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2006 Harley Davidson Sporster Range

XL 883 | XL 883L | XL 883C | XL883 R | XL 1200C | XL 1200R

  • All six models in the XL Sportster family offer a new, smoother-shifting transmission and significantly reduced clutch effort for 2006.
  • Harley-Davidson will offer eight new paint colours and two-tone combinations for 2006.
  • 2006 XL Sportster Models Feature New Transmission

    Smoother Shifting and Lighter Clutch Improve Six XL Sportster Models A new, smoother-shifting transmission is among several key refinements to the 2006 Harley-Davidson XL Sportster line. All XL Sportster models will feature the new transmission, a new clutch that significantly reduces lever effort and security system with siren as standard.

    The XL Sportster is the original Harley-Davidson hot rod motorcycle, a timeless design bred on the racetrack and refined over 49 years of production to offer raw performance with minimalist styling. All Sportsters are powered by the XL Evolution V-Twin engine, rubber-mounted in the frame to isolate the rider from vibration and tuned to provide a broad powerband for outstanding street performance.

    The new transmission remains integral with the XL Evolution powertrain and shares a new die-cast case with the engine. Helical-cut gears mesh more quietly than the straight-cut gears used in the previous transmission. Shift effort is significantly reduced due to thin steel "dog rings" that slide to cause gear changes. Because the dog rings have less mass than gears, shifting is quicker. A new clutch assembly reduces lever effort by 12 percent on 1200cc Sportster models and 17 percent on 883cc Sportster models.