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2006 Yamaha FJR1300AS

Yamaha FRJ1300AS

The world's first semi-automatic sports tourer - Yamaha Chip Controlled Shift (YCC-S)

Featuring our innovative new Yamaha Chip Controlled Shift (YCC-S) system for clutchless gear changes, the latest generation FJR 300AS underlines Yamaha's ongoing commitment to offering our customers revolutionary new technology that offers tangible benefits. The 2006 Yamaha FJR 300AS is the first tourer to feature an electronically-controlled gear shifting system. This revolutionary new Yamaha Chip Controlled Shift (YCC-S) technology represents a major step forward in motorcycle design, and is designed to make the FJR riding experience even more relaxed and enjoyable.

No clutch lever;

The only obvious external difference between the FJR 300AS and other manual models is the clutch lever. Or rather, the absence of the clutch lever. To change gear on the new 'AS' model, the rider can either use a handlebar-mounted switch, or a foot operated switch. The YCC-S system incorporates two electronically-controlled actuators - one for clutch operation and the other one for gear shifting. The gear shifting operation is fully electronically controlled using a dedicated ECU which determines the ideal clutch and shift operation, and gear changing takes place within 0. -0.2 seconds of the rider's command.

The advantages of YCC-S;

The first thing to underline is that YCC-S is not an automatic shift mechanism, as it requires input from the rider, who still has total control over where and when gear changes are made. Rather, it is best described as a semi-automatic system in which the physical effort of gear shifting is virtually eliminated, allowing the rider to enjoy the FJR 300AS's class-leading sports touring performance to the full. As many long distance riders will know, the clutch hand and left foot take the strain in a wide range of riding conditions - from 'stop-go' urban riding through to twisty and hilly secondary roads when constant shifting is often required. What YCC-S does is to greatly reduce the effort required to change gear, and by doing so, this system enhances overall riding pleasure and also reduces rider fatigue.

Another advantage of YCC-S is that the ECU, which ensures optimal clutch and gear shifting operation, delivers exceptionally smooth gear changes, and this makes for increased levels of passenger comfort. The YCC-S system The YCC-S system is essentially similar to the electronic shifting systems used on F race cars and a on number prestigious sports cars. However, the technology has been totally redesigned by Yamaha in order to optimise the weight and size of the system to suit its application to a two wheeler. The entire YCC-S system weighs just 4kg, and its effect on handling performance is minimised by positioning the heaviest components near to the machine's centre of gravity.

Hand shift or foot shift options;

The YCC-S system allows gear shifting to be carried out either by hand or foot operation. The new FJR 300AS is equipped with a hand shift switch located on the left side handlebar switchgear, as well as a conventional-looking gearshift pedal which operates an internal shift switch.

By selecting 'hand shift mode', the rider can shift up with the left forefinger and down with the left thumb, or the rider can opt to change gear by using the gearshift pedal. Although this gearshift pedal looks like a conventional system, it actually operates an internal electronic switch, and actually has no mechanical linkage with the transmission.

YCC-S System Design;

The ECU at the heart of the YCC-S system is programmed to evaluate and compile all of the data being transmitted by various sensors which constantly monitor engine rpm, main axle rpm, running speed, gear position and throttle position (TPS). All of this information is used by the ECU to calculate the precise timing of every command in order to ensure smooth upshifting and downshifting.

Whenever the rider chooses to change gear, the system actuates the clutch pushrod mechanism to adjust the clutch to the appropriate position, while in the shift system a shift actuator and shift rod ensure smooth engaging of the dogs. Another important feature of the YCC-S system is that during upshifting the system automatically optimises ignition timing and engine rpm for more efficient gear changes.

YCC-S benefits;

  • Elimination of clutch operation = reduced rider fatigue
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration = improved comfort
  • Seamless gear shifting = better passenger comfort
  • Foot operation can be eliminated = no more blemishes on shoes
  • ECU chooses optimal shift timing = more enjoyable riding
  • FJR1300A - Ne Features For 2006;

  • ABS with Combination Brake System fitted as standard equipment
  • Combination Brake System (CBS ABS) activated by rear brake
  • Sophisticated new aerodynamic bodywork
  • New longer 567 mm swingarm
  • Side cases fitted as standard equipment
  • Increased adjustability of the electronically-controlled windscreen
  • Air intake in upper cowl for reduced negative pressure in cockpit
  • New middle cowl with two-step/30 mm width adjustability range
  • Larger air intakes for improved air management
  • New curved radiator with twin ring fans
  • Improved honeycomb catalyser
  • New heater-equipped O2 sensor
  • Progressive throttle action
  • 2.7% higher overall gear ratio
  • Heat insulation on front underside of fuel tank
  • Three-step / mm of front/rear handlebar adjustability
  • Two-step / 20 mm adjustable seat height
  • Newly designed slimmer rear frame
  • Revised passenger footrest position
  • Stylish new multi-function instrumentation
  • Redesigned one litre capacity storage box with 2 V DC output
  • White flasher lenses front and rear
  • Newly designed headlight and tail light
  • New easily accessible headlight beam adjuster knob
  • Redesigned horizontally-retractable rear view mirrors
  • Wide selection of accessories available
  • FJR1300AS - Exclusive Features For 2006;

    The semi-automatic FJR 300AS model is equipped with the following exclusive new features in addition to all the new features that are listed for the FJR 300A model:

  • YCC-S - Yamaha Chip Controlled Shift
  • Semi-automatic 'clutchless' transmission
  • Hand shift and foot shift options
  • Heated handlebar grips
  • Available colours for both FJR1300A and FJR1300AS;

  • Ocean Depth Blue
  • Desert Metallic
  • Silver Storm
  • FJR1300A/FJR1300AS: The world's premier sports tourers;

    When it appeared on the scene in 2000, the Yamaha FJR 300 took the motorcycling world by storm. Faster, sleeker and more exciting than any other machine in the class - and with outstanding sports handling performance and high levels of comfort to match - the FJR was a revelation.

    Featuring sophisticated new styling, improved comfort and the latest braking systems, the 2006 FJR 300A is destined to maintain its position as Europe's favourite sports tourer. And with its advanced new YCC-S electronically-controlled shifting system, the new FJR 300AS brings F car technology to the sports tourer rider for the very first time.

  • Engine Type - Liquid cooled, in-line 4-cylinder, 16-valves, DOHC
  • Displacement - 1,298 cc
  • Bore and stroke - 79.0 x 66.2 mm
  • Compression Ratio - 10.8:1
  • Max. power - 105.5 kW (143.5 HP) @ 8,000 rpm
  • Max. torque - 134.4 Nm (13.7 kg-m) @ 7,000 rpm
  • Lubrication - Wet sump
  • Carburettor/Fuel supply - Electronic fuel injection
  • Clutch type - Wet, multiple-disc
  • Ignition - TCI
  • Starter system - Electric
  • Transmission - Constant mesh, 5-speed
  • Final transmission - Shaft
  • Primary reduction ratio - 1.563
  • Secondary reduction ratio - 2.773
  • Gear ratio - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th 2.529, 1.773, 1.348, 1.077, 0.929
  • Chassis;

  • Frame - Aluminium, diamond shaped
  • Front suspension - Telescopic forks, 48 mm
  • Front wheel travel - 135 mm
  • Rear suspension - Link-type swingarm
  • Rear wheel travel - 125 mm
  • Caster angle - 26
  • Trial - 109 mm
  • Front brake - Dual discs, 320 mm
  • Rear brake - Single disc, 282 mm
  • Front tyre - 120/70 ZR17M/C (58W)
  • Rear tyre - 180/55 ZR17M/C (73W)
  • Dimensions;

  • Overall length - 2,240 mm
  • Overall width - 745 mm
  • Overall height - 1,330 mm
  • Seat height - 805 mm
  • Wheelbase - 1,550 mm
  • Min. ground clearance - 135 mm
  • Dry weight - A-264 kg/AS-268kg
  • Fuel tank capacity - (reserve) 25 litres
  • Oil capacity - 4.9 litres
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice, in accordance with national regulation and legislations