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BMW Motorrad Rider Equipment 2008

BMW Rider AccessoriesIntroduction - Quality and practicality in an attractive design
The products in the BMW Motorrad Rider Equipment range are characterised by superb quality, practicality, and attractive design. Clothing with the blue and white logo certainly represents a good choice.


The new Sport Collection provides everything the ambitious sports rider might need. For example, the Sport Full-Face Helmet is particularly
light and quiet. The new Sport Leather Suit guarantees maximum safety and appeals because of its dynamic design. To complete the Sport range, the Sport Boots offer professional protection and comfort on and off
the race track.

With the fabric Tourance 2 Suit, BMW Motorrad shows that it’s possible
to improve on even the best products – especially in such areas as climate and wear comfort.

Another top-of-the-range product is the Atlantis 4 Leather Suit. Its predecessor products, with their all-weather concepts, have already won favour with many demanding touring riders

The Club 2 Ladies Jacket is the ideal sporting, leisure and motorcycle jacket for female riders and passengers. The perfect partner for the jacket is the jeans-style Denim City Trousers – which are also suitable for men and combine a casual style and superb comfort with excellent safety features.

The beautifully crafted ProSport 2 Gloves offer excellent grip and even better protection thanks to the new rigid shell. In contrast, ProWinter 2 Gloves will keep hands warm and dry even on the coldest of winter
days. The completely new design ensures even better comfort.

When it comes to footwear, the fashionable Sneaker 3 Short Boots are ideal for city use. Finally, a wide selection of other useful sporting accessories completes the new range of modern BMW Motorrad products.

Sport collection
Sport Full-Face Helmet – particularly light and quiet

The design of the Sport Full-Face Helmet is striking and purposefully dynamic. It is a product characterised by good aerodynamic properties, improved aero-acoustics, and excellent practical fittings. Extensive tests in BMW’s wind tunnel have proved that the Sport Helmet is one of the quietest full-face helmets on the market.

The current model is available with two different-size helmet shells and weighs between 1,350 and 1,430g, depending on size. The outer shell is
made from glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) and the EPS inner shell is a multi-density component with improved impact attenuation. The fittings include two sliding openings in the forehead area that provide comfortable ventilation. The visor ventilation is regulated by operating a central rocker switch to permit a greater flow of air.

The Sport Helmet is held securely in place by a chin strap and a ratchet lock with variable insertion depth. The neck band integrated into the chin strap minimises any possibility of the helmet twisting.

The high-quality visor, with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating, also provides greater peripheral vision (looking over the shoulder). Seven locking levels and the possibility of changing the visor easily, without tools, make the helmet even more practical. The complete interior fittings are made from twin-coloured Hydroplus, which transports moisture to the outside, and can be removed and washed. The neck padding, chin spoiler and cheek padding are available in various sizes and can be replaced when necessary.

The Sport Full-Face Helmet is available in sizes 52/53 to 62/63. The choice
of colours ranges from Night Black through the metallic shades of Granite Grey Metallic Matt and White Metallic, to the Speed, Sparc and Magma finishes. BMW Motorrad offers the Sport Suit and Sport Boots to integrate and complement the helmet.

Sport Leather Suit – The highest standards of design and safety
With its expressive design, high-quality finish and efficient safety equipment, the new Sport Leather Suit reflects the sporting direction taken by BMW Motorrad.
The two-part suit is made from 1.2mm-thick, impact and friction-resistant calfskin to impeccable BMW Motorrad standards of quality. All the seams are double sewn using high-strength thread (Serafil) and protect flat seams at points where there might be a weakness when falling from the machine. Perforated areas in the chest and back area, and the TFL Cool finish on the black leather surface, provides good ventilation and reduces the heating effect of direct sunlight.

At the elbows, shoulders, back, hips, coccyx and knees, securely
sewn-in NP (certified) protectors provide excellent shock absorption and padding. Even the collarbone area is protected by an integrated special foam padding. High-grade steel sliders injected into the plastic at the shoulders and elbows distribute load peaks and support sliding in the event of a fall from the machine. Tried and tested rigid plastic knee slides are used at the knees.

In addition to safety, active sports riders particularly value mobility and wear comfort. Stretch leather has therefore been incorporated at the shoulders, seat and above the knee. Stretch Kevlar is used at the sleeves, crotch, back of the knees and calves. Shaped areas at the arms and knees also make sporty riding easier.

The black and white Sport Suit comes with blue appliqué work and a
BMW Motorrad insignia on the collar. BMW logos, as labels on the upper arms and as rivets on the jacket and trousers, complete the striking design.
The Sport Leather Suit is available in men’s sizes 46 to 60 and 98 to 110 and different-size jackets and trousers can be combined. BMW Motorrad has also produced a new Sport Full-Face Helmet and Sport Boots to match the suit.

Sport Boots – professional protection and comfort
With its professionally finished Sport Boots, BMW Motorrad has produced the ideal footwear for true sports riders. The innovative Road Sport Boots offer maximum protection and comfort and are particularly light, thanks to the use of practical and efficient materials.

The upper material is 1.6mm special synthetic leather with a high friction resistance. The oil- and petrol-resistant nylon running sole has been reinforced and incorporates a rubber surface to provide good grip. The perforated practical lining and insole with sanitised finish are permanently odour-blocking and anti-bacterial. Ventilation channels in the sole and shaft cool the feet and dissipate heat, thereby ensuring an excellent climatic balance even in the summer.

Optimum fitting adjustment in the ankle area is guaranteed by the quick-release lacing inside the boots. The boots are closed and fitted around the calves using a large Velcro surface on the inside. Stretch zones at the instep and heel improve wear comfort, as does the soft silicone lip at the end of the shaft. In spite of the general rigidity of construction, walking, changing gear and active riding are possible almost without restriction. The deliberate bend points in the sole and the patented MSC joint mechanism also help to ensure activity.

The TCS joint safety system with warp-resistant heel shell and ankle protection (patented) ensures controlled mobility at the ankle but prevents overstretching backwards or sideways. Other features of the Sport Boot include extra-long metal side slides that protect the side of the foot down to its tip. In addition, there are also metal heel slides and calve slides made from PU material. All slides can be replaced and are available as spare parts, as are the shoelaces and soles. Large foam protectors inside the boot complete the all-round protection.

BMW Motorrad lettering is featured on the outside of the boot and there
is BMW lettering on the heel and sole. The Sport Boots are available in black/blue and in sizes 39 to 49. The Sport Leather Suit and the Sport Full-Face Helmet are other products in the ‘Sport’ collection that coordinate with the boots.

Textile suits
Tourance 2 Suit – improved climate and wear comfort

With the Tourance 2 Suit BMW Motorrad presents a waterproof
touring suit that has been optimised in almost all areas (compared with
its predecessor).

The two-part suit, made from ultra-friction-resistant Dynatec is waterproof, windproof and breathable – thanks to the climate-conditioning membrane which is integrated as a Z-liner. An extended removable thermo-insert and indirect ventilation, via zipper openings on the jacket and trousers, improve climate comfort and make the Tourance 2 an all-rounder for any season of the year.
To make the suit even more comfortable it is provided with stretch inserts at the back, elbows, knees and seat. It can also be adjusted in width at the waist, upper arm, neck, sleeve hem and trouser hem to ensure a good fit.

The many pockets in the Tourance 2 provide ample of room for stowage.
The jacket has four outer pockets, one of which is watertight, a large compartment at the back and two watertight inside pockets. The trousers have two side pockets (with zippers).

The NP protectors, developed by BMW Motorrad and certified according to EN 1621, protect the wearer at the shoulders, elbows, back, hips and knees (where they can be adjusted to two different heights) thereby maintaining high safety standards. Large reflective areas at the front and back and a reflective wedge, at the trouser hem, also ensure good all-round visibility even in poor lighting conditions.

The Tourance 2 Suit is available in unisex sizes XS to XXXL. Customers can choose between jacket colours Navy/Black or Red/Black. The trousers are available exclusively in black. The BMW Motorrad lettering is printed on the front of the jacket and on the side of the left trouser leg.

Leather suits
Atlantis 4 Leather Suit – Top-of-the-range all-weather touring suit

As a further development of the successful Atlantis concept, the
Atlantis 4 Leather Suit represents a complete redesign. It has retained
the excellent climate and wear comfort of the breathable, wonderfully soft BMW nubuk calfskin, which proved so successful in the predecessor models.
The new all-weather touring suit will appeal to riders because of its dynamic and elegant anthracite design and inner values. The new concept makes the Atlantis 4 as waterproof as possible even without a climate-conditioning membrane. All the seams incorporate a special adhesive tape on the inside that reliable prevents water ingress. All zippers facing the outside are rubber-coated and also repel water.

The 1.2 to 1.4mm thick nubuk calfskin, with water-repellent-finish, is characterised by its very low water absorption (max. 10 % of its own weight) and short drying times. The naturally open-pored material provides inherent climate comfort and excellent breathability.

The use of certified NP protectors at shoulders, elbows, back, hips and knees improves passive safety, as does the reflective material incorporated at the shoulders. If necessary, a coccyx protector can be added. Two outside pockets in the jacket and two in the trousers, plus two inside jacket pockets, complete the high-quality functional features.

Stretch zones in the shoulder/back area, at the collar, sleeves, waist and trousers guarantee maximum wear comfort. The shaped sleeves and knees also allow a better riding posture on the motorcycle. The ladies’ and men’s versions, which are styled separately and have the option of combining different-sized jackets and trousers, guarantee an ideal fit. The Atlantis 4 is available in ladies sizes 36 to 46 and in men’s sizes 46 to 66 , 98 to 118 and 25 to 32.

Club 2 Ladies Jacket – a sporty motorcycling and
leisure jacket
One of the latest additions to the 2008 collection is the Club 2 Ladies Jacket. A high-quality finish and independent design characterise a sporty, modern jacket aimed at the female BMW Motorrad rider or passenger.

The sturdy, abrasion-proof and water-repellent polyamide fabric and
removable NP protectors (certified according to EN 1621), at the
shoulders and elbows make the Club 2 jacket a quintessential motorcycling jacket. A pocket in the inside lining also allows an NP back protector to be added.
Width adjustments at the waist and hem of the arm make the jacket
even more comfortable and two outside and two inside pockets provide plenty of room for storing small everyday items

The basic colour of the Club 2 Ladies Jacket is black. Red and white
inserts on the sleeves and sides provide an interesting contrast. The
high-quality application of the BMW Motorrad lettering on the back
and the BMW logo on the left upper arm blend harmoniously with the
colour design. The Club 2 Ladies’ Jacket is available in sizes 34 to 46
and BMW Motorrad Club Jacket is also available in a men’s and a
junior version.

Denim City Trousers – comfortable and safe in a jeans look
The versatile Denim City Trousers are constructed from a new material mixture. The jeans-look, casual style and safety equipment mean that these trousers can be worn while on or off the bike.

The soft, air-permeable surface material – comprising 65% cotton and 35% Cordura – and the cool polyester lining give maximum wear comfort, especially as the waistband width can be adjusted via the fabric belt with pin clasp. The ankle hem can also be adjusted in width using the Velcro flap and zipper at shin level.
The trousers include some handy storage space. This comprises of two side zip pockets, another on the left leg, and a cargo pocket on the right leg. There are removable BMW Motorrad NP protectors at the hip and knee – and the knee protectors can be adjusted to two different heights.

The Denim City Trousers are available in unisex sizes XS to XXXL in blue.
The BMW logo is at the waistline in blue and white – and it will stay that way, even when the trousers assume the deliberate used-look, after
a few washes.

ProSport 2 Gloves – better grip and even more protection

The second generation of the light sports gloves known as ProSport 2 provide even more protection, thanks to the rigid shell, whilst retaining the same level of comfort. They still have their excellent, streamlined fit with
pre-curved fingers and long cuff. The use of pure leather and the abandonment of any lining on the palm ensure a good grip, giving undisrupted
drive enjoyment in summer in particular.

Made from calfskin that is 0.7 to 0.8 mm thick, doubled in places, the new glove has a leather-covered rigid shell backed with Memory Foam on the back of the hand. Protector foam on the fingers, the cuff and to protect the palm completes the carefully conceived safety equipment. The visco-elastic foam has a delayed return and hardens automatically on rapid spot loading, thus offering the highest level of impact and shock absorption.

A narrow covered Velcro strip at the wrist means that individual width adjustment is possible and ensures that the glove fits firmly and securely. There is another generous Velcro strip at the cuff for optimum wrist connection. Large stretch areas on the back of the hand improve mobility.

The necessary climatic balance is provided by a light, elastic lining on the
back of the hand and punched ventilation openings between the fingers. 
The unlined palm is light grey, which means that there is practically no dis-colouration of the hands even if the wearer sweats.

The black glove with grey palm has reflective strips along the cuff. The
BMW Motorrad lettering is embossed into the cuff. ProSport 2 Gloves are available in sizes 6–6½ to 12–12½.

ProWinter 2 Gloves – warm and dry even in the freezing cold
The ProWinter 2 Gloves provide excellent insulation and have been completely redesigned and restructured. The back of the hand and cuff are constructed from stretch fabric and the palm is made from goatskin. Printed silicone strips, in contrasting colours, on the palm and finger tips ensure maximum grip in the cold and wet, and the glove’s water-repellent finish is double thickness in strategic areas.

Particularly important are the inner values of the ProWinter 2. The slightly roughened lining gives a pleasant, fleecy feel and the GoreTex membrane makes the gloves watertight, wind-proof and breathable. A micro-fibre padding sewn onto an aluminium backing guarantees that the hands stay dry and warm even in the severest cold. The special finger construction means that there are no seams at the finger tips and there is enough room for heat retention. The strong curving of the fingers also reduces operating fatigue on long journeys.

The wide extended cuff easily reaches over the jacket sleeve. The drawstring and stopper at the hem allow the width to be adjusted easily with one hand. A Velcro strip on the inside ensures a secure fit at the wrist. Other practical details include a rubber wipe lip on the left thumb seam and a suede wiping area on the thumb.
To provide good visibility on dark days, a two-centimetre-wide reflective strip
runs along the full length of the edge of the hand and on the outside of the cuff. Safety foam on the back of the wrist and fingers offers protection against shocks and impacts.

The BMW Motorrad lettering is featured as a silicone and fabric print
on the cuff. The rubber grip of the Velcro strip is decorated by a BMW logo. ProWinter 2 Gloves are available in sizes 6–6½ to 12–12½, in black.

Sneaker 3 Boots – fashionable half-boots for biking and city wear

The Sneaker 3 is being launched in 2008 as a half-height summer boot. Pleasant wear qualities, a fashionably sporty appearance and subtle protective hones, mean that it can be worn on and off the motorcycle.

The material mixture of calfskin and fabric means that the boots are light-weight and with good ventilation on warm days. Excellent wear comfort is guaranteed by the removable insole with anatomically shaped foot bed, comfortable fit and solid rubber sole.

At the same time, Sneaker 3 boots are also excellent half-boots for motor-cycle wear. The shaft that is approximately 14cm long at the side (size 42)
is lowered at the rear so that changing gear is possible without any restriction of movement.. The upper side is fitted with an integrated, rubber-finished gear shift protection.

Protection is also provided by the thickly padded shaft end that extends over the ankles. The completely rubber-finished heel, slightly reinforced toe area, and side sections in thermoplastic-shaped PU, gently support the middle part of the foot. Finally, narrow reflective stripes on the middle of the foot and heel improve rider identification during dusk and dark.

Further details include lacing with quick closure; the woven strip in contrasting blue, and a pull-on loop at the back. BMW lettering is embossed at the heel and BMW Motorrad lettering, in black, decorates the outside of the shaft and the sole (in blue). The Sneaker 3 Boots are available in black, with contrasting blue, in sizes 35 to 48.

Enduro Shirt 2

The new Enduro Shirt 2 offers serious sport motorcyclists outstanding performance when enduro riding. The long-sleeve shirt with its sporty raglan design offers maximum freedom of movement and is now even better than its predecessor.

It is still made from lightweight 100% polyester piqué but the larger netting inserts under the arms and in the back provide even more effective ventilation. In addition, the synthetic fibre hardly absorbs any moisture and helps keep the body dry. After a brief airing, the shirt is ready to wear again.

Over-sewn edgings at the wrists and V-neck keep the cuffs and neckline in good shape; there is a slight amount of padding in the underarm area. The Enduro Shirt 2 is long enough and wide enough to be worn over a chest protector, or a BMW Motorrad Protection Jacket.

The basic white colour, which complements all BMW off-road motorcycles, is an innovation. Striking design details include the BMW Motorsport colours on the shoulders and upper arms and the large printed ‘CHALLENGE’ over the chest and around the hips. At the front and rear, the Enduro Shirt 2 also offers plenty of space for sponsors, names, logos, or association names. The right sleeve bears the BMW logo, and the BMW Motorrad lettering is printed on the left sleeve.
The new Enduro Shirt 2 is available in unisex sizes S to XXXL.

Silver Function 2 long-sleeve shirt Silver Function 3 T-Shirt Jump T-Shirt
S T-Shirt

Four shirts all appear in new colours in 2008. The two products of the Silver Function line have opaque net inserts in the underarm area to ensure maximum air flow. The upper material and netting consist of 100% easy-care polyester with permanent silver finish – moisture is quickly wicked away from the body. The silver coating has an anti-micro-bacterial effect and prevents odours.

The Silver Function 2 long-sleeve shirt is available in the new colours of Yellow/Grey in 2008. It is available for ladies in sizes XS to S and unisex sizes M to XXXL. BMW Motorrad lettering is featured on the sleeve.

The Silver Function 3 T-shirt is available in the new main colours of Apple and Sports Blue. Thick flat-lock seams in contrasting colours add interesting highlights to the sleeves. The BMW Motorrad lettering is printed on the right sleeve. The XS and S sizes are for ladies and particularly streamlined. Sizes from M to XXXL are unisex sizes.

The Jump T-shirt is intended to appeal to enduro fans. It is available in the new colours Mocca and Red and features the graphic print of an enduro rider in action, in toning colours, on the front. The T-shirt, with its classic round neck, is made from 100% cotton and comes in unisex sizes XS to XXXL. The BMW logo is sewn onto the right sleeve, and the BMW Motorrad lettering is printed on the left sleeve.
The classic male S T-Shirt, with the printed S design on the front, is light
and sporty. Soft cotton and a casual cut with raglan sleeves ensure that
the T-shirt is pleasant to wear. The shirt, for fans of the sporty BMW S models, is now available in the new colour combination of Dark Grey/White with yellow contrasts. The BMW Motorrad lettering decorates the neck at the back, and the BMW logo is featured on the left sleeve. Available in unisex sizes XS to XXXL.
Reflection 3 T-Shirt

BMW Motorrad T-Shirt                                               
Two new additions to the 2008 BMW Motorrad Rider Equipment collection are the sporty Reflection 3 and ‘BMW Motorrad’ T-shirts, which are recommended as high-quality fan items for BMW Motorrad riders and their companions. Both products are produced in individual men and women sizes.

The fashionable Reflection 3 T-shirt is made from a high-quality
cotton/elastane mixture and is available in black and white. It has a classic round neck, and the back is printed with a high-quality reflective print and the BMW Motorrad lettering. Another reflective print on the sleeve and a small, discreet print on the front complete the design.

For men, the Reflection 3 T-shirt is available in a classic cut and in sizes S
to XXXL. Ladies can purchase the T-shirt in a slim-line, figure-hugging style, in sizes XS to XXL.

The high-quality BMW Motorrad T-shirt is made from 100% cotton.
Its basic shade is blue with an eye-catching large print, including the
’BMW Motorrad’ graphic, on the front. The sporty, slim-line styling gives the
T-shirt maximum appeal.

The BMW Motorrad T-shirt is available in unisex sizes M to XXXL, and sizes XS to S are available specifically for ladies.

GS T-Shirt
BMW Motorrad X T-Shirt

With T-shirts for the GS and G 650 X, committed BMW motorcycle riders
will discover an attractive opportunity to show themselves and their motorcycles off to best advantage. Both shirts have a classic round-neck finish and are made from 100% cotton. The high-quality fan products
also have some interesting details.

The classic men’s GS T-shirt has a light, straight cut and carefully finished neckline. It is made on the outside as a grey over-sewn edging, the back area is secured on the inside with an orange neck band. A particularly striking feature is the blue GS lettering on a white background, which decorates the front as a flock print. The BMW Motorrad lettering is featured on the right sleeve, and the BMW logo is attached to the left sleeve. The smooth, fine cotton jersey fabric ensures that the T-shirt is comfortable to wear. The GS T-shirt is available in unisex sizes XS to XXXL and should therefore fit practically any rider.

There is a completely new look for the sporty, fashionable men’s
BMW Motorrad X T-Shirt in 100% cotton. Because it is pre-production washed it has a slightly ‘used effect’ and is very soft to the touch. The real highlight, however, is the manual printing process used that makes every shirt a really unique item. Unevenness and slight colour variations are therefore entirely intentional. Because the dye is applied by hand the T-shirt is anthracite on the outside – but the inside stays white.

The large X sewn on the back underlines the unusual, elaborate workmanship. The BMW Motorrad lettering appears at the back, on the neckline. The BMW Motorrad X T-shirt is available in men’s sizes S to XXXL.

Classic 2 Polo Shirt
Blue Steel Ladies Top

When it comes to the next two product innovations from the 2008 collection, blue is the colour. The Classic 2 Polo Shirt and Blue Steel Ladies Top are both available in this versatile colour. And they have another thing in common: they are the perfect, smart leisure clothing for any BMW Motorrad enthusiast, or rider.

The Classic 2 Polo Shirt is beautifully finished and comes in a jaunty Navy, so it can be worn with a wide range of clothes. The hard-wearing cotton/elastane mixture and sporty styling guarantee optimum wear comfort. The polo shirt is available in the unisex sizes XS to XXXL. BMW Motorrad lettering is featured on the back, in a large graphic print in subtle colours.

The young, modern Blue Steel Ladies Top in rich dark blue is also new
to the 2008 range. Made from 100% heavy cotton, the ladies top is a smart, high-quality item of leisure wear for female BMW Motorrad fans. The slightly fitted waist, slim-line styling, very short sleeves and bordered neckline give
it that little extra ‘something’.

Another striking feature is the 19cm Boxer Power motif on the left side-seam, which appears in a slightly ‘used look’ and which is decorated with graphite-colour glittery stones. The BMW Motorrad lettering appears on the left sleeve and a small BMW rubber label is sewn into the right side-seam. The Blue Steel Ladies Top is available in sizes XS to XXL, corresponding to clothing sizes 34/36, 38, 40, 42, 44 and 46/48.

GS Cap
Sport Cap
Challenge Cap
Canvas Belt

The 2008 Collection features three new caps for BMW Motorrad enthusiasts. The 100% cotton GS Cap comes in blue and in the classic six-panel style with flattened head shape. It has a high-quality finish with covered inside seams and an infinitely variable width adjuster using a metal buckle. A large 3D rubber GS logo is printed on the front and BMW Motorrad lettering appears on the side.

The 100% polyester Sport Cap is made in the same way. The grey peak is decorated by a yellow ‘S’ in a dynamic 3D rubber finish. The Challenge Cap is made from anthracite-coloured cotton. The short, sporty peak with contrasting sandwich piping at the edge is particularly modern. The word ‘Challenge’ is discreetly printed on the right side of the cap and ‘BMW’ is embossed on the buckle.

The Canvas Belt has a tough, sporty look with hard-wearing, khaki-coloured cotton belt and brown leather trim. The antique silver matt metal buckle is decorated with a high-quality BMW embossing. The belt can
be combined with the Summer 2 trousers or fashionable jeans and would make an excellent present for any BMW Motorrad rider or fan. The Canvas Belt is available in sizes S/M (108,5cm), L (116cm) and XL/XXL (125cm).

The Key-box, made from a black neoprene/nylon mixture is a practical and useful companion. The 8 x 5 x 2.5cm box has a built-in key-ring and crossways zipper. This makes it incredibly easy to select the vehicle
keys. During travel, the soft material prevents scratching of the fork brace. Because the key-box is flexible and compact it can also be carried in
a small trouser pocket. The front features BMW lettering.

TrinkPak Hydra Drinking-Water Reservoir
The new TrinkPak Hydra Drinking-Water Reservoir helps fight dehydration, allowing enduro or touring riders to take in liquids while riding, easily and without losing time. The flexible drinking system essentially consists of a soft PU drinks container with a capacity of two litres, a drinking tube, and an angled easy-to-use mouthpiece. The materials used are mould-resistant and odour and flavour-neutral and, thanks to the transparent design, it is possible to check the fluid level, dirt, or residues at any time.

The TrinkPak Hydra Drinking-Water Reservoir has been vastly improved compared with the earlier system. For example, it has a longer drinking tube with a large diameter to allow a higher rate of flow. The mouthpiece, which is angled by 90 degrees, makes it easier to take in fluid under the helmet and
has a simple push-pull slider closure. As with a sports drink bottle, the flow can be opened or closed by hand, or with the teeth. Gently biting the Easy Flow Silicone cap, at the end of the mouthpiece, will cause the water to actually start flowing.
The drink container is much easier to fill, thanks to the larger opening, and can easily be washed out or cleaned simply by upending it. In addition,
it is much easier to fit into a rider’s suit. The plug ’n’ play tube coupling on the reservoir means that the hose can also be fitted without liquid leaking out and wetting the suit. The soft yet tough material stays watertight even under heavy loads.

The operating instructions are printed directly onto the back of the drink container and BMW Motorrad lettering is featured on the front. Because of the advantages described here, the use of the TrinkPak Hydra Drinking-Water Reservoir is not limited to motorcycle usage. The system is also ideal for other sporting activities such as mountain biking and mountaineering.