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2006 Aprilia Scarabeo GT ABS

Aprilia Scarabeo GT ABS

Scarabeo 500 is the maximum expression of Aprilia's ingenious automatic motorcycle concept, identified by a clear family resemblance and large diameter wheels. Now, Scarabeo's already impressive technology is better and safer than ever. The arrival of ABS++ enhances the active safety of this Aprilia lightweight and takes one more step in the direction of easy riding, total safety and civic responsibility.

Scarabeo 500 GT ABS's high-tech 500 cc engine delivers bags of power, tremendous versatility, responsive overtaking and high cruising speed. And these characteristics can be exploited to the full thanks to an extraordinary chassis. Silent running, miserly fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions complete the picture.

Scarabeo 500 GT ABS combines all the advantages of a conventional motorcycle, including safety, riding satisfaction and performance with those of a scooter, characterised by ease of control, comfort and protection. Scarabeo 500 GT ABS is a real flagship tourer while also being practical and nippy around town thanks to automatic transmission. The Scarabeo 500 GT ABS combines luxury, prestige, generous dimensions and a complete set of standard accessories.


Scarabeo 500 GT ABS stands out for its elegant, original lines and its unmistakable Scarabeo looks based on an enduring, distinctively Italian style.

The Scarabeo 500 GT ABS has perfected the classic-modern design concept and introduced a new talent for touring. Its smooth, generous lines and soft styling not only exude well-being and comfort but deliver a high level of wind protection and ensure ease of control. Sophisticated two-tone colour schemes provide a high-tech finishing touch, emphasising the mix of technology and performance that the romantic lines of Scarabeo 500 express with such refinement.


Scarabeo's high performance 500 cc engine is perfectly matched by an advanced chassis. The result is exceptional top speed and fantastic road holding. Wide profile tyres on 16" wheels guarantee safety when you lean into bends, even at high speed. Scarabeo 500 GT ABS brings you a ride closer than ever to that of a real motorcycle.

A tubular trellis frame in high strength steel guarantees maximum precision and stability. There is a steering damper for safer motorway riding too, so you can forget about poor road surfaces, heavy vehicle slipstreams and sudden gusts of wind even if you are travelling at full load. You can even adjust the steering damper as you prefer, just like on high performance sports motorcycles.

Special attention has been paid to weight distribution on Scarabeo 500 GT ABS to ensure scooter-like handling around town. The front fork features robust 40 mm stanchions and suspension at the rear is provided by two shock absorbers for perfect firmness and comfort, even fully loaded. The left hand shock absorber is linked to the engine and transmission assembly while the right hand shock absorber is fixed to an arm attached to the engine for maximum rigidity. The rear shock absorbers can also be adjusted to match load.


Scarabeo 500's brakes are now even more advanced thanks to ABS++, the latest CORA braking system from FTE (*). The three discs (two at the front and one at the rear) are still braked by Scarabeo's own integral system, which distributes pressure automatically between the front and rear wheels. But this is now assisted by an advanced CORA system that provides front wheel ABS and servo to generate a more powerful braking action. The two systems work in perfect harmony to ensure total control over braking without affecting handling in any way. Between them, they minimise stopping distances on all surface conditions and create a sensation of safety and control that no conventional braking system can match.

(*) CORA is an active braking system developed by FTE automotive. It includes a combination brake as well as FTE's universally acclaimed ABS.

  • The combination brake distributes braking power between the front and the rear wheels. Only the left hand brake lever need be pulled in; the combination brake operates the front and rear brakes simultaneously.
  • ABS prevents the front wheel from locking and the vehicle from skidding.
  • Braking pressure is optimised by an electric pump. No disturbing juddering is transmitted to the hand lever while the ABS system is operating. Riding comfort and safety are both enhanced as a result. The electric pump boosts braking pressure and minimises stopping distance.


    Scarabeo 500 GT ABS conceals sophisticated and advanced technology. The liquid cooled, four valve, overhead cam, single cylinder four stroke engine develops a maximum power of 39 HP (29 kW) at 7,250 revs to take the Scarabeo 500 GT ABS to a top speed of 150 km/h.

    A super-smooth ride is guaranteed by an automatic transmission optimised to make full use of the engine's generous torque of 40 Nm at 5,500 rpm). Scarabeo 500 GT ABS's impressive engine is equipped with an advanced electronic fuel injection system. This delivers exceptional performance in terms of power, acceleration and top speed while ensuring enviable flexibility at low revs, smooth power delivery, silent running and miserly fuel consumption.

    To eliminate vibrations and ensure comfort on even the longest journeys, Scarabeo 500 GT ABS's cc engine is also equipped with a dynamic balancing countershaft and is attached to the frame by two linkages mounted on radial vibration dampers.

    A fall sensor increases passive safety. Beyond a certain angle, the sensor shuts off the petrol pump, preventing the engine from running if the scooter is lying on the ground.

    Scarabeo's fuel injection system and catalysed exhaust ensure emission levels well within the limits of EURO 2 standards. Riding a Scarabeo 500 GT ABS is also a sign of civic awareness. Scarabeo 500 is also available in a restricted, 25 kW version for riders who have just passed their test.

    Standard Equipment;

    Scarabeo 500 GT ABS is the luxury flagship of the Scarabeo range. Everything is designed for maximum rider and passenger comfort both around town and on long journeys.

    Extensive wind tunnel testing has made sure that Scarabeo's unique styling is a perfect mix of elegance and practicality. Excellent protection is provided against wind and weather.

    The rider's legs are well protected behind the front shield and the nose fairing incorporates hand guards to eliminate annoying high speed turbulence. Optional airflow deflectors can also be easily fitted to the sides of the scooter to provide even better protection for the rider and passenger at high speeds.

    Maximum attention has been paid to riding ergonomics. Scarabeo's motorcycle sitting position enables riders to make full use of the excellent chassis and high performance engine. Even tall riders will find plenty of leg room. Finally, a maxi-size seat with adjustable lumbar support for the rider and a top box with built-in passenger backrest guarantee a tremendously comfortable ride. The top box (fitted as standard) has a record capacity of 54 litres, meaning ample space for two helmets, an overnight bag or enough gear for a long weekend. The top box also incorporates a high level car type LED brake light for enhanced safety.

    Scarabeo 500 GT ABS's safety equipment also includes a side stand with position sensor, self-cancelling direction indicators and hazard warning lights.

    The practical and highly effective instrumentation is fit for a real tourer and includes a rev counter. The instrument panel also houses an on-board computer that is conveniently operated by a handlebar mounted push-button. As in top-of-the-range cars, the computer displays instantaneous fuel consumption, average speed, two trip counters and external temperature with ice alarm.

    A 12 V power socket is provided to recharge mobile phones or power touring equipment like mini-compressors, lights, etc.. An immobiliser is fitted as standard and provides important added security for parking in city centres and stopping overnight when touring. An indicator on the instrument panel shows when the immobiliser is engaged, and acts as an effective visual deterrent. The indicator can be disabled if required.


    Prestige and fascination are distinguishing elements in the choice of colours. Scarabeo 500 GT ABS is available in three refined, elegant and high-tech colour combinations: Lead Grey/Mirror Silver, Diamond Grey/Shadow Black, and Cambridge White.


    A wide range of original optionals complements Scarabeo 500 GT ABS's standard equipment.

    In particular, carrying capacity can be increased to a phenomenal 150 litres by dedicated panniers and a tunnel bag, cleverly designed for quick and easy fitting and removal. In this configuration, Scarabeo 500 GT ABS can carry more than enough luggage for any rider and passenger.

  • Panniers with quick fit and release mounting racks (25 lt. + 25 lt.)
  • inners bags for pannier
  • Leg cover
  • 50 lt. Tunnel bag
  • Radio Mob Control
  • Body Guard armoured cable lock
  • Technical Specificationa;

  • Engine - Liquid cooled single cylinder four stroke. Single overhead cam (SOHC), 4 valves. Catalytic exhaust.
  • Fuel - Unleaded petrol.
  • Bore and stroke - 92 x 69 mm.
  • Displacement - 460 cm3.
  • Compression ratio - 10.5:1.
  • Fuel system - Electronic fuel injection.
  • Ignition - Electronic.
  • Starting - Electric.
  • Alternator - 12V - 380 W.
  • Lubrication - Wet sump. Forced circulation with trochoidal pump.
  • Gear box - Automatic variator.
  • Primary drive - V belt.
  • Final drive - Gearbox.
  • Clutch - Automatic centrifugal.
  • Frame - High strength tubular steel trellis frame with double cradle for high flexural and torsional rigidity.
  • Front suspension - 40 mm hydraulic fork. Wheel travel 100 mm. Rear suspension. Engine acting as swingarm, coupled to frame by two linkages mounted on radial vibration dampers. Two gas charged double acting hydraulic shock absorbers with spring preload adjustment. Wheel travel 110 mm.
  • Brakes - Front: Twin 260 mm stainless steel discs. Floating calipers with two pistons. Integral braking system with pressure distribution valve, assisted by FTE's CORA system with ABS and servo-assistance. Rear: 220 mm stainless steel disc. Floating caliper with two opposed pistons. Integral braking system with pressure distribution valve.
  • Wheels - Light alloy, 5 spokes.
  • Front - 3.00 x 16";
  • Rear - 3.75 x 16".
  • Tyres - Front 110/80 x 16". Rear: 140/70 x 16".
  • Dimensions;

  • Max. length - 2,310 mm
  • Max. width - 785 mm
  • Max. height - 1,435 mm (including windshield)
  • Seat height - 800 mm
  • Wheelbase - 1,605 mm
  • Tank capacity - 17 litres.
  • Colours;

    Lead Grey/Mirror Silver, Diamond Grey/Shadow Black, and Cambridge White.