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2006 KTM 640 Duke II and 990 Super Duke

KTM 640 Duke II KTM 990 Super Duke KTM 990 Super Duke

The classic fun bike. Razor-sharp appearance, original design, light, alu-minium cast wheels and much more. The ultimate fun machine for windy roads and to attract attention. Only a limited number of of this model will be available in 2006, the last year of the Duke II.

When it comes to street bikes, it doesn't get any better than this. The 990 Super Duke is KTM's statement of intensions in this hard-fought naked bike sector. This is a bike of the aficionado, for someone who under-stands power and wants to be noticed. This is an outstanding product with an original and distinctive design and state-of-the-art technology that looks great and goes like the devil.

Technical Details;

The 990 Super Duke is KTM's statement of intensions in the hard-fought street bike market. This high profile machine is for naked bike fans who seek an original and distinctive design to cap the best state-of-the-art motorcycle technology. The 990 Super Duke is a low-weight, agile bundle of dynamite with an extremely wide and sport oriented power band. Regu-lated catalytic converter technology means low emissions.


The Super Duke's engine has descended from the successful race-proven LC8 engine of the 950 Adventure. The 990 engine features a demonstrable performance gain due to the increased cubic capac-ity, as well as state-of-the-art engine management with electronic fuel injection and lambda sensor. The compact engine includes in-novative features like a multi-functional shaft for the timing chain, electric starter, water pump, housing ventilation and counterbal-ance. All this for just 58 kg is the promise of excellent handling.


Additionally reinforced new cylinder with increased bore (101 mm) adapts it to the high performance of the Super Duke engine.


An extremely light piston (325 grams) reduces the oscillating masses for minimal vibrations.

Cylinder Head;

The cylinder head intake ports have been tuned to the 48 mm throttle bodies. The outlet tract has been enlarged for the thicker header pipe. The camshaft optimises the gas exchange cycle for a new dimen-sion of performance: 120 hp @ 9,000 rpm, 100 Nm @ 7,000 rpm.


The forged, single component crankshaft with a 62.4 mm stroke and 125 mm forged connecting rod enhances the compactness of the LC8 engine. The result is minimal oscillating masses, lighting fast responsiveness and sporty engine characteristics.

Engine Management;

The highlight of the 990 Super Duke engine is definitely the new engine management system.

The Keihin sequential fuel injection features two throttle butterflies per cylinder. An automatic choke and the idle regulation underline the high technical standard. Result: Optimal torque progression thanks to two throttle valves, customer friendly use (no choke actua-tion, no servicing required). One lambda sensor per cylinder informs the 32-bit control unit of the exhaust gas constitution. Thanks to the catalytic converter and secondary air system, minimal emissions are achieved.


This bike is a real street fighter. Its low weight and super agile handling make the KTM 990 Super Duke easy to control in any situation.


The all new chrom-moly, tubular space frame is similar in appear-ance to the 950 Adventure's. Its geometry, dimensions and tube dimensions are ideal for a super-agile, high-performance street bike. The frame at under 9 kg offers extremely high torsion rigidity and guarantees the rider maximum safety, even at the highest speeds.

Swing Arm;

The 575 mm, tapered, extruded aluminium swing arm has a very light and rigid construction and is an essential element in the stable handling of the Super Duke.


The WP Upside Down forks with 48 mm diameter and 135 mm travel are completely adjustable, guarantee optimal stiffness for perfect tracking and stability. They offer a broad adjustment range for an individual set up of the compression and rebound damping as well as the pre-load.

Shock Absorber;

The WP shock is connected directly to the swing arm and features adjustable rebound and low and high speed compression damping. 160 mm suspension travel at the rear wheel.


A new, radial clutch master cylinder has been specially developed for the Super Duke. The hydraulic clutch guarantees a precise pres-sure point, minimum manual exertion and is maintenance-free.


New Renthal handlebars of super-strong, tapered aluminium have been specially customized for the Super Duke. Perfect ergonomics and the highest quality.

Fuel Tank;

The 15 litre capacity, polyamide tank also accommodates the fuel pump and pressure regulator. The tank is secured in position by a gas spring when it's tipped upward, whereby the bike can be com-fortably cleaned or serviced.


Brembo brakes offer incredible braking performance and make sen-sational deceleration possible. Up front with radial master cylinder, two 4-piston callipers, each with 4 brake pads and a 320 mm brake disc. The rear wheel is decelerated by a 240 mm brake disc and a floating single-piston calliper.


Super-light, aluminium cast wheels with dimensions of 3.5" and 5.5" have been specially developed by Brembo for the 990 Super Duke and are fitted with Pirelli Diablo tyres.


State-of-the-art design of the two-in-one exhaust header and the under-the-seat silencers, made from brushed stainless steel produce a sporty sound combined with outstanding performance. The regu-lated 3-way catalytic converter cleans up the exhaust gases to meet environmental requirements.