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2006 Harley Davidson Touring Range

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  • The Touring family includes the new FLHXI Street Glide, an "undressed" dresser that's sure to cause a stir. The new Advanced Audio System by Harman/Kardon is an integrated audio/infotainment system that sets a new standard for the motorcycle industry.
  • A Dresser Gets Undressed: The Bold New FLHXI Street Glide;

    Reduced Clutch Effort and Advanced Audio System New for 2006 Touring Models Slammed, smooth and stripped of chrome, the new Harley-Davidson FLHXI Street Glide takes the touring motorcycle in a new, minimalist direction. Street Glide is a dresser that makes a bold custom statement inspired by the street scene. Yet this newest member of the Harley-Davidson Touring family remains ready to answer the call of the open road.

    In addition to this exciting new model, the Harley-Davidson Touring family receives a number of new features for 2006. Clutch lever effort has been reduced by 24 percent on all Touring models. The Advanced Audio System by Harman/Kardon (available on, Street Glide and Ultra Classic Electra Glide) offers superior sound quality and the ability to integrate with a number of electronic devices that operate with the base radio controls. The Electra Glide Tour-Pak has been redesigned to offer improved passenger comfort and updated styling.

    While diverse in character, each of the six models in the 2006 Harley-Davidson Touring line offers the smooth power of the rubber-isolated Twin Cam 88 powertrain, ergonomics and suspension designed to deliver long-haul comfort, and unmistakable Harley- Davidson styling that emphasises the mechanical beauty of the motorcycle. Details on new features and upgrades for select models in the 2006 Harley-Davidson Touring line include:

  • Advanced Audio System by Harman/Kardon
  • Designed by Harman/Kardon to Harley-Davidson specifications, this system sets a new standard for the motorcycle industry. The system is designed to withstand the motorcycle environment while providing improved function and sound quality, and the ability to integrate with other electronic devices from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories.
  • Reduced Clutch Lever Effort
  • A redesigned ball-and-ramp mechanism and diaphragm spring reduce the peak pull-in force for the clutch lever by 24 percent. The result is less forearm fatigue, especially in stop-and-go traffic, and easier operation.
  • New Electra Glide Tour-Pak;

    The Tour-Pak trunk has been redesigned and offers the following new features:
  • Two-position front-and-back adjustability, with a one-inch difference in position, to provide more passenger room, if desired. The forward position is the same as the 2005 fixed position. The passenger backrest is also in a lower, more comfortable position.
  • The Tour-Pak has new contours and its height has been lowered by one inch to improve looks and lower the centre of gravity. The passenger backrest flap is now attached to the Tour-Pak base, rather than to the lid, to prevent pinching when the lid is closed.
  • The Tour-Pak shell is injection-molded black GTX nylon alloy that provides a smoother surface finish and to resist internal "chalking."
  • New full-length chrome trim accents have been added to the Tour-Pak sides.
  • New High-Output Charging System
  • A new three-phase, 50-amp/650-watt charging system is standard on all Touring models, an increase in charging capacity of 11 to 32 percent, depending on the model.
  • The new system offers improved reliability and increased reserve capacity for accessory loading.
  • New Reflector-Optic Auxiliary Lights
  • Models equipped with auxiliary (passing) lights feature a new design with a clear lens and reflector optics that matches the headlight design introduced in 2005.
  • The new auxiliary lights are more durable and offer an improved light pattern and intensity.
  • New Ignition Switch
  • Electra Glide models have a new ignition switch that confirms the fork lock condition to the operator by requiring the fork to be at full-stop angle before the switch can be turned to the "fork lock" position.
  • New Footboard Rubber Inserts New "pinstripe" rubber pads for the brake pedal and rider and passenger footboards debut on all models (except FLHRSI and FLHXI), with a Bar and Shield logo on the brake pedal.
  • 2006 Harley-Davidson Touring Models Offer Improved Audio;

    New Advanced Audio System by Harmon/Kardon on all Radio-Equipped Models

    Harley-Davidson sets a new standard for motorcycle audio/infotainment systems with the introduction of the new Advanced Audio System by Harman/Kardon on three 2006 Touring motorcycles, including the new FLHXI Street Glide.

    The new Advanced Audio System has been designed to Harley-Davidson specifications and is state-of-the-art for the motorcycle industry. The AM/FM/WB/CDMP3 system provides improved sound and function for the base radio, and is designed to integrate seamlessly with a number of new electronic accessories from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories.

    The base Advanced Audio System unit features improved speaker fidelity with fully utilised 20 watts of power per channel. The Compact Disc (CD) player is compatible with MP3-format discs that can store more than 10 hours on a single CD. The digital display enables flexible information views that are easy to read and have an intuitive menu. Waterproof materials provide improved durability of the speakers.

    New Plug-and-Play Accessories;

    Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories will offer a number of new electronic accessories designed to integrate with the Advanced Audio System.

    The Advanced Audio High-Output Amplification System provides significant power increase and better sound quality at highway speeds with 40 watts per channel for up to 160 watts total output.

    The Advanced Audio Inyercom is flashed into the base radio and includes push-to-talk hand controls and headset receptacles for rider-to-passenger intercom that provides easy and clear communication while riding.

    Additional future accessories are planned, including an Integrated Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) navigation system and hand-free mobile phone module.