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The 2006 Derbi GPR 50 and 125 Nude

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Derbi GPR 50 Nude Derbi GPR 125 Nude

In the image and style of its cousin, the GPR Racing, Derbi has created the Nude 50 & 125. For design, quality and performance the 'Naked' version meets the requirements of even the most demanding riders.

Having the appearance of a larger capacity motorcycle and with cutting edge technology already witnessed in the Racing version, this model is certainly an attention grabber. The form and lines of the Nude transmits a great sensation of liberty, with its engine and innards on show. A carefully crafted front end has replaced the fairing of the GPR with double optical headlight crowned by a small screen bubble. The result is very striking and not surprisingly it was decreed the winner of 'Best Open Design' at the last Paris show, a prize awarded by the MDA (Motorcycle Design Association), defeating bigger and more costly motorcycles.

However aside from just the aesthetics, the reason for the new Nude resides in the engine. It is powered by a potent 50cc or 125cc two-stroke unit, quiet, reliable, with good performance and smooth driveability. It is also perfectly adapted to the low levels of emission required by the Euro 2 law. Open the 'gas' and note how the two-stroke engine is accompanied by a seductive growl that rumbles forth from the exhaust. Thanks to the Nude you will not have to search superior categories to enjoy advanced naked technology. The GPR 50 Nude is on sale at 2549 and the GPR 125 Nude is on sale at 3499 now.