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The 2006 Derbi GP1 50

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Derbi GP1 50

Following the 'New Derbi' philosophy, offering young people products of high quality and technological refinement, it was inherently necessary that any new scooter project would have to represent a step forward from anything that currently exists on the market.

A scooter without compromises, capable of breaking the mould and give that little something extra; something different. It wasn't enough simply to develop what already existed. What was needed was a 'revolution of the species'.

Gone are the days of a typical layout, with the rear swingarm and engine fixed elastically into the chassis - perfect for comfort but with the boundaries of sporting performance severely limited. Now is the time for a machine with a dynamic balance, stability and security guaranteed by a double-beam chassis in aluminium, fixed central engine and equal weight distribution between the front and rear. In this way, differences between the scooter and a race bike become reduced to a minimum.

With these features, standard to the world of sport and racing, comes the GP1. A Derbi product which has become their most sporting ever. Every detail stands out from the competition, making it a reference point for the segment. The presence of a radial front brake, upside-down forks of 38 millimetres, ventilated discs and 14 inch wheels with 120/70 tyres on the front and 140/60 on the rear, make you forget we are talking about a scooter. Only the ease of riding, thanks to an automatic gearbox, and storage space for a helmet under the seat, remind us of its scooter genes. The stability, braking, safety and dynamic appeal are more appropriate to a motorcycle than a scooter. The same can be said for feeling and handling, inherited directly from the DRD experience in the MotoGP World Championship.

The GP1 features the latest version of the Piaggio group's two-stroke engine, recently refined with a new fixed lower exhaust like a Grand Prix motorcycle, with the maximum level of performance and within Euro2 emission regulations. The GP1 50 is on sale at 2299 now.