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2006 Ducati Supersport

Ducati SS 1000 DS

The years go by, but the fascination of the Supersport remains unique for all motorcyclists seeking the true spirit of Ducati. The Supersport has never needed radical updating: it has constantly evolved and improved. All its legendary agility and pure Ducati character remain unchanged in this latest 2006 form. The classic Supersport attitude blends perfectly with the latest, most advanced technical solutions. The only model in the new range, the 1000 DS, is living proof of the uninterrupted development that link the Ducati racers that dominated the racetracks of the 1970s with the Ducati superbikes of today, that make life so difficult for many more powerful four cylinder machines. The rider who buys a Ducati Supersport is not fooled by fashion, nor tricked into believing that riding satisfaction comes from speed and power alone. He is a discerning rider who demands character from a motorcycle above all else, handling tailored for the tightest bends, and the unique sound of an engine that loves to please. Compared to last season's range, this year's Supersport will be available in just one colour scheme, with a red frame, tank and fairing and black wheels, in keeping with the highest traditions of the motorcycle that everybody recognises as embodying the genuine spirit of Ducati.

The 2006 Supersport 1000 DS is the perfect choice for riders seeking a no-frills, all-substance thoroughbred sports motorcycle. Its twin cylinder engine is impressively smooth, and delivers amazing torque all the way through its extended power band. Its success continues to stem from its tremendous elasticity and agility. The superb frame looks simple but is in fact so technically advanced that it achieves a level of structural rigidity very few rivals can match. The Supersport 1000 DS excels when it comes to performance components too. The brakes are Brembo Gold, and the entire system uses steel braided hydraulic hoses. Not just safe to ride but safe to park too, the Supersport is fitted with an engine immobiliser as standard. You simply cannot fail to appreciate its stunningly essential lines: here is a design that in no way detracts from riding pleasure while actually making access for servicing and repairs much easier, ensuring pleasant surprises in terms of running costs.