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2006 Aprilia RX 50 Racing

Aprilia RX 50 Racing

The name - Racing - alone gives the idea. The RX 50 offers the best performances in all-terrain riding. A real competition enduro, compact, aggressive, light, with a brilliant and ecologic engine and quality components. Thanks to winning chassis and to the many compact and technically evolved details the aesthetic of the motorbike has an aggressive flavour. The suspensions count on an excellent travel, the design is sporty and modern. A "little- big" motorbike able to deal with no problems with the most difficult routes. A dedicated machine sharing all of Aprilia's high technology features.

It's an RX raised to the nth degree, designed with all terrain usage in mind. The riding position is suitable for all terrain use thanks to the saddle, the large footrests for a better grip and the aluminium handlebars.

The essential closed split cradle frame, is made of high durability steel tubes in order to resist to the hard stress of the off road. A synthesis of durability and lightness that goes together well with the characteristics thrusts of the Rx 50 Racing. The suspension is the real strong point of this enduro bike. The powerful up side down fork has 40mm stanchions and offers record travel in its category: 260 mm.

The high durability, steel swing arm moves an evolved shock absorber with piggy back reservoir and pre-charge regulation. The rear wheel has also an impressive travel (260mm) making the Rx 50 racing a motorbike ready to face every type of track.

The front brake system is oversized, in order to guarantee a powerful, yet controlable braking, safe and a benchmark for its category. The stainless steel disc has a big diameter: 250mm. The floating caliper has twin pistons. The rear brake system st-up is equally high-quality, thanks to a stainless steel 220mm disc and a powerful caliper with opposing pistons.

Combined with such a sophisticated chassis the machine has a high technology engine. The pulsating heart of the Rx 50 is a single cylinder 2t liquid cooled engine, characterized by the reed-valve induction and the balance shaft. The lubrication is separate-mixing, with volumetric pump variable capacity load . A 16mm carburator ensures the right mixture to the engine also in extreme conditions. The gear box has six speeds, in order to take advantage of the performances of the engine.

In addition to all that, we have fundamental details that, alone, would be enough to qualify a product of higher cylinder capacity. The digital instrumentation is clear with an inventive design and avant-garde technical characteristics. The functionalities are: different speed parameters, odometer, mileage timing, lap timing, watch, battery condition and oil warning light, and service indicator.

The handlebar is made in aluminium just like professionals enduro, the tapered fuel tank has a 9,5 litres capacity: considering the reduced consumption of the 50cc engine, Aprilia Rx 50 Racing offers an autonomy adequate to every kind of usage. Underneath the racing look of the exhaust set-up hides the respect for nature every Aprilia's product has: the exhaust is catalytic and respects the EURO 2 limits, without disadvantaging the performances. Because RX 50 Racing is synonymous of absolute performances and maximum riding enjoyment without forgetting ecology.

Technical Specifications;

  • Engine type - Single cylinder, 2 stroke, liquid cooling, reed-valve induction. Balance shaft.
  • Bore & Stroke - 40,3 x 39mm
  • Cylindrical capacity - 49,7 cm
  • Compression Ratio - 12:1
  • Carburettor - Dell'Orto PHBN 16
  • Ignition unit - Electronic capacitive discharge
  • Starting - Kick starter
  • Generator - 12V-85W
  • Lubrication - Separate mixing variable capacity load
  • Gears - Six Speeds
  • Primary Transmission - Helicoidally shaped teeth Gears
  • Final Transmission - Chain
  • Frame - closed split cradle frame, high durability steel tubes
  • Suspensions - Front: up side down fork with,40mm stanchions, wheel excursion 260mm. Rear: Oscillating, steel swing arm with rectangular profile, assembled on needle roller bearings , hydraulic mono-shock absorber piggy back, wheel travel 260mm
  • Brakes - Front: disc, 250mm, floating caliper with twin parallel pistons. Rear: disc, 220mm, fixed caliper with twin opposing pistons
  • Wheels - Aluminium, front: 1,60x 21"; rear: 1,85x18"
  • Tyres - Front:80/90 x 21". Rear:110/80 x 18"
  • Dimensions;

  • Max length - 2060mm
  • Max wideness - 880mm up to handlebar, 930 with mirror
  • Max height - 1400 up to mirror
  • Wheelbase - 1400mm
  • Minimum free height from ground - 350mm
  • Saddle height -940mm
  • Tank Capacity - 9,5 litres (fuel reserve :1,5 litres)
  • Exhaust Set-up - Exhaust pipe with catalyser
  • Engine - Ecologic with EURO 2 emissions
  • Colours;

  • Black Matrix