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The 2006 Derbi GP1 125 and 250

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Derbi GP1 125 Derbi GP1 250

Adolescence and youth, quantified in years, unfortunately has a sell-by date. The antidote to facing this progression remains within the spirit; the desire to keep young, brave, and an aggressor. The GP1 was born a few months ago and has now grown in cylinder for those who need to keep sporty and retain a sensation of fun on the road to maturity.

Following the Derbi philosophy - directed to offer youngsters pioneering and technologically refined products - the sporty scooter Derbi GP1 project affected the market right away from its first appearance. It was presented as a scooter without limits, capable of breaking with convention, to be and to give something a little bit different.

Moving on from the exclusive 50cc base of this model comes the 125 and 250cc versions. The growth in cylinder means the development of a vehicle with a clear and ambitious vocation towards 'sport-touring'. To transform the racing performance of the GP1 meant creating a more balanced 'sport-touring' compromise; adapted for principally adult use on a daily basis and carrying two people. Work was also made to optimise the best use of space and extended autonomy, the potency of rider comfort (windshield) and pillion, to provide maximum output while not disturbing the smooth delivery of the power as well as extended storage with a range of accessories.

Although the engine has returned to the traditional position, no longer located centrally like the younger brother, the presence of the chassis and aluminium swing arm has been kept, with the central-rear monoshock suspension that offer levels of rigidity and stability unseen in this area of the sector.

Whether carrying one or two passengers, the bigger cylinder versions of the GP1 offer excellent performance, as much on the city streets as on the open roads. They are adapted for riders who enjoy strong sensations and performance from a scooter as well as a design that is not easily missed.

The presence of a radial mounted calliper on the front brake, front forks of 40mm, ventilated discs and 14 inch wheels with tyres 120/70 front and 140/60 rear are clear signs of the importance placed on passenger security. The stability, the braking and the dynamism are of a high level, setting the standard within the market. The same can be said for the feeling and manoeuvrability, inherited directly from the experience of DRD in the MotoGP World Championship. The GP1 125 and 250 will be available during early 2006.