wider with a more aggressive surface than standard Buell pegs. The broad, comfortable seat features a two-tone, textured surface and is shaped to offer ease of rider movement for sport riding on pavement. Seat height is 841 mm.

New Transmission and Drive Belt;

A new transmission design delivers improved shift quality, reduced noise and extended service intervals. This transmission replaces moving/sliding gears with thin steel "dog rings" that slide to effect gear changes, a design commonly used in automotive racing gear boxes. Shifting is quicker because the dog rings have less mass than gears. New helical-cut gears are smoother and quieter than straight-cut gears. The new transmission enables reduced clutch effort. Service interval for the primary/transmission lubricant extended to 10,000 miles. Finally, a durable new Goodyear Hibrex 135-tooth final drive belt with Flexten Plus technology designed specifically for Ulysses requires no scheduled service.

Two-Piece Windscreen;

Designed to minimise air turbulence in the rider cockpit area, the Ulysses features a clear windscreen mounted over an opaque flyscreen. The gap between the windscreen and the flyscreen directs a limited amount of air into the cockpit area effectively reducing turbulence for a more relaxed ride. The windscreen features a quick-release mounting system so it can be easily removed. Additional rider comfort is provided by handlebar-mounted deflectors.

Buell Triple Tail System;

The innovative three-position Buell Triple Tail system can be configured as a luggage rack or a passenger backrest.

  • In its first, mass-centralised position, the Triple Tail folds forward over the rearseat position to become a luggage rack that can be used with integrated tie-down hooks.
  • In the second, vertical position, Triple Tail becomes a flexible passenger backrest with grab rails.
  • In its third position, Triple Tail is a luggage rack extending over the LED tail lamp and full-coverage rear fender, with the grab rails also available for a passenger.
  • Convenience/Funcatio;

    In addition to the Triple Trail system, the Buell Ulysses features a generous under-seat storage compartment and an integrated helmet lock. A 10 amp/12 volt accessory power outlet is located on the dash, with another placed under the seat. Colour-matched side cases and top case will be available for the Ulysses. An optional GPS receiver will also be available - contact your local dealer for details.

    Technical data;

  • Engine Type - Air/oil/fan cooled, four stroke, 45 degree V-Twin
  • Displacement - 1203 cc
  • Bore and Stroke - 88.9 x 96.8 mm / 3.500 x 3.812 in
  • Compression ratio - 10.0:1
  • Valve train - OHV, two valve per cylinder
  • Valve adjustment - Self adjusting
  • Fuel delivery - 49 mm downdraft DDFI II fuel injection
  • Exhaust - Free-breathing 2 into 1 collector with Buell InterActive
  • Exhaust system;

  • Intake - 0 resistance air box, Ram Air Intake
  • Power - 100 hp / 101.4 PS / 74.6 kW @ 6600 rpm (EU standard EC95/1)
  • Torque - 81 ft-lb / 110 Nm @ 6000 rpm (EU standard EC95/1)
  • Lubrication - Dry sump, / 2.4 litres / 2.5 quarts capacity
  • Oil filtration - Screw-on disposable element


  • Frame - Aluminium frame with Uniplanar powertrain vibration isolation system
  • Wheelbase - 1370 mm / 53.9 in
  • Rake - 23.5 degree
  • Trail - 122 mm / 4.8 in
  • Front suspension - Showa® inverted fork with adjustable compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload
  • Rear suspension - Showa® shock absorber with adjustable compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload
  • Front wheel travel - 165 mm, 6.5 in
  • Rear wheel travel - 163 mm, 6.4 in
  • Front brake - ZTL type brake, 375 mm stainless steel floating rotor, 6 piston caliper
  • Rear brake - 240 mm stainless steel rotor, single piston floating caliper
  • Front wheel - Reinforced XB type 6 spoke cast, 3.5 in x 17 in
  • Rear wheel - Reinforced XB type 6 spoke cast, 5.5 in x 17 in
  • Front tyre - Dunlop D616F 120/70 ZR-17
  • Rear tyre - Dunlop D616 180/55 ZR-17
  • Fuel capacity - 16.7 litres
  • Gross vehicle weight - rating 431 kg / 950 lb
  • Dry weight - 193 kg / 425 lb
  • Load capacity - 205 kg / 452 lb
  • Seat height - 841 mm / 33.1 in
  • Ground clearance - 171 mm / 6.75 in
  • Overall length - 2180 mm / 85.8 in
  • Overall width - 900 mm / 35.4 in
  • Overall height - 1250 mm / 49.2 in
  • Transmission;

  • Type - Five-speed, constant mesh, Helical gears
  • Ratio - (1) 2.65, (2) 1.89, (3) 1.41, (4) 1.17, (5) 1.00
  • Primary drive - Triplex chain 1.50:1 ratio
  • Clutch - Wet, multiplate, compensated, reduced lever effort
  • Final drive - Constant path, 14 mm pitch aramid reinforced Goodyear® Hibrex® belt with Flexten® Plus technology**, 2.4 ratio
  • Instruments - Electronic speedometer; tachometer; odometer; 2 tripmeter; reserve tripmeter; clock; low fuel light; engine check light; oil pressure warning light; indicator for high beam, turn signals and neutral; two auxillary power outlets
  • Electrical;

  • Charging system - 494 Watts peak, 38-amp permanent magnet 3-phase alternator with solid state-regulator
  • Battery - 12 volt, 12 amp-hour
  • Headlight - 55/55 watt, projector beam
  • Taillight - 3.36/36 Watts
  • Turn signals - Manual cancelling
  • Colours;

  • Body - Barricade Orange or Midnight Black
  • Frame and Swingarm - Graphite Grey / Fluid Silver
  • Wheels - Magnesium Tone
  • Warranty 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty (Europe)