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2006 Royal Enfield Motorcycle Sidecar Range

Royal Enfield Bullet Manx Sidecar Royal Enfield Electra Jubilee Sidecar Munroe Sidecar 500ES Jubilee Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Stratford Sidecar

Sidecar outfits;

Since its launch over 50 years ago, the Royal Enfield Bullet has proved a successful and popular choice for sidecar users. Now UK distributors Watsonian-Squire has developed specifically matched outfits, which are on sale fully assembled, tested and ready to hit the road.

Stratford 350 Outfit;

The 350cc Bullet has been matched to a Watsonian Stratford, a single seat lightweight sidecar manufactured from fibreglass on a platform chassis. Its 16" spoked wheel, deeply valenced mudguard and lustrous paintwork give it a real Fifties look.

GP Jubilee 500 Classic Outfit;

The 500cc Bullet has been paired with the Watsonian Manx based on the sidecar made famous by the Two Fat Ladies. Also manufactured from fibreglass, the Manx has a black perimeter frame, 16" spoked wheels and a luggage compartment behind the folding seat.

GP Jubilee Electra-X Outfit;

Britain's biggest surviving sidecar manufacturer, Watsonian-Squire, has created a sidecar for the new Bullet Electra-X from Royal Enfield, one of the world's oldest motorcycle marques.

The classic styling of the Bullet compliments the GP Jubilee sidecar, which, although manufactured in fibreglass, retains the traditional aluminium struts used in the days of plywood sidecar bodies. Powered by a modern single cylinder 499cc lean burn engine, the Bullet Electra-X is re-geared for sidecar work to give extra pulling power at low revs. Watsonian-Squire also fit a rear wheel with heavy-duty spokes and replace the OE front tyre with an item with a squarer profile that is better suited to sidecars. Customers can expect classic cruising speeds of 60mph to match the classic looks, but with the benefit of modern levels of reliability.


All sidecars are priced to include either black or white gelcoat finish. Other plain colours are available at an extra cost of 60. Full colour matched paint finish is also possible at extra cost.

Factory fitting service;

By arrangement we can provide a full fitting service for our clients. With some sidecars this can be a same-day operation , but usually takes longer. Local B&B facilities can be arranged if required.

Driving tuition;

For customers who do not have sidecar driving experience, we can provide free of charge basic tuition at our factory site. Usually this takes no more than half an hour.

Model definitions;

Classic - 10 inch wheel with stainless steel trim, heavily valanced 50's style mudguard ,round nose body on Monaco and Palma.

DL - 10 inch alloy wheel ( 13 inch on Oxford),sports mudguard, , chrome grab rail (Monza and GP), flat nose on Palma and Monaco.

Jubilee - 15 inch wire spoked wheel, 1.25 x 15 car radial tyre, mudguard to suit with inset alloy strip, polished stainless steel rear chassis loop, cast alloy step plate, Union Jack badge, fully carpeted boot and lowered chassis frame(GP).

Extras (where not included in the standard specification);

  • Disc brake - requires connection to motorcyle - 215
  • Disc brake - with independent pedal assembly - 339
  • Sidecurtains - GP (pair) - 65
  • Grab rail (chrome) - Monza, GP, Monaco - 39.50
  • Bumper bar (chrom) - ML1, PV1 - 40.00
  • Front or rear bumper - RX4 - 46.00
  • Luggage rack (chrome) ML1,PV1 - 40.50
  • Vespa adaptor plate (allows use of Vespa wheel) - 20.60
  • Tow bar (bolt-on kit) - 61.00
  • Wiring kit for trailer electrics - 8.20
  • Steering damper kit - 72.50
  • Squire;

  • RX4 - 3981
  • ST3 - 2859
  • RS3 - 2798
  • ML1 - 1469
  • PV1 - 1279
  • EZS Munroe - 4995
  • Rally - 4032
  • Box and chassis;

  • ST Box - 1541
  • CR1 (less Box) - 652
  • CL1 ( Lightweight) - 1443
  • Watsonian;

  • Monza Jubilee - 3140
  • DL - 2553
  • Classic - 2450
  • GP Jubilee - 3529
  • DL - 2943
  • Classic - 2761
  • Manx - 2651
  • Wide GP 1.5 seater add to any GP price except Manx - 277

  • Monaco Jubilee - 3561
  • Classic - 2871
  • DL - 2974
  • Palma Jubilee - 3561
  • DL - 2974
  • Classic - 2871
  • Oxford - 4323
  • Stratford - 2070